Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christmas Blocks

Christmas Gift Tags block for Amber - Ringo Pie Bee

Are you guys in some Christmas mode by any chance?
Well I am because my small craft space's got
Christmas fabrics everywhere now that I just finished
two Christmas blocks! They are for Amber in the Ringo Pie
bee. Her theme is all things Christmasy, so I pulled out
all my Christmas-related printed fabrics and had so much
fun sewing with them while singing some Christmas songs ;)
The block above features 6 Christmas gift tags - two for
parents (Amber and her hubby) and four for her four beautiful
children. She has two girls and two boys, so I tried to
have two tags boy-friendly and the other two girl-friendly.

It was so much fun sewing this for Amber. I love reading
Amber's blog partly because she has such a lovely, lovely family.
If you have not read her love story with her husband,
you are missing out! Reading her posts about her husband
is such a great reminder to myself that I need to
treat Joe nicely. Joe loves it when I read a blog like
hers and I am all of a sudden super nice lol.

Amber has given me permission to embroider everyone's
name on this block, but I figured she knows much better
which tag her children will like the best, so I left
four tags without embroidery.

Santa's bored at the Northpole - Ringo Pie Bee

I made two blocks for her because she made two
blocks for me! It made me really happy
so I hope these two will make her happy too.

This block design was based on a house pattern
from a patchwork book from the library.
I modified the window's size (so that the most
adorable Santa
designed by Monica would fit in perfectly)
and the chimney's size (so that the super cute cherry
designed by Lori would fit perfectly.)
Here Santa Clause is contemplating happy presents
for Amber's family. 'Hmm.. what would they want this year..?'

Christmas Blocks for Amber - Ringo Pie Bee

Yup Christmas is still three months away.
But we know it will come before we know it!

Oh speaking of Christmas, I will post a tutorial on
the utensil trays in a few weeks, because many people
asked for it! They would make great Christmas gifts
for friends who are setting up a new place, etc :)

Trays in Sew Cherry

Thank you for reading this! Have a great rest of the week :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Echino Bag and Baby Booties

Echino Bag

Thank you a million for your lovely comments on the
birds + a teeny quilt block!! You know it makes your
day when something you thought didn't turn out great
gets so much compliments. I love it when that happens :)

I would like to share some projects I sewed up for my friend today.
My friend is expecting a baby boy, and she has asked me
to make a diaper bag and booties for him a while back.
She wanted this bag to have strong and long handles
and a zipper closure on top. I picked up Echino fabric
from my local fabric store because the quality of this
linen blend fabric is absolutely perfect for bag projects.
There was a day where Tokyo was hit by a crazy typhoon
last week, so that gave me a great reason to stay home
and cross off one thing from my never-ending make-to list.

Echino Bag



I came up with this bag pattern as I went. I would
make the outer bag, watch Kitchen Nightmare with Joe,
come back to made a lining, cook dinner, and come back
to sew up handles, etc. I didn't really make note of
anything about this pattern (measurements etc.) but
that was not the smartest decision, because I ended up
liking this bag a quite bit. I want to make one for myself too!

Baby Booties

And these are booties for my friend's son-to-be!
She actually wanted booties to be matching with the bag,
but we both agreed that the Echino prints are a bit too
girly, so she let me use different fabrics for booties.
And ya, I know, the yellow ones aren't so boyish,
so I am thinking about making one more pair of aqua +
green booties for him and the yellow ones are to go to my shop.

Baby Booties

The pattern is in a Japanese magazine, Cotton Time No.90.
It's not an easy and quick project, as it involves a lot
of hand-sewing, gathering, and sewing curves, but I think
the result pays off. Imagining my friend putting these
shoes on her first baby really got me excited!
I so wish I had my own ones to make baby stuff for (maybe
in a few years) Until then, I'll satisfy myself with
making baby things for my friends' babies. way to go!

I will be back with Christmas blocks in a few days!

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you are enjoying the
beginning of Fall/Spring! I definitely am! No more
sweating all the time :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Birds + A Quilt Block

Quilt on a line - Ringo Pie Bee

August was Corey's month in the Ringo Pie patchwork bee,
and her theme was "Quilts on a line." I must admit that
I struggled for a while. It is such a great theme, but
I have never hung my quilt on a line once before, so it was
a bit hard for me to be inspired by the theme. Totally my bad!
So instead of hanging quilts from a line tied to trees, I
decided to let birdies hold a quilt. Corey makes such
lovely things with bird appliques/embroidery, so I figured
she wouldn't mind welcoming a few more birds to her house ;)
(have you seen this pillow she made? Unbelievably adorable!)


Making these houses was the funnest part!!
Each block is paper-pieced and is so teeny tiny (a 1 5/8" square).
It was so much fun going through my stash to look for
fabrics with teeny prints, and of course I squealed
when I found the cute penguin of the perfect size!

Teeny Houses

So these houses are supposed to be birdhouses.
Those birdies are getting sick of their worn-out
birdhouses, so they are presenting a catalog of new, pretty
birdhouses for Corey in case she would consider
building new ones for them :)




Corey may come to a conclusion that the blue bird
doesn't need a new birdhouse, because he's got an
antique sewing machine in his current birdhouse!
No new birdhouse can be better than that, right!!

Thank you for stopping by! I will be back in a few
days with more birds-related projects :D

P.S. I have listed some more Japanese fabrics in my shop!
As usual, let me know when you come from this blog -
I will include extra fabric for you!




Have a lovely day~!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sampler Display Canvas

Sampler Display Canvas

I had such a great pleasure playing with this Sampler Display
by Basic Grey. When the Fat Quarterly team had kindly
asked me if I would be able to take part in this challenge,
of course I said YES! immediately. There was no way could I
pass on such a fun opportunity! Do you remember how boring
my new apartment looked like when we just moved in?
Well, we have bought some furniture and stuff
since then but this place is still far from what I envision
to be a pretty place. I still need lots of cute things here.


You can read about how I went about fusing fabric scraps
onto this canvas over Fat Quarterly's blog, so let me focus
on fabric talk here. I had SO much fun putting these fabrics
together partly because I associate many of these fabric scraps
with nice memories. Some of these fabrics were given to me
either in swaps or surprise gifts by my friends I have made
through blogging and emailing.


I could have a long list of each fabric used in this project,
who and about when it was given to, and how much I love it,
etc, but it would make too long of a post for me. (It's
past midnight here in Japan!) So for now let me simply thank
Mary, Lori, Jan, Kerry, Erica, Charise, Marit and Jade for
gifting me some pretty fabrics that made to the canvas!


Other fabrics also evoke great memory of my life in the US.
I bought some of these fabrics with Tamiko. (It was always
SO much fun to be able to shop for fabrics with a quilty, sweet
friend!!) Some of the vintage prints were my lucky finds
on etsy or ebay or some other online stores. (When I found the
vintage chicken print on etsy, I got so excited that my heart
started beating really fast and my hands were even shaking, lol,
some nice memory to me since I won't be using etsy and ebay
anymore. Most sellers of vintage fabrics don't ship internationally.)


It is now hung in the living room :) Thank you again
the Fat Quarterly team for letting me play with it!

Ok, I just realized I am expecting a bed delivery
early morning tomorrow! I gotta go to sleep NOW!

Oh the winner of the last giveway is Three Honeybees
who said..

"Oh, I love all things princess and the pea!
How beautiful! And such inspiring videos. Thank you!"

I'll contact you soon!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!