Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mini Cross Quilt + Pinnie


September 30th was my fabulous friend Kerry's birthday!
I whipped up a mini quilt and a matching pinnie for her
earlier last month so that my gift for her would get there
on time. I surprised myself by finishing them up way before
the deadline - a week before her birthday. Unusual of me :D
She gave me such a pretty pillow
for my birthday/house warming gift. (which I'll show
you how wonderfully it looks in my craft space once I am
done setting it up!) It is the cutest and most meaningful
pillow I have ever owned! I knew I would not be able to make
anything comparable, but I still wanted to send her
handmade love :)


Choosing fabrics for this quilt could not have
been more enjoyable, because each and every fabric
used here is what I know Kerry likes! Kumiko Fujita,
Suzuko Koseki, Denyse Schmidt, Lori Holt, cooking,
sewing, typography, vintage fabric, and linen - so ya,
we share the love for lots of fabric designs! And
you know it makes quite a big difference when
you are making something with the fabric not
only you but the recipient covet!


At the time I was making this, I didn't have a quilting
spay on hand, so the quilting didn't come out as flat
and nice as I had envisioned, but I like the fact it has more
"handmade feel" to it because of my not-so-great quilting.


Kerry has inspired me to use alphabet stamps for sewing
craft. If you are a big fan of everything she makes
like me, I bet you too have wondered about stamps
(if you have yet bought them :) I still need practice
to get better impression!


Here is a matching pinnie!
Sewing teeny tiny pieces is another thing we both love :)


The back side is her initial 'K' pieced.

I had been meaning to blog about these on her birthday,
but I was busy whipping up tissue box covers for my
friends this past weekend. I'll be back to show you one
of the tissue box covers I made and hopefully other things too.
In the meantime, don't forget to check out Kerry's
great freezer paper/paper piecing tutorial and to
enter her birthday giveaway!

Thank you for letting me share my creations :)


  1. Oh Kerry is so lucky!!! That's the best birthday present ever!!! I love the stamping. Did you use just stamping ink or is it something special?

  2. What a lovely gift! I think the stamp looks great.
    And thank you for the link to the tutorial and giveaway. I'm going to try this paper piecing method. See if it works.

  3. Oh my goodness Kerry is going to squeal when she receives this! Totally gorgeous Ayumi!!
    My birthday is March 12th by the way ;-) {just kidding!}

  4. oh wow Ayumi, you are so clever!. i just love the fabrics you use. and the clever way you put things together. Kerry will be thrilled!.

  5. I have it hanging to the left of my machine- I had it hiding for a week in a box so I couldn't peek before my birthday- it was killing me! I love love love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it. The pinnie is on the right of my machine! Hugs and thankyous x Ayumi x

  6. I LOVED this when I saw it over at Kerry's. You never cease to amaze me!!

  7. oh my gosh ayumi, you're totally amazing. all those little details are just incredible, it blows my mind!

  8. You always inspire me, Ayumi! The mini is adorable, and what a sweet little pincushion. Happy gifts!

  9. Oh my gosh I love this. I love the red fabric with the sewing images on it. I am also in love with those leaf pins. So cute!

    BTW I'm guest posting about mommy fashion over at The Short and the Sweet of It this morning. You should stop by if you get a second =)

    - Sarah

  10. Oh-oh-oh!!! Ayumi you always leave me speechless with your makings!!!!! I have no words to describe how much inspiring/amazing is this mini quilt and the pincushion!!! Kerry is one lucky girl!!!

  11. The K on the back of the pincushion is fantastic! I love how happy your mini quilt and pincushion are. Now I want to buy stamps for fabric! :)

  12. that's really cute! What kind of stamps do you use? I love personalized labels.

  13. Such pretty gifts Ayumi! Kerry did make me buy the stamps and ink too.... they just arrived and I love the stamping!!!!

  14. What delightful gifts Ayumi, so special.

  15. So sweet! What a very special gift to make for a friend half way around the world. And you've inspired me to tell you that my birthday is July 2nd. So you have lots of time to think. lol

    Seriously though...totally adorable as usual.

  16. You are the queen of 'mini' and details. This is amazing! I love it! I've tried my hand at stamping - Kerry makes it look so easy!! Jxo

  17. You are such a sweetheart!! I love your work it is adorable!

  18. oh you are such a super friend! Those are some amazing gifts, and Kerry is a wonderful talented lady too x

  19. Wowzers. So much thought and detail into every little part = so much love. After the 5th or so study I realized that the piecing pattern mimics the red gingham. yep, I'm that slow.

  20. Ayumi, the quilt and pincushion are gorgeous!! I love all the interesting fabrics you have chosen and the way you have put them together!! You are so talented and skillful. I particularly like the name tag at the bottom of the quilt - so clever! Do you use special ink? I would love to know how to do that. I want to sew some name tags for my boy's school uniforms, PE bags etc.

  21. I have always been a great lover of typo fabrics and the way you used them and put all together is inresitible. But of course I fell especially in love with the cute pincusion and the initial "K"! Love it.

  22. Wow...Kerry is one lucky gal. This is incredible. I love the pattern, everything about it! So sweet!

  23. You are such a good friend and what beautiful work! I think the typography makes it really special. The K was pure inspiration!

  24. me encantan tus trabajos,saludos

  25. Kerry's quilt is so quintessentially Kerry and Ayumi! There was never a more perfect gift. I just love all of the fabrics and especially the red gingham border on point - that's adorable!!

  26. your work is so gorgeous that i opened up this page and just left it open for 24 hours on the computer screen. every time i get on the computer (far too many times a day) i look at it and try to find the right words for how beautiful it is. it turns out that my language expression is no better with more time. "gorgeous" and "beautiful" don't properly explain how your work makes me feel, but those are the best words i can come up with.

  27. I'm so out of the loop - I didn't know we were calling pincushions 'pinnies' now!

    I was expecting an apron when I scrolled down.


    A pinny/pinnie is something you'd wear over your clothes while you did messy housework! They were usually nasty nylon and my mother stopped wearing them in the 70s. But I think they are made in nicer fabric now.

  28. Lucky Kerry! Your lovely gifts are so beautiful and thoughtful!

  29. So cute!! I just love the retro kitchen fabrics! And I don't know what you mean by "not-so-great" quilting... it looks pretty darn perfect to me!! :)

  30. A gift that makes a friend smile. Kerry is lucky to have a talented freind. Great job Ayumi.

    P.S. lovely pillow quilt.

  31. Ayumi, This is a WONDERFUL and VERY SPECIAL gift! I love it! Your friend is very lucky!

  32. Soooo sweet!!! It just makes me so happy and grinning from ear to ear looking at all your cute fabrics and the most adorable pattern. Mini version is super cute too :)

  33. Hi Ayumi...I came over for a visit to see what you've been up to and I'm glad I did!
    I just love everything that you make.
    Kerry is one lucky girl:)
    I love the mini quilt and I love that you used Sew Cherry red gingham.
    The pinny is adorable too.
    You always amaze with your talent!

  34. ...I just wanted to let you know that I made a fabric basket - it´s soooo cute,
    you may have a look at it if you like :o)))
    Many thanks and Love

  35. Hello! I'm happy to meet you and your lovely blog! You have filled it with so beautiful crafts and most great ideas! Thank you for sharing ideas and inspiration!
    Wishes from Greece! Teje

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  37. So cute! I'm your newest follower! www.createdbycori.blogspot.com
    I finally just started my own blog!

  38. Thanks for this great tutorial. I am now following you, and I'm also keeping this tutorial in mind because that could definitely help in my school and collage projects of students.


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