Monday, May 3, 2021

Photowall wallpaper review

 A Sweden based wallpaper company, Photowall, has kindly approached me and asked if I'd be up for trying out one of their products. I am quite picky when it comes to anything that goes on the wall so my immediate thought was probably nope, but I changed my mind when I started looking at their stunning collection of designs! There are SO many amazing and unique designs that I would dream to have in any of the rooms in my house. I couldn't stop finding designs to add to my favorites and ended up looking through every one of their over 20,000 designs! Here are some of my favorites including some designs by the famous Stockholm based designer Ingela P Arrhenius who I have admired for YEARS!

Space - Green by Ingela Arrhenius

Circle IV by the Artcircle

The Board and the Balloon by Marika Maijala

Fruits and Vegetables by The Artcircle 

Photowall lets you choose from wallpapers/murals, canvas prints, and art posters of your choice of design. What makes them a very cool place to order these is that you don't have to do the complicated math before hands. Typically a wallpaper is sold as a roll. Depending on the scale of the design, you may need more rolls to make sure designs match up as you apply it on the wall. It can be quite time consuming to do the math and also waste of resource - wallpaper itself and cost that associated with it.

With Photowall, all you need to know is a measurement of the wall you plan to apply a wallpaper on. Then they will do the math and customize the wallpaper at the exact length and the exact number of strips to hung your wall perfectly. Each strip is labeled with a number, so you know exactly which one to start off with and which one comes next to and so on.

This is truly a life saver! (Here you can find their very easy-to-follow tutorial on their website.) This room I hang up the wallpaper has a quite high ceiling. It would have been a killer if I'd had to measure up every single strip and do the tricky math to line up designs perfectly. 

The same rule goes for other products like canvas and art posters. There are a lot of websites that you can choose from multiple sizes, but
Photowall allows you to make your art at the exact measurement you want. How cool is that!? I had never seen any other companies that offer this amazing feature. When you place an order, you get to see a preview of how your wallpaper will be printed, given the measurement of your wall, which gives you a very good idea of the scale of the design which you can even modify! There is so much room to customize.

Included in the box with wallpapers was glue mix, which was nice, but I first wanted to see how the wallpaper would look like, so I made it removable this time by using painter's tapes and double sided tapes (Thanks to a great tutorial like this!) I will eventually use the glue to make it permanent though now that my whole family is loving it ;)

I ordered mine to be premium quality. It certainly has a very quality plastic, yet smooth feel. I love that it is wipeable so I won't have to fret when my kiddos eat or do some painting projects in the room. It is also nicely sturdy and has good thickness to it so I never had to worry about it being ripped or having permanent creases during the process of cutting it and putting it up on the wall. I felt it wanted to cooperate with me and it did! 

I had a lot of fun seeing the transformation of this room as I put up this wallpaper (Happy Forest - Grey by Sne design). This room was one boring, neglected, and pretty dark room that I have always wanted to do something about because it is actually where we spend a lot of time in. Now this room is bright, cheerful, and even taller! I picked this design for this room not just because it was perfectly Nordic (that I have always been keen to), but also because I wanted this room to provide a calm, peaceful mind. Kids work on a lot of mindful projects daily in here like reading, doing homework, drawing, and playing the piano. I feel like I am in a sunny spot in some beautiful forest when I am in there now. It makes me feel relaxed and productive at the same time. This is exactly what I wanted this room to do for us! It is quite stunning how a simple thing like just putting up a wallpaper can do to change the whole atmosphere of the room and our mind. My girl claims it her room now that it is pretty, but my husband wants to be everyone's room!

I am so thankful of this opportunity to try out Photowall's high quality and beautiful wallpapers. I think I will order more from them in the future because I have some other room that needs more love. If you are like me and have a room or two that could get help of inspiring wallpapers to spiffy up, go ahead and check out their great, unique designs. There is a 25% off discount code on any products for you that is valid for a month from today : ayu2021mills

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