Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy time!


I have been sewing and sewing and sewing every minute
possible in the given day this past week and maybe
you are probably in the same boat? Christmas is just
around the corner and it is the best time to sew up
something nice for families and friends and I would
hate to miss this chance. I've made many things for
Christmas gifts but I can't show any of them yet in
here because I know some of my gift recipients read
my blog frequently. Surprises shouldn't be ruined..
My deadline to ship gifts to ensure the delivery before
Christmas is tomorrow (assuming this from my experience), so
I will get really busy tonight to wrap up my handmade gifts.
Starting tomorrow, I will get started making things
for folks whose gifts will be given in person.
Busy, busy time.. but to be honest with you, a lot of
my gifts are looking good (I think!) and I am just really
enjoying imagining recipients' smiles when they
open my gifts. hehe. (I hope I don't sound creepy.)

Let me leave you with some linky links you might enjoy.

heart Remember I told you about making coasters for
the fabric designer Suzuko Koseki with blog friends?
We ended up with a team of super creative 18 members
and each of us is making a coaster featuring
one of the letters in "WE L♥VE SUZUKO KOSEKI"
So far I have received this amazingly adorable
♥ coaster
from Megan of Monkey Beans.
It's sooooooooo cute and precious that it made
me nervous to touch it. I am thrilled at the thought
that Suzuko will be thrilled at this.
Thank you so much Megan for making this!!!!
I can't thank all the folks enough who have
agreed to make this possible! Thank you so much!!!!

heart Jane, you are so nice to write this post!!

heart This free penguin mini quilt pattern by
Janet Clare is utterly cute! Thanks to Fat Quarterly
for helping us discover new designers!

heart I added "Print Friendly" button for my blog posts
(on the left, bottom side) so if you ever wanted to
print out my tutorials printer-friendlily, you can do
it now :) (I'm sorry it took forever to take this action!)
And if you want to add the same button in your blog
posts, the button can be found here!

Ok time to get back to sewing.
Thank you for stopping by. And good luck to all
of you who are working on Christmas gifts too!


  1. Oh the lucky people who receive one of your goodies!! Believe me I know!

  2. I loved your post and wish you could put your pictures out for all of us to see.

  3. Thank you, Jane and webbsway!
    I'll share with you the pictures after Christmas.. :) Thanks!

  4. not creepy at all! I can't wait to see all the beautiful gifts!

  5. Aww, thanks for the coaster love! Can't wait to see what you've been busy with. I've been busy making a dozen of your fabric baskets to give to friends at a dinner party over the weekend. The tutorial is fab!

  6. What cute glitter penguins! I love the print button, have added it already!

  7. I love the projects in your sidebar and really appreciate the generous tutorials. Putting a printer friendly option is above and beyond. Double thanks! Your show and tell parade of gifts is going to be wonderful. Can't wait to see.

  8. happy sewing ayumi. you'll have some lucky friends/family getting your gifts. :)

  9. I love how you write your posts!
    And can't wait to see all the presents you're making :-)

  10. I can hardly wait to see your thoughtful and cheerful gifts, Ayumi! Thank you for the link to Suzuko Koseki coasters. They are quite impressive and so amazing in their cleverness.

  11. Hi Ayumi, Love all the tutorials on your blog. I want to put the print friendly button on my blog but I don't know how or where to paste it to get it in the post footer. Could you possibly give me some directions?

  12. can't wait to see all the christmas goodness you have been sewing up! happy holidays!

  13. Ayumi, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  14. Thank you so much, everyone!

    Thank you for your loveliest comments you are so nice to leave for me. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your nice and fun comments that make me smile every time I read it. I hope your sweater is coming along nicely :)

    Thank you, Raquel! Happy holidays to you too :)

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