Thursday, December 23, 2010

Some of the Christmas Gifts


I'm really happy that some of my Christmas gifts
that I've sent have been received, opened and loved!
I made a few of these patchwork totes. There is
nothing like square patches that I truly love.
And I still adore Ginseng collection by Joel Dewberry
as much as I did when it just came out.

christmas gift for friend

I seem to have my glitter penguin's approval too!


On the other side of the tote, I appliqued
my friend's (recipient's) name. Vy - Isn't it
such a pretty name?


These are some felt cakes I made for Joe's niece
Sarah. It took me a while to make a pattern that
I felt comfortable with, but it was worth it.
I ended up wanting to make some for myself too!


Some Christmasy placemats. I was hoping that the
recipients will open this gift before Christmas
so that they can use these mats this year, so
it was really nice to know that they opened the
gifts as soon as they received these mats.


I used a pattern in Kumiko Fujita's patchwork
pattern 318
to make this for my mother-in-law. I was not
pleased with how it turned out. There are tons of
"oh I should've.." but time was running out, so
I just had to gift this to her. Neither Joe or I
liked it but it's probably partly because we don't
care too much about lighthouses in general. My mother
-in-law is a big fan of a lighthouse. Every time
we went to the beach in Oregon, she would snap
tons of pictures of the lighthouse there and
she was always on the lookout for postcards with
a lighthouse picture. So I was hoping that she
will like it more than I do. She let me know today
that she likes it very much. That made me smile.

Thank you for letting me share my creations..
I'll be back with more Christmas gifts once
they are in the hands of my recipients.

Have happy holidays.. :)


  1. I love that lighthouse! It's very cool looking. As is everything else-the cakes look yummy and those placemats are gorgeous!

  2. The reindeer tote is so sweet - I LOVE it. I bet your family and friends are super delighted with all your lovely gifts.

    Have a wonderful Christmas! I look forward to reading about your crafty projects in 2011.

  3. oh it's all so lovely! lucky recipients!!
    happy holidays too :)

  4. the cakes look so delicious...
    may I eat them,plsssss.....?

  5. I love all your projects! I know the recipients will love them too.

  6. Oh my, what a beautiful purse and those felt cakes look de-lish (are you selling your pattern?)! I've got your place-mats all wrapped up for my girls and I can't wait for them to open them and use on our new kitchen table!! They will love them. Merry Christmas!

    I'm anxious to share some of the gifts I've made this year too, but no one has opened any yet, tee hee...only 2 days left, yippee!

    Jamie :

  7. Wow they are all so gorgeous! I really love the fabrics in your tote bag!

  8. I do want to stick my finger into that whipped cream soooo badly


  9. These are so pretty, your friends are lucky! Merry Christmas!

  10. The lighthouse is delightful!!!
    And your felt cakes look good enough to eat :)
    Merry Christmas :)

  11. These are lovely! I especially like that felt cake. My daughter would love it if I made her something like that for her little kitchen. Merry Christmas!

  12. Yummy cakes! Love the reindeer tote, aswell! I wish you a merry Christmas and thank you so much for all the inspiration you have given this year!

  13. I love the cakes you made!

  14. Oh what lovely gifts- it is a true giver who makes the gifts so tailored to the recipients, the different angles on the tiny polka dots around the lighthouse adds to the light beaming out, the reindeer tote is so cute too!

  15. What wonderful gifts! The recipients are very lucky indeed -- actually fortunate is a better word! Thanks for sharing.

  16. How could your MIL not like that sweet potholder?? It's fantastic! I am dying over those felt cakes - how beautiful and perfect they are. I especially love how you used the felt circles for the icing rosettes. You're so darned clever Ayumi. I hope you and Joe have a fantastic home made Christmas together. ♥

  17. These are lovely gifts! The cake is so so cute...I love the berries and frosting details!

  18. Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations with us, Ayumi. I'm not into lighthouses but I can understand your MIL being tickled pink with her special gift. As for those felt cakes - yum! Merry Christmas to you, Joe and your families.

  19. Love the totes! That's what I made this year too~ but I can't figure out how to paste one into my comment so I made it my profile pic!

  20. What lovely gifts you made! Your recipients will love them! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  21. Thank you so much everyone!!

    Your tote looks really beautiful!

  22. Hi A-

    I just wanted to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE your placemats.....I wish they had a home here.... I wanted to let you know that I am still stalking your Etsy shop and can't wait till you can put some items back into it.....

    I wanted to let you know that I received the fabric and the extra and I wanted to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH......The extra went to my daughters therapist for a gift.... I pinned it just a few mins ago and I have already received a bunch of repins and love about the fabric...

    Thanks ma'am! Your The best...if you ever need help with destashing...I am your gal again.....Hugs and many chocolates as my daughter says...

    Shannon Margaret

  23. Lovely gifts. I'm so in love with the reindeer and heart detail. Wish I was the receiver. Merry Christmas.

  24. Very simple but unique perfect for gift giving. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!


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