Monday, November 1, 2010

Mary Mug Rug

mary mug rug

is a very kind, sweet, generous, and creative
lady I very much look up to. She has sent me
lots of packages full of yummy goodies including
truly precious vintage fabrics, her handmade
items, and her lavender which smells the BEST!

Knowing how skilled of a seamstress she is,
I feel embarrassed to make anything for her,
(because I know surely that she can make the
same thing just a trillion times better!)
but to me, there is no better way than creating
something personal to show appreciation from my heart.
I'm sure many of you can agree with me :)

I made this with her name in patchwork
not knowing what it was going to be. I thought
she might like to use it as a mug rug, so I
used insul bright batting but I also thought
she might be kind to decide to hang it, so
I added a few small loops on the back.

I really enjoyed making it and couldn't wait
to get this to her! Soon, I will have a post
on many handmade gifts I have received from
several blog friends over the span of a few
months and you'll see lots of Mary's
beautiful creations there.. :)

Pin Cushion

My most recent gift from Mary included
lots of lovely vintage fabrics/feedsacks.
All three pincushions I showed you in my
precious post as well as additional three
I am showing you today include at least
one fabric scrap that was from Mary :)


For example, this pink fabric with a ferris wheel
is one of my favorite! Isn't it so cute?!
I think this fabric made the pincushion
very cheerful. What is it about the vintage
fabrics (especially feedsacks from the 30's)
that are just unbelievably adorable?!


I picked this fabric for the back side.
Oh by the way, I've noticed that I've been
choosing lots of fabrics that I bought on my
last trip to Japan two years ago for my projects
recently. You know why.. I think it's because I am
going to Japan next month ! :D Hooray!!
I think I am subconsciously trying to use up the fabric
I bought there on my last trip so that I can give
myself a reason to buy more this time :) My entire
family thought I was going crazy by buying so much
fabric last time. (Last time I went to Nippori Textile
Town, I bought so much fabric that I gave myself
a bruce on my right arm where I was hanging
bags full of fabrics! lol!) Sure I was going a bit
crazy but don't mind the same experience again :D


I really like this one especially the naughty
look of the bird on the red tape. It's like
he is planning to eat up the pincushion or
something. lol.


Isn't the pot lovely? This is also the fabric
Mary shared with me. I think it is one of
my favorite fabric now. So adorable!


Yup, this is also one of the fabrics I
snatched in Japan two years ago!

cherry pincushion

This one turned out to be so American, color-wise!
One thing I like about this pincushion is..


This girl in the corner wondering where
she left her cherries and strawberries
that she needs for her cooking. The upside
down kettle there is fun too!


This fabric is just perfect for a pincushion.

The last two pincushions are available
in my shop now :)

Thank you for reading such a long post!
Hope your week started off good :)


  1. I always love your fabric choices and the things you make - I'm sure Mary will be delighted with her gift. By the way, I was so intrigued with your spoonflower fabric with all the different words on it - have you ever tried Scottish tablet? It's a wonderful, delicious, definitely-not-good-for-you concoction of mainly condensed milk and sugar; my mum used to make it when I was a child; I and my 3 brothers loved it; haven't had it for years. Sweet memories...

  2. Thank you, Jan! I included the word "Scottish Tablet" because my Scottish friend had sent it to me a few months ago, and I really liked it! My friend mentioned that I shouldn't eat too much at once because it's not so healthy like you said. It's so sweet and addictive though! I love it!

  3. I think I snatched one of these ;)Yummi colours and beautiful work! Your blogpost actually made me get out of bed to turn on the computer (I was reading blogupdates on my cellular phone)! Have a nice day!

  4. Ayumi, you are so generous with your blogland and flickr comments about other people's piecing and yet your piecing on this gorgeous mug rug and on everything you do is always immaculate. Your pincushions are gorgeous and I hope you have a wonderful time in Japan - I know you miss it. X

  5. You made my eyes go big and shiny looking at so may lovely bits of fabrics all crammed into tiny pinnies. Trip to Japan- so pleased you are going, I know it has been a while- I am just imagining you with laden down with fabrics at the airport!

