Friday, November 22, 2019

Printable holiday messages

Thank you so much to those of you who have purchased the Dresden Photo Frame pattern from my shop. I really hope you will find it as fun and addictive as I feel about this little project. Even if you are a beginner of hand-applique, I still recommend giving it a try. I am quite far from calling hand applique my comfortable method, but this one is easy for me. It's much easier than English paper piecing hexagons in my opinion. I have a lot of photos to walk you through the steps in the instruction.

A couple of friends told me they are making these frames for Christmas gifts. When I gift these frames, I always want to have something already framed. It helps recipients to know that it is a picture frame and she can either keep what's in it or replace it with a picture of her choice. 

Yesterday, I made some printable simple holiday messages. Each one measures a 3.25" perfect square to fit your Dresden photo frames. They are all very simple to let your pretty dresden shine.  If you would like to print these for your frames or whatever holiday gift purposes, I'd be tickled pink! If you purchase a kit from my shop by December 20th, 2019, I will include a printed sheet of holiday messages for you.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 15, 2019

Dresden Photo Frame Pattern

So I finally finished up my pattern for Dresden photo frame. Yes, it took me only 5 years. That's it! lol. For those of you who have kindly reached out to me and asked if I would make this into a pattern back then, thank you SO very much and I am very sorry it took me all these years. The pattern will be always available for you in my shop now.  

This is probably one of my favorite things I made for the Japanese magazine (Patchwork Tsushin, that has unfortunately ended its publication.) I recall having a lot of fun choosing my very favorite picture of my daughter from the birth to 1 month period, 1 month to 2 month period, and so on. I still hang up these pictures on the wall and I get good comments on them often from guests. It sure is a cheerful way of framing some precious pictures. Depending on the type of fabric you use, this can be pretty versatile pattern. It can be a personalized Christmas ornaments for example. :)

Because I wanted to make sure that even a beginner can tackle this project, I included 40 step-by-step photos for a tutorial, a lot like my tutorials in this blog.

This project requires you to print petal patterns on cardstock (or matte photo paper) which I know isn't necessarily at everyone's house, so I made several kits available for my shop also. A kit of this pattern includes a printed PDF, petal patterns printed on cardstock like paper, and stabilizer piece that has patterns already drawn on for you, so you can start making your frame right away with your fabric.

Both PDF download and Kit will be on sale - 15% off - til November 22nd.

Thank you so much for reading! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Tissue boxes to shine!

I got to gift these to my friends yesterday so I can finally post. Yay! The 'Shine' pattern is from Sew Ichigo shop, owned by uber talented Kerry and Penny, where you can find the cutest paper-piecing patterns possible! The actual pattern is 6" square finished, but I had to distort just a tiny bit to get it to the right size for one side of a Kleenex tissue box. 

I love this pattern so much. It had been such a long time since I got to work on very intricate paper-piecing patterns and forgot the joy of working with teeny tiny pieces and seeing how they can SHINE :)

How I made it is basically the same way I made this tutorial (Goodness it is over 10 years old! LOL!), but I made the hole on the top a round shape, and also used two thin (like 1/4") elastics to two opposite sides rather than having one thick elastic in the middle.(Well, I made it that way first and it turned out it doesn't work for this smaller Kleenex box) So there were a lot of trial and error as I worked on it and I can still think of a few things I could have done differently, but I guess that is what I can say about all my projects, haha. 

Sewing gifts for friends who can sew anything can be tricky. You know they probably have plenty pouches, potholders, pincushions... so I had to think of something they are likely to not have yet and also could use an extra even if they already have it.

I'll have to make one for my living room for sure. This Shine pattern makes me very happy.

This is one of Dresden photo frames I made for a Japanese magazine more than 5 years ago. (Blogged about here.) I have had many kind requests to make it into a pattern and I am finally, finally, putting it together and is almost done! Once it is ready, I will have it available in my shop and will come back to blog about it!

Thank you for reading this! Have a lovely weekend!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Mini Liberty Tote

Thank you so much for all of you for welcoming me back so warmly. To be honest, it was extremely nerve wrecking to post something on the blog and instagram. It is just so wonderful to have time to enjoy sewing without feeling any guilt now.

As you can see I am still addicted to Dresden plate applique. At least this time I made a little difference by having two petals away, like "He loves me not" daisy. Most fabric I used for the Dresden plate is Liberty of London that I had bought in Japan. As much as I love Liberty of London, I can't afford a whole lot, so most Liberty of London I have is only a fat eighth or even smaller.

It felt great to be able to play with small scraps of Liberty. Goodness they are so pretty together. I've listed this mini tote in the shop.

Have a great rest of the week!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

It's been so long!

It has been way too long! How have you all been? I am so sorry for being away for so long. I didn't mean to abandon this blog but that's what it seemed like. I really don't know if anyone is still reading blogs but I thought to come back here to share some of patchwork items I've whipped up recently. I didn't take a long break from just blogging/instagram but also from sewing patchwork items. The past few years were probably the busiest time ever in my life. With two little ones two years apart, we've moved several times, even across overseas. Prioritizing what's the most important part of life, I have found myself needing all these years to devote my energy to things other than blogging and playing with cute fabrics. I feel guilty for my withdrawal and have missed the sewing community that is so kind, encouraging. and inspiring. Now my little one is in preschool so I have some time for playful sewing and I am loving it.

It's pretty crazy that I have brought with me SO much fabric every time I moved. I have given away a lot of it to friends in Japan to make the move to the US easy (Yes, I am back in the US now!), but I still had quite ridiculous amount. Finding the place to store them has always been an issue everywhere I lived. This is pretty embarrassing especially since I once considered myself a minimalist after being hugely inspired by Marie Kondo's books. I guess after all my fabrics are those things she calls 'things that spark joy" to me. I just love them! When I see them and hold them in my hands, I feel joy as much as I did the first time I got them many years ago. 

I did make some garments for kids and myself during my break but that wasn't the same as sewing patchwork items. Sewing garments were fun and gave me instant gratification but it didn't bring this much joy. Making these oven mitts, I got to play with my very favorite fabrics. It was like justifying my hoarding and giving them a reason they had to follow me everywhere.

Thank you for friends who have purchased my oven mitts from my shop.                                                                                                                                      

This oven mitt is listed in the shop now.

And as you can see, I am quite addicted to hand-applique. Something about curvy finished edges is so cute. I used a brand new clock making kit to make this clock but I don't know if the clock will function ok, but making it was so fun I think I will get more kits to make more. This clock too is listed in my shop if you have a room that needs a wall clock.

I hope to be back soon! I hope you are all enjoying sewing whenever you can! 
Thank you for remembering me and taking the time to read this post!