Monday, September 26, 2011

Echino Bag and Baby Booties

Echino Bag

Thank you a million for your lovely comments on the
birds + a teeny quilt block!! You know it makes your
day when something you thought didn't turn out great
gets so much compliments. I love it when that happens :)

I would like to share some projects I sewed up for my friend today.
My friend is expecting a baby boy, and she has asked me
to make a diaper bag and booties for him a while back.
She wanted this bag to have strong and long handles
and a zipper closure on top. I picked up Echino fabric
from my local fabric store because the quality of this
linen blend fabric is absolutely perfect for bag projects.
There was a day where Tokyo was hit by a crazy typhoon
last week, so that gave me a great reason to stay home
and cross off one thing from my never-ending make-to list.

Echino Bag



I came up with this bag pattern as I went. I would
make the outer bag, watch Kitchen Nightmare with Joe,
come back to made a lining, cook dinner, and come back
to sew up handles, etc. I didn't really make note of
anything about this pattern (measurements etc.) but
that was not the smartest decision, because I ended up
liking this bag a quite bit. I want to make one for myself too!

Baby Booties

And these are booties for my friend's son-to-be!
She actually wanted booties to be matching with the bag,
but we both agreed that the Echino prints are a bit too
girly, so she let me use different fabrics for booties.
And ya, I know, the yellow ones aren't so boyish,
so I am thinking about making one more pair of aqua +
green booties for him and the yellow ones are to go to my shop.

Baby Booties

The pattern is in a Japanese magazine, Cotton Time No.90.
It's not an easy and quick project, as it involves a lot
of hand-sewing, gathering, and sewing curves, but I think
the result pays off. Imagining my friend putting these
shoes on her first baby really got me excited!
I so wish I had my own ones to make baby stuff for (maybe
in a few years) Until then, I'll satisfy myself with
making baby things for my friends' babies. way to go!

I will be back with Christmas blocks in a few days!

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you are enjoying the
beginning of Fall/Spring! I definitely am! No more
sweating all the time :)


  1. I admire your talent for making such beautiful gifts for your friend's baby boy. I am sure your friend will cherish them forever!

    Best regards,

  2. That's a stunner of a bag A, a really lovely gift too! And those booties are almost edible they're so yummy! Jxo

  3. Lucky friend - she will be the ultra-chic mama with her nappy bag and her son's booties!

  4. Lovely made gifts for your friend! You better get the bag measurements, before you give it to her (o:
    Cutest little shoes!

  5. I really like the bag and the booties are just so cute.

  6. More cute! Those blue shoes are adorable.

    I tend to knit baby things rather than sew.

    I like your bag, but I want to see the inside and the back of the zipper - always with the technical me! I did a bag design with a zip recently too.

  7. Those booties are adorable!! And yes, the weather is much nicer now, I think the typhoon cooled it off nicely! :)

  8. Your bag and shoes are very nice. I've often wondered about the Echino fabric -- how it would hold up for shoe patterns. I've been testing some shoe patterns and think this would make a pretty shoe. This may need to be one of my next fabric purchases! :)

  9. What a great nappy bag - your friend will be the envy of her baby group!

  10. HOLA!!!
    Me parecen preciosos los patucos!!!! donde puedo ver como hacerlos? hay alguna página con algún tutorial?

  11. Oh! What lovely booties. I love it! Bag a very interesting model:)

  12. Just too cute, the baby shoes are making me broody! x

  13. The booties are very cute!! Makes me broody :)

  14. Those booties are just precious. Even cuter on tiny baby feet I am sure! Great bag too- what a good friend you are!

  15. Beautiful gifts! those little shoes look tricky but yours so well made- ready for little baby feet.

  16. That is a totally jazzy bag! And the booties, well they are adorable. I appreciated your honesty about the level of work involved with them. :-)

  17. Love the addition of the zipper on that bag! Super great :) Also, the booties are sooo sweet...You always do such great work, Ayumi.

  18. WOW!!!!!!
    The bag is beautiful and the shoes amazing!!!


  19. totally adorable and I love how you did the zipper, so clever. the echino is great and those little booties, so cute!

  20. Really? You didn't think your birds and teeny quilts were that great? I still think about it I loved it so much! I can't wait to see what you do for Christmas. Maybe you'll give me a few ideas to hack into my Christmas fabrics ;)

  21. Great bag, but oh, those bootees - I am going to be a grandma so you have given me yet another idea!!

  22. Oh to be able to just knock out a bag with no pattern!!
    I love the booties! Pretty glad my 3 are older than that now though :)

  23. The bag and shoes are super cute! I bet you'll have no problem recreating the bag for yourself. :)

  24. I love the simplicity of the design and how convenient and sturdy it is not to mention pretty fabrics! These are the cutest softest baby shoes :-)
    Lovely presents for your friend, Ayumi!

  25. I love that bag! I am tempted to attempt my own version. :) Was the zippered part difficult? I am not terribly confident in my zipper skills but I am learning.

  26. What a lucky friend and baby!!! Those are beautiful gifts, Ayumi. I love how you made the closure at the top of the bag - perfect if you have to buy something tall that doesn't fit in the bag - it can stick out the top!

  27. Love that bag and those booties are the cutest!

  28. Ayumi, these are so gorgeous! You are so talented!!

  29. we are done after one baby, but those booties are so cute that they make my heart twinge and long for another baby. noooooo, my husband would say. :)

  30. Seriously, you kill me! That you can just knock out a bag without a pattern is too much for my brain to handle. Amazing!

  31. I admire your talent for making such beautiful gifts for your friend's kid. I am sure your friend will save them forever! Really, Those are beautiful gifts, Ayumi.

  32. Love the 12 days, this is so going to help this Christmas!


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