  6. Ayu, that (like everything you make) is gorgeous! Makes me wish I had a four lettered name :(

  7. Lovely gift! Your pincushions are little pieces of art - so pretty.
    A trip to Japan sounds real exiting. I am sure you will come back with lots of inspiration (read new fabric ; ) ) A little advice from a practical norwegian - bring a backpack Ayumi, to take the weight of your hands!
    ; )

  8. Can I come to Japan with you and buy up the contents of the fabric stores? It would save you money as there would be nothing left for you to buy!

  9. The mug rug is so adorable and so perfect!
    I've just bought a cutting mat some weeks ago and I hope it'll be useful to sew some nice patchwork works...I don't have such nice fabrics in Italy but I'll try to help myself with what I have :)

  10. Such breathtaking creations from Ayumi!

    I love fruits - strawberries, apples, pears and cherries etc, etc. I grew strawberries in pots this year and they tasted really delicious. Needless to say, if I stayed up late I would have definately snatch up the fruit pincushion before anyone else did. Such a shame I live in a different time zone to you dear Ayumi. Your goodies sell so so fast like

    Hope you will make more gorgeous creations for your shop - I want to be the first one in the queue to buy!!

  11. Boo hoo, i went to your shop and it was empty. Could you indicate how big the mug rug was? It is adorable.

  12. Hi Ayumi
    I have loved looking at your pincushions the last few much so I thought just a late birthday pressie would be nice! So a quick trip to your shop for the cute poodle that was still there.
    Thank you!
    Your Mary rug is immaculate. What a great piece. I admire your talents :)

  13. I love the cute little details in the pincushions. It sounds like Mary is a great friend - and so are you :)

  14. Ha ha, now I know why you said I'd like your mug rug! I love it! I can't believe you pieced all those letters - they look fantastic! I love those prints on the grey background!

  15. You know what I'm going to say--LOVE the fabrics.

  16. Can I hide in your luggage and tag along to Japan? I'll even help carry big bags of fabric!

    Your patchwork is so sweet and lovely. The thought and care that you put into your craft is truly inspiring.

  17. I love the "Mary" Mug Rug! Of course I would...since that is my name too! Just a great combination of fabrics. Very nice! :)

  18. You're so talented! I'm such a proud owner of one of your pin cushions - I always think of all the brilliant things I have learned from your tutorials when I use it! You're a real inspriation! I love that you share personal details with us too - seeing your wedding was a real privilidge! I hope all is happy and creative - and what a lucky friend to have a beautiful personalised gift!

  19. Ayumi san, you make such lovely things for people you care so they will always love it. Very pretty fabrics. I love Nippori & am scared of it too. I drive there & bring my wheeled bag too & make trips back & forth the car with full bags! That is scary & leave me breathless.
    Will you be staying in Tokyo or Machida? Happy autumn!

  20. I am sure she will be thrilled with the mug rug you have made her. It is beatiful!

  21. Thank you so much, everyone!

    Each letter block is about 4" square and the sashing in the middle is 3/4" in width, so the mug rug itself is approximately 9 1/4" square :)

  22. Mary will love this! i can just picture using this rug to set a nice hot cup of tea on..beautiful!

  23. Love everything you make. Everything. These are just so darn cute.

  24. It's a very lovely mug rug. I like the design it's very creative and perfect for home decoration.

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  25. I own so many japanese patchwork books that highlight the use of a simple patch or log cabin, but sitting here looking at your projects makes me want to get up and go out to the studio for the first time in a long time right NOW! So inspiring. :-)

  26. I don’t usually reply to posts but I will in this case, great info…I will bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

  27. Those are so cute. I am going to share this with my daughter.

  28. This is so inspiring, and you gave me great idea. I have a special friend, and this way I'll be able to make a special gift for her. Thank you!

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    Loved your blog, your art with fabric, patchwork ....
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    And thank you for sharing!


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