Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sampler Display Canvas

Sampler Display Canvas

I had such a great pleasure playing with this Sampler Display
by Basic Grey. When the Fat Quarterly team had kindly
asked me if I would be able to take part in this challenge,
of course I said YES! immediately. There was no way could I
pass on such a fun opportunity! Do you remember how boring
my new apartment looked like when we just moved in?
Well, we have bought some furniture and stuff
since then but this place is still far from what I envision
to be a pretty place. I still need lots of cute things here.


You can read about how I went about fusing fabric scraps
onto this canvas over Fat Quarterly's blog, so let me focus
on fabric talk here. I had SO much fun putting these fabrics
together partly because I associate many of these fabric scraps
with nice memories. Some of these fabrics were given to me
either in swaps or surprise gifts by my friends I have made
through blogging and emailing.


I could have a long list of each fabric used in this project,
who and about when it was given to, and how much I love it,
etc, but it would make too long of a post for me. (It's
past midnight here in Japan!) So for now let me simply thank
Mary, Lori, Jan, Kerry, Erica, Charise, Marit and Jade for
gifting me some pretty fabrics that made to the canvas!


Other fabrics also evoke great memory of my life in the US.
I bought some of these fabrics with Tamiko. (It was always
SO much fun to be able to shop for fabrics with a quilty, sweet
friend!!) Some of the vintage prints were my lucky finds
on etsy or ebay or some other online stores. (When I found the
vintage chicken print on etsy, I got so excited that my heart
started beating really fast and my hands were even shaking, lol,
some nice memory to me since I won't be using etsy and ebay
anymore. Most sellers of vintage fabrics don't ship internationally.)


It is now hung in the living room :) Thank you again
the Fat Quarterly team for letting me play with it!

Ok, I just realized I am expecting a bed delivery
early morning tomorrow! I gotta go to sleep NOW!

Oh the winner of the last giveway is Three Honeybees
who said..

"Oh, I love all things princess and the pea!
How beautiful! And such inspiring videos. Thank you!"

I'll contact you soon!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!


  1. ooh, am I first? Love the canvas, it's very bright and very you!

    Did you get my email? I got post!!

  2. I love your canvas - what a fantastic ideaa!

  3. I always love how you choose and put fabrics together and this is no exception - what a wonderful piece of art you've made. X

  4. I love these canvases and yours is so lovely x

  5. Everything about this is gorgeous!

  6. Such a lovely canvas with so many memories of good times and friends.
    A great balance.

  7. Hi, That looks soo good love all your fabric memories too. Haven't been by for a while, you have been busy, love your little cake blocks I want to make them too. Happy stitching. chrisb

  8. that canvas is so you, its perfect..those chicken are perfect!

  9. It's lovely Ayumi. I love the fussy cuts and all the special prints. So cute and what a fun decorative piece!

  10. Amazing...Imagine a stitched canvas and fabric.

  11. What a beautiful canvas! It's great that it brought back lovely memories while you were making it.

  12. This is both fun and pretty! Love how you put together little gifts and memories. Your choices are always excellent
    ; )

  13. What a fab idea! I've always thought of lovely fabrics as works of art, and this is a wonderful way to show them off, espcially when they mean so much to you. You're so talented! Jxo

  14. The most beautiful memory board- to look at and remember journeys and friends through fabric!

  15. Amazing!!
    What a fantastic ideaa!

  16. Hi there, wow, what a pretty blog you have and such inspirational posts and ideas! I don't see how I never came across it before, and will definitely visit the pink penguin again soon and become a follower.

    Have a happy Sunday!
    Love, Maaike

  17. I love it! What I great idea to showcase scraps from previous friends and projects. Makes a beautiful piece of art to decorate your house.

  18. Such beautiful work Ayumi. Wonderful idea for combining many lovely fabrics - everything comes together in a well orchestrated melody, it's so pleasing for my eyes!

  19. great idea and its very awesome canvas and nice sharing, since some weeks am noticing that in my room i don't have any kind of wall panting or any picture and my room is looking strange, i mean white color everywhere in my room is saying me hang any painting on wall, now i will try your idea and will decorate my room with your canvas.

  20. Nice design you have made and share, its absolutely great sharing and i got good knowledge and idea that how we can decorate our room and house.

  21. Pero que bonito,gracias por compartir,me encantan tus trabajosy ese lienzo en ropa,pienso hacerlo,un saludo,mi correo es

  22. Incredible cards display canvas, i have a lot of cards of various picture and now after see your canvas art am thinking that i can should create a canvas from these cards.

  23. This is so much easier than storing all my fabrics and going to visit them in their bins! Nice work on the display. Glad to hear your new home is becoming more like home! Cheers!

  24. This is such a nice idea, I'm sure it will be a great decoration for your appartment :)
    Best wishes!

  25. Nice one, there is actually some good points on this blog some of my readers may find this useful, I must send a link, many thanks.

  26. When visiting these blogs that are written by the same author, he has a lot of followers.

  27. Ayumi, I saw your blog two days ago and couldn't stop before I read it all. You're amazing!! Your works are just beautiful! I never tried this craft, but today I ordered my first kit of fabrics and tools and can't wait to try...

    I wish to send you an email but the link is not opening...

    With the deepest respect and sympathy,

  28. I am so in love with this! I know I told you this earlier, but Basic Grey just made another sale because of this canvas!

  29. I love this, it is really beautiful and cheerful and I love that there is a personal story behind each scrap of fabric! :-)

  30. Your canvas looks great. You are truly an artist you know what and where to place. You have a good sense of colors. I think your apartment look nice after adding this canvas. Is it?

  31. Love this Artwork! and I also love the fabric I got a few weeks ago.All the Best,hoping the Typhoon was not too much of a problem considering.

  32. am I the only one who can't help but thinking that the red piece with flowers really looks like a swastika from a distance?!

    it's still lovely though, ofcourse.. =)

  33. Thank you everyone!

    Oh my goodness I thought my husband is the only one to think that!

  34. It is perfect to showoff favorite fabrics! Great idea, Ayumi! All the touches you added around the fabric squares are so sweet!

  35. This canvas is lovely!!!
    And I adooooore Heather Ross' gnome;)

    1. There is no doubt that this blog is very creative place to learn about new creative and extra ordinary beautiful things.


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