Saturday, October 30, 2010

Scrappy Logcabin Pincushions

log cabin pincushions

Making pincushions can be seriously addictive.
I had the urge to make a logcabin pincushion
this morning, and I ended up sewing up three.

log cabin pincushions

I really enjoy having a fun motif in the center
of my log cabin. And including some pieces of
fabric with writing is just necessary :)

logcabin pincushion

This one turned out to be a cutie!
Combining all sorts of different fabrics
is always fun. The poodle looks happy
being surrounded by cute feedsacks.


This is the other side of the pincushion.
I was so happy I found this perfect fabric
from my fabric stash. Its manufacturer is
American (I believe it was Alexander Henry)
but I found it in Japan a few years ago.
Don't you have some fabrics that you really
like but have never found a use for? This
was one of the fabrics like that, so I am
glad it's finally in use :)

Logcabin Pincushion

This one is very much vintage-inspired too.
Even the red piping tape is vintage!
I found an unopened, new one at a thrift store
a while ago. Its original price printed on the
label was 19 cent, but I think I bought it
for $1 or so. I love thrifty vintage finds!


Back side. This is the fabric I've wanted to
use to make a pincushion so once again I am
really happy that it finally became a part
of a pincushion!

Logcabin Pincushion

This last one is the silliest of the three,
because it says "Made in USA" and "Made in
France" in the black piece of fabric although
the fabric was made in Japan. Very silly!


And look at the back side! The word
that starts with "Stamp.." is back-warded!
I like the fun details of the pincushion.

All three picushions have been listed in
my shop. (The first one is gone - thank you!)

I'll be back with a mug rug I made for my
friend soon...! Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great rest of the weekend!


  1. They're all adorable! Clever fabric choices as usual!

  2. these are sooo cute. Makes me want to go sew....

  3. You make the yummiest stuff! You put so much thot into it all too. Every time I see something like these pincushions, I think......"I'm gonna DO that."....And then I never do. *sigh*

    I have all these scraps here and just keep sorting them....and adding more, of of these days. :)

  4. Send me your fabric stash. I want to marry it!!
    Seriously adorable goodies!

  5. Fun pincushions and I LOVE your fabrics! So perfect! Can't wait to see your mug rug :-)

  6. What fun fabrics you have in your stash! Darling pin cushions! Love the backwards print too!


  7. I love them all, but I really like the one that says made in everywhere but Oz and the little strip of authentic dictionary.
    Super cool!

  8. I know what you mean- I like making mini scrappy log cabin best of all- there is a lot of freedom in it - love the different edges x

  9. Como siempre, adoro la combinacion de telas. Cuando veo nuevo post en Pink Penguin siento una dulce ansiedad por ver tu nueva creación.

  10. Love the pincushions!! They are great. I really like the one with the sewingmachine print.

  11. Beatiful!!!!
    abraços de Maria Filomena

  12. Thank you for sharing your lovelies, Ayumi! Love how you combine those pretty fabrics...
    ; )

  13. They are adorable :)
    I love the fabric you choose and the way you match them!
    and...looks like they're all already gone :)

  14. Loving your fabric combos, yummy colours too!

  15. Love them all-especially the piping and ric rac and little tag details!
    I have a teeny tiny piece left of the blue 'hand made' fabric- I can't seem to part with the rest :)
    Happy Weekend...

  16. These are gorgeous, Ayumi! I especially love the light blue fabric that says handmade with the sewing machine on it! Where is that one from? Thanks for sharing these cuties :)

  17. Very fun! I've been meaning to make some pincushions for gifts. What do you stuff yours with?

  18. So sweet! You have such a wonderful eye for fabric and fun combinations. I love that there is so much thought that goes into each creation.

  19. I adore your fabric choices. The backs are as adorable as the fronts :)

  20. these are so precious Ayumi! I love all your fabic choices, they are so amazing!

  21. I love the idea of a log cabin block with something cute in the center... I just got this great cat fabric today that would work perfectly! : )

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  24. I like the Made in USA/Made in France one...that was actually made in Japan! Haha. But I think the last one is my fav, super cute.


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