Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Christmas Blocks

Christmas Gift Tags block for Amber - Ringo Pie Bee

Are you guys in some Christmas mode by any chance?
Well I am because my small craft space's got
Christmas fabrics everywhere now that I just finished
two Christmas blocks! They are for Amber in the Ringo Pie
bee. Her theme is all things Christmasy, so I pulled out
all my Christmas-related printed fabrics and had so much
fun sewing with them while singing some Christmas songs ;)
The block above features 6 Christmas gift tags - two for
parents (Amber and her hubby) and four for her four beautiful
children. She has two girls and two boys, so I tried to
have two tags boy-friendly and the other two girl-friendly.

It was so much fun sewing this for Amber. I love reading
Amber's blog partly because she has such a lovely, lovely family.
If you have not read her love story with her husband,
you are missing out! Reading her posts about her husband
is such a great reminder to myself that I need to
treat Joe nicely. Joe loves it when I read a blog like
hers and I am all of a sudden super nice lol.

Amber has given me permission to embroider everyone's
name on this block, but I figured she knows much better
which tag her children will like the best, so I left
four tags without embroidery.

Santa's bored at the Northpole - Ringo Pie Bee

I made two blocks for her because she made two
blocks for me! It made me really happy
so I hope these two will make her happy too.

This block design was based on a house pattern
from a patchwork book from the library.
I modified the window's size (so that the most
adorable Santa
designed by Monica would fit in perfectly)
and the chimney's size (so that the super cute cherry
designed by Lori would fit perfectly.)
Here Santa Clause is contemplating happy presents
for Amber's family. 'Hmm.. what would they want this year..?'

Christmas Blocks for Amber - Ringo Pie Bee

Yup Christmas is still three months away.
But we know it will come before we know it!

Oh speaking of Christmas, I will post a tutorial on
the utensil trays in a few weeks, because many people
asked for it! They would make great Christmas gifts
for friends who are setting up a new place, etc :)

Trays in Sew Cherry

Thank you for reading this! Have a great rest of the week :)


  1. I always enjoy your posts and love all your creations! :)

  2. The tag blog is to die for <3
    I can wait untill you publish the utensil tray tutorial.
    I will make a bunch for myself and for my MIL ;)

  3. Your blocks are amazing as always Ayumi!!
    I'm really liking house blocks lately, time to sew one up myself I think.
    Looking forward to your tutorial :-)

  4. those are adorable! Love the embroidery on the tags. Such a nice touch!

  5. Oh those are adorable!!! How do you come up with all of these ideas?!? I would love to have even just a tiny tiny bit of your creativity =D
    I can't wait for your tutorial!

  6. I'm raising my hand right now!!!! I'm definitely in Christmas mode! These are so adorable. I CANNOT wait for the Christmas season and all the fun crafts that go along with it.

    - Sarah

  7. these are all super cute!
    can't wait to see the tutorial :)

  8. Those gift tags are fantastic! I love the little "shoo-fly-esque" hole in the top especially!

  9. Absolutely brilliant! I just especially love the gift tags block, such imagination.

  10. ayumi, can you be less amazing please?! you're so so talented and the tags and house are fantastically done. oh and that tutorial, yes please!

  11. I love the gift tags block - do you have a tutorial for it?!? It would be perfect for the christmas sampler quilt I am making. Thanks!

  12. Please..........a tutorial and a pattern. Gosh I love them.

  13. as always, your innovation and talent have me mesmerized. I love both blocks and all those yummy fussy cuts are just beautiful!

  14. Ayumi, you make the most wonderful blocks and tutorials. I get so much inspiration when I read your blog! thank you so much for all you share.

  15. I don't even know where to start on those gift tags, Ayumi! The tiny fussy cut white on blue dot in the centre of each tag hole, the tiny surrounding colour of each hole, the perfect fussy cut Christmas images, the exact angle of each tilted tag, the genius choice of blue background for a Christmas block. You are amazing.

  16. Oh Ayumi, those are the cutest Christmas blocks I've ever seen - adorable! And yes, I would love a tutorial on your utensils baskets. Would you have any objection to me teaching it to my Christmas P&Q class? We are always on the look out for gift ideas to make. There's no problem at all if you'd rather I didn't. Jxo

  17. Your two blocks are amazing and beautiful, as always! :) :)

  18. So snowy and Chirstmassy all at once- and I mean both blocks! These are so very new- lots of polkas, a repeating design unit and a whole lot of cuteness!

