Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Quick Projects

Potholder - Christmas git

I bet many of you are completely swamped with
tons of things to do before Christmas now. I am too.
I am done with writing up a list of people I want to
make something for Christmas. Wow that is a long list.
Knowing I haven't even started making a single thing,
I am a bit overwhelmed. And here I am posting something
in my blog - a form of procrastination that I am
very good at! The potholder above is an early Christmas
gift I sent to my friend Fei in England.
I told you I have been just in this "food mode."
Fei has a boy who is about the same age as this boy
in the center of the potholder, so I couldn't think
of better fabric choice to make something for her.


In case you are wondering about the fabric, it is
from a Berlin Kollektion Anne and Hanse by Yuwa.
Ever since I learned about this fabric coming out
in Quilt Japan magazine, I had been waiting to
get some myself very impatiently. I snatched it
on the day it became available! I love the collection.


And this strawberry fabric used on the back
of the potholder was more than perfect,
because I knew she grows strawberries in her garden.
What made me the happiest though was the fact she
told me, after receiving this potholder, that
this is her first potholder she has owned.

Oh if you want to make a potholder or a mug rug
like this except it's much prettier, you should
check out Kerry's really cool potholder tute!


Another quick project I worked on was
this felt crown I made for Taihei for his
three year old birthday which I made based
on this amazing tutorial by Cindy of Skip to My Lou.
It literally took me less than 10 minutes
to make it. I just love easy, quick, but
very fun and practical projects like that!
Oh and the dinosaur he is holding is a gift
from us that we snatched from here. I never get
why boys are so crazy about dinosaurs but
Taihei is a huge fan of them like other boys.


He didn't want to wear the felt crown, so
it wasn't easy to get a picture of him wearing
it but when the cake showed up, his focus was
fully onto the cake and that was our chance to
shoot some photos of him with the crown. hehe.

I really love this boy. I'll miss him when
I am in Japan...

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Just caught this before I turned my computer off- I love your candy pot holder, the fabrics combine so well, cute crown too-the dinosaur looks loved already! Thanks for the tut mention! x

  2. I love love love the strawberry fabric. It's so cute. I like the binding you chose as well. Ties the front and backing together very nicely.

  3. I can relate to the long list of gift recipients. What to know how I'm dealing with it? Knitting on my own sweater. Not making much progress on that list but well, at least I'll be warm :-)

  4. Ayumi, for someone who keeps saying she's not a quilter, you sure make amazing quilt blocks! This potholder is perfect in every way. The felt birthday crown is so much fun. Good luck with your long Christmas gift-making list. I think everyone else is in the same boat - I am happy that I've made all of the cookies for my exchange on Friday night, so now I can sew, too.

  5. You make the cutest things!!!! I just LOVE visiting your blog!

  6. Ohhhhhhhh que bonito me ha encantado tu agarradera, felicita a tu niƱo y dale un beso enorme¡¡¡¡

  7. I love your potholder! I think some of my beloved people are gonna have one this Xmas ;). Thanks for the links to the tutorials, they're great. My little niece is turning 3 in a week and think she'll like Taihei's crown.

  8. Ayumi, your friend Fei is the luckiest person in England to receive such a beautiful, wonderful and thoughtful present made specially by you!!

  9. this fabric is super cute! And the small (but funny) mistakes make it so much more loveable! it has to say "SchokoladeN Fabrik" but nonetheless I love it :)

    Greetings from Berlin, Germany Josi

  10. I LOVE this! How can I get some of this fabric?

  11. Thank you so much everyone!

    The Berlin collection is fairly new fabric by Yuwa. Like many of Yuwa prints, this collection will probably be available soon in lots of etsy shops and/or individual shops that carry Japanese fabric like Super Buzzy. I can't wait to get some more too!

  12. Ayumi, you pair the sweetest fabrics possible!
    The birthday boy is very cute in his golden crown! Glad you got to take a couple of quick shots of Taihei with it :)

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