Monday, November 29, 2010

Bento Stuff


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving
(if you are in the US) and a nice and relaxing
weekend afterwards. I didn't do anything special
for Thanksgiving but I had a quite bit of fun
with Black Friday deals at some local and online
shops. I love bargains. I can't resist anything like
20% off everything PLUS free shipping kinda thing.
I bought lots of necessities at Joann like batting,
threads, and interfacing, and snatched lots of
ecospun felt from


Speaking of felt, I have been really crazy about
making things with felt these days. Making felt
food was one of the million things I've wanted to
try out for a while. After sewing the popsicle block,
I was feeling like making more yummy stuff, and
I found myself spending hours browsing felt food
online. Oh my goodness felt has such possibilities!
The food in the picture is some typical stuff for
Japanese bento box: rice balls with seaweed around them,
fried shrimp, meat loaf, and lettuce. I made all these
using this great tutorial by manimani mamagoto.
I will make some eggs, brocolli, and other stuff
to complete my bento set! yay!


The cool thing about these is this TINY size!
This is such an easy, quick, and
frugal project. You can even do this while
laying down in bed.(I did! lol) I have been
making these using standard acrylic felt
and found that it makes too much mess.
I did some research on felt and found that
ecospun felt might be a better choice, so
I can't wait to experiment with ecospun felt.

I bought this felt sweets last year for Joe's
niece Sarah's Christmas gift and was so pleased
with how happy she was with them. She wants more
now. Maybe I will make some dessert for her this year.
Handmade stuff is always better and they look
so easy to make! I am excited.. hehe!

Thank you for stopping by :)

Edited to add:

Look at Sarah's response to this post :D



  1. How delightful! We just bought our little girl a play kitchen for Christmas and I want to make her some felt food. Thanks for the eco spun felt tip.

  2. I've recently started making some simple things with felt--not as delightful as yours, of course. I had stayed away from it before, but it IS delightful :)

  3. Lol, your hubby is so weird! I love the pic of him with your felt food. They look great! I can't wait to see more!

  4. Dear Ayumi san, when you are over here, you can visit Daiso & buy many of these felt-kits there. Very good value for money.

  5. Great job on that bento set.

    That felt set is definitely something to try out.

  6. Sooooooooo cute, specially i love the chocolate one very much...
    Can you please spare a little bit of your time for my new post, its something different I hope you enjoyed

  7. Oh so cute! Little girlies love fake pretty food, big girlies love it too!

  8. Oh soo cute! (:
    I'll link it to my blog, okey?
    My blog:
    I can't wait to see more!

  9. Very nice ! I too love working with felt
    I made owls & mushrooms , bought felt from Daiso
    so happy we have Daiso here in U.A.E

  10. I am with you, I can't resist a nice discount and free shipping (and I also purchased something from Joann). However, I saved even more because I used eBates to make my online purchases. With Joann I had an additional 5% off (not really off, but that 5% will be refunded to me by check), and gives you a 4% cash back :o) I have been using eBates for several years now, and every quarter I get a check. I have no affiliation to the site; I just love that I can save some extra $$$ :o)
    To sign up:

  11. haha, Sarah is so cute!!! Great job on your bento box items!

  12. I just would like to grab the red tail of this delicously looking orange prawn, from the gourmet plate and eat it!! It felt so yummy!! Hmmmmmmm....

  13. so cute ayumi!! Little projects like that are my favorite for sure. I have felt food on my christmas to make list for my girls, but we'll just have to wait and see how far I get. :)

  14. i always like this BLOG....
    so cute...i like it

  15. so sweet ayumi! this has been on my list of to do projects since my kids were little - now they are 10 and 12! will have to make for my little niece now!

  16. Oh, the cuteness! And the little girl... so sweet!

  17. うわーちょうカワイイですね!!! ^_^ 素敵です!!

  18. Fab looking sweets! I love them!

  19. lovely!
    I have mentioned your blog in my last post (hope you don't mind). Best wishes

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