  19. Hi Ayumi...
    I love your blog! Your work is amazing!
    Big kiss from Brasil!

  20. Got to be the first and only christmas crafting that hasn't had me groaning 'too early'!!! Wonderful x

  21. Your work is so wonderful! Truly inspiring! And how cute are those cutlery trays! I can hardly wait for the tutorial! Thanks

  22. Seriously? Can this get any better? (is what I think every time I read your blog). Love these blocks. The tags are just the cutest!

  23. Really cute blocks (although I'm taking the 'la la la I'm not listening' approach to Christmas at the moment!)

  24. I love the blocks and the adjustments you made to the house block are perfect! Looking forward to the utensil tray tutorial. Thanks for putting it together!

  25. YEA!! been waiting to see if you would do a tutorial. Thanks! Love your blog.

  26. Amazing and very thoughtful! I love how you personalized the tags with their hand-embroidered names. You are so talented!

  27. Just found your post from Flickr, and I LOVE these quilting blocks!

  28. Your blocks are beautiful! I am sure she will be thrilled to get them.

  29. these two blocks are perfect in every way. just the right touches of sweet, modern, nostalgia, bright, happy and warm. i love them soooooo much.

  30. Ayumi - I have tears in my eyes - you are the sweetest!! Thanks so much for my amazing blocks and your sweet words - guess i should make sure I'm extra-nice to my guy today too :-)
    You truly are so amazing and talented!!

  31. Really beautiful blocks, again! :-) I love the fabrics and colours! And I like that there's always a bit of humour in your work. I'm looking forward to the tutorial, the trays really are a great gift idea!

  32. I just adore your work - it's always so beautiful! x

  33. These are adorable! I can't wait for the tutorial!

  34. Seriously AB FAB!!!!! everything posted is wonderful! The polka dot snow in the sky and ground are a perfect touch!

  35. Oh my! You rounded the corners of the circles at the tops of the gift tags. Seriously awesome blocks. I'm just shaking my head in admiration and holding my breath for the tutorials. Yay!

  36. I love the solid linen with these. Well this is an amazing project and you always choose the perfect fabric. But the linen choice was great. So what do you use for the solid linen/look fabric?

  37. I love Christmas so much, and your blocks strike the right giving kind of mode! I can't wait for a new PP tutorial. I could fill them with sweet treats!

  38. Another wonderful post full of fabulous creations! You're such an inspiration!

  39. omg, you're killing me! Every post has a block cuter than the last, if that's even possible. Will you share your technique? I'd love to even just try.

  40. Can't believe you have pieced the hole in the label with the reinforcing circle round it! Such great detail! The house is supercute - would Santa mind if I moved in?

  41. Your Christmas blocks are too cute! Love them and can't wait for the promised tutorial

  42. I know you're a busy lady, and your tutorial are fabulous and your work amazing! I would LOVE, and BEG for a tutorial on designing paper piecing patterns. AND (yes there's more), have any of the publisher's gotten you to have a book of all your Swap patterns? I love them all.

  43. Olá Ayumi!Amo tdo que vc faz!!
    Gostaria que me indicasse onde posso comprar,fecho de metal,para chaveiro,aquele que se faz com cadarço de lona!!Não estou encontrando aqui no Brasil,se vc souber de algum site que venda vc me passa?Muito obrigada!!!Beijos Ou alguém que souber!!!Por favor!!!

  44. your blocks are adorable, absolutely amazing!!
    I`m very glad that I found your blog.

    I´ve tried to send you an e-mail , because I´ve
    used your fabric basket tutorial, but I got it resent, so I thank you here: it`s a great tutorial,
    easy to follow , sewing was very fun!
    I`ve linkes you on my blog.

    Greetings from Germany,

  45. It's adorable!!!
    And I love Christmas =)


  46. Nice Christmas Blocks and Lyrics... thanks for sharing this .... and the spoons are too best...
    Now I am going to buy Christmas Gifts

  47. very very nice basket, thank you very much for the instructions!!


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