Friday, December 10, 2010

the tiniest pouch ever

the tiniest pouch I've ever made

I wanted to share with you a few projects I finished.
The flex frame pouch above is the tiniest pouch I've ever
made. It's about 3" x 3 1/4". Really, really small.


When I was asked to make a pouch with a 3" flex frame,
I thought it might be a challenge for me, but it turned
out it was fairly easy and I really enjoyed cutting really
thin strips, sewing them together, and turning it into
a little coin purse! I love how it turned
out so much that it will be a bit hard to part with it.

pin cushion

Logcabin pincushion Again?! ..yes..
I told you I am addicted to making these :D

Have a great day!

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  1. its so cute!!!!! i love your works!
    best regards, Ann

  2. Darling! Both projects are just too cute! I love how you combine fabrics!


  3. So so so adorable!!

  4. oh my, that little pouch is so cute!
    love the gnome too :)

  5. Cute projects and fun colors! Love them both!

  6. I would have trouble parting with that cute pouch too! Good thing you know how to make them... I bet there will be more to come. the pincushion is adorable, as usual.

  7. Very cute! I think the pin cushion is lovely too!

  8. so cute! both of them, though I particularly like the pincushion

  9. I ♥ that pinky pinnie!!! So sweet. The tiny coin purse is darling, too!

  10. Cute pouch and pinnie! The wool/tweedy fabric on the edges of thepouch works really well, great contrast

  11. Both projects are super cute - lovely work :0)

  12. so so sweet ayumi, they're both beautiful. I need to get some flex frames, they look like so much fun. :)

  13. That wee pouch is a real triumph! The suiting fabric works so well with the patchwork. The whole thing is just the essence of the Japanese style everyone has fallen in love with.

    Well done!

    I think I have some flex frames that size.... I'll have to do something with them now! Well, not 'now' now, but you know soooon.


  14. oh, that is so cute. i wish i could sew as well as you do!!!

  15. Lovely little purse Ayumi. I have some flex frames waiting to be used. When we have lots of money we can make ourselves some (much) bigger purses!!!!

  16. I understand your addiction, because they are so cute!!

  17. Ahh, I love the tiny pouch! Sweet, sweet, sweet.

  18. wow, that pouch really is tiny, but looks so cute!!! i haven't used flex frames yet, might do one day :)

  19. I really really really love the tiny pouch - so perfect for someone's most precious tiny things...

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  21. Awww, that pouch is tiny! I have a strange obsession with bags and pouches though, so I would love that!



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