Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still on a pincushion mission


I have to warn you.. this post is once again going to
be about log cabin pincushions that I've been making
like crazy these days.. so if you are sick of looking
at my pincushions by now, it might be better off to
skip this post. If you still have patience to read
my tedious story about each of three new pincushions,
I thank you in advance for taking the time to do so :)


This is probably one of my favorite pincushions
I have made so far. So the story goes like this..
the blue bird (in the middle) is hungry and looking
for some veggies to munch on. But as you can see,
there is another bird flying in to grab the veggies
on the right top corner. I felt bad, so I decided
to leave him with two carrots on the left bottom.
Let's hope he'll find the carrots before
the other guy comes to get them.


I really really like this one too. I'm so happy
that I made it because this is my first project
ever that I used this many purple/lavender fabrics
for. I always thought I am not the biggest fan
of the color range, but I started liking them.
If the purple/lavender fabric is either modern
or vintage, I can enjoy it very much, which
I have learned pretty recently.


This mousy has a date tonight and he is planning
to take his girlfriend to a nice restaurant where
they can enjoy really nice red wine and hopefully
a bird or two out the window. He is not so sure if
he can satisfy her well, so he can't really
guarantee the quality of the date, but maybe qulity.


This turned out to be fun too, I think.
Remember the story about Mister Donut fabric?
The word "Mister" came from the fabric.
"Donut" part of the fabric couldn't really
fit in, so I included..


a real donut, well, not that real but
more fun than a word right? There is a truck
at the top that carried the donut. The gnome
is a bit confused though.. not sure why he
is included in the Mister Donut pincushion..
so to make him feel a little better, I added
the penguin and the cute owl.

Thank you to those of you who snatched my
pincushions - I will be adding more in my
shop in a few days :)

Have a great day/afternoon :)


  1. I don't think any of your readers could get tired of seeing your work, your fabric combinations and your stories. I really like the purple combinations - I think you are going to get hooked on purpoe next!!
    Love seeing your work. It is just so precise and delicate. Would love to master your skills.
    Regards, Alison

  2. These are so cute! I love that you put so much thought into each one and each has it's own story! So unique and special!

  3. Hahahaha!!! I LOVE the little descriptions--especially the confused gnome :)

  4. they are all so cute! i love the purple one the best :)

  5. Hi Pink Penguin, I love your fabrics with all of those little prints, they are just so cute and perfect for these pincushions.

  6. As this is my first visit to your gorgeous blog I loved the descriptions and I don't think I would ever get tired of them. The blue bird is my fav.

  7. Funny stories Ayumi! You made me laugh over breakfast, especially the Mister Gnome

  8. Very cute and no, could never get sick of looking at your pincushions or any of the rest of your stuff for that matter and your fabrics are just lush! xx

  9. Ha, ha! The stories are as great as the pincushions! If the restaurant is bad, they will sefinitely go for a walk and listen to this cute bird singing :)
    And I love the owl! :D

  10. Love them all - especially the purple one!
    Simply beautiful.

  11. Oh how much love your veggie pincushion!!! It was snatched before I turned my computer on. It is incredibly cute and story-telling. I love vegetables as much as fruits. In England here growing your own fruit and veg is a trendy thing. The two cute carrot on your pincushion resemble so much of the baby carrots I grow in a tub. If I grew them directly in the ground, snails and slugs would have a field day.

  12. Love the stories and love the cute pincushions!

  13. Never tired of seeing your pincushions ;)
    I love how you've made little stories with them too...

  14. Ayumi, you're pincushions are so cute. Love the stories you include with them. Wish I had your fabric stash.

  15. I received my pincushion in the mail on Wednesday. So lovely and well-made. Wondering if you use a tiny pre-made pillow form or stuffing. If it's a pillow form, where do you get them? Also wondering if you can do a custom order for a pincushion with your lavender fabrics. The ones you had in the store earlier got snapped up before I could get one.

  16. don't think I could ever get tired of seeing pincushions! and yours are cute as can be! you take time to pick your fabric and I just love them!

  17. I think your pincushions are just adorable and love seeing each and every one of them! You have a truly unique talent in the way you put fabrics together! So cute! Jenn

  18. There's just no stopping you!! Be careful that you don't turn into a pincushion yourself soon!

  19. Your pincushions really cheer me up, Ayumi!

  20. cute...every pincushion has its's lovely..^^

  21. Your pincushions are so cheerful - love the combinations of fabrics you choose.

  22. Remember when I said I would be back for an order for me??!! if you have the time, I would love a pink/red/white pincushion and one of your small baskets to match.
    I love pink, pink and more pink. Just let me know, when you get a chnace. xo

  23. I love your pincushions and would never get tired of looking at them. Your stories are wonderful :*)

  24. I love your cute stories and it is always a treat to see what you are creating. These pincushions are utterly adorable!

  25. How could anyone get tired of these delightful cushions? I love, love the pink iron fabric. It seems no matter how hard I try, I cannot get things to look this neatly.

  26. Love these, they are so cute. Also love all your fabric with text on it and would love to know where you got it all.

  27. Hello,
    I am so happy I stumble into your blog.

    I love those little pin cushions.
    They are the cutest.

  28. Thank you, everyone!

    There is a list of shops that have fabric with writing on in my FAQs page :)

  29. Ummm....Who DARED to buy the gnome pincushion??!!! It was OBVIOUSLY made for ME!! It has all my favorites....gnomes, penguins, owls and donuts!!! ACK!! I need it!


  30. Michelle-
    I'm glad you like the pincushion so much! I'd more than happy to custom-make a pincushion for you :) Shoot me an e-mail if you are interested :)

  31. Ayumi, you do amazing work. Love your blog and thanks so much for stopping at my place!!

  32. Hello Ayumi, Its my first time to visit you and I really enjoyed your blog, your way of writing is very pleasant and cheerful. And as well your work too, its so cute and related to home that I love it, choice of fabric is very good and your sense of combination of one fabric to another is just fab... its someting i really enjoyed,I am your newest follower too...
    Hope you would like to peek in my little crafty world at the address of
    And let me give your opinion...

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  34. Nice pattern sweetheart! very original, I made to pillows from this one, thank you!


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