Monday, November 22, 2010

Popsicles Block

Ringo Pie - Anna's Dessert Block

I had a lot of fun making this block for
Anna as a part of Ringo Pie quilting bee.
November is Anna's month, and she picked Dessert
for her theme. Awesome, was the only thing I could
say. I LOVE anything sweet and have wanted to make
something sweet and delicious with my fabrics.

I had tons of ideas for dessert, but when I
saw a package of popsicles at Costco the other day,
(that looked just so yummy), my heart was set for
popsicles. For one, I really love them. For two,
I really appreciate a lot of straight lines
on a popsicle - makes it easy to paper-piece!


It is extremely satisfying to see this finished
block because I wasn't sure if this idea was feasible
at first. I started off with a rough sketch of a
single popsicle. (The chocolate one) and then
searched for some popsicles images online for
inspiration to come up with a few more
popsicles to go with. One thing I like about
this block is that there is an ice cream man
in it. Really? You can't tell? Then I need to
have you Look and See!


I love this print by Heather Ross.

Oh by the way thank you so much for all of you
who took the time to tell me about your favorite
part of the day. I really enjoyed reading each
and every one of your comment. It was really
therapeutic to learn about a precious moment in
everyone's life. It seems that all of us treasure such
simple moments, like quiet time in the morning,
reading books to children, having dinner with
family, and a cup of coffee/tea. So nice.

The random number generator picked these
three winners.


Sara who said.. "Hello, my favourite time of day
is first thing in the morning, I say good morning
to each of my children (I have 3) and they all say
good morning back with such enthusiasm. It's beautiful."

And Annie who said.. "My most favorite moment
of the day is when I first get up. No one else
is up yet and this time is mine alone!!!
I am up for either the book or the fabrics -
both look really nice."


Carmen who said... "Oh Ayumi, what a sweet giveaway
- thank you! Please put me down for those beautiful
fabrics:) My favourite moment of the day is either my
morning coffee, or sitting down to eat dinner with my
family:) I think my day is pretty much book-ended by
these two events. Thanks again!"

Congratulations to three of you! I am contacting you soon..!
For those who didn't win this time, please don't be
disappointed, because I will have another giveaway for
Suzuko Koseki's new book next year too :)

Have a great rest of the day, everyone!


  1. Really love these ice cream blocks. Soso incredible. I am thinking of ideas for my block for suzuko. I'm so happy you asked me.

  2. Oh, wow! I was just chatting with my brother when I opened this page and saw that I won. Thanks so much, Ayumi! I never win anything:D

    I meant to comment on Flickr about how much I love your popsicle block. You clearly put so much thought into the tiny details of the vanilla stripe on the chocolate popsicle, and the little bird shaped popsicle. Seriously, your blog just makes me so happy. Thanks again!

  3. Popsicles! Genius! I love the little penguin. :)

  4. oh wow - those popsicle blocks are pure genius!!

  5. Love the popsicle blocks..what a great idea for a baby quilt

  6. this is beautiful! how talented!

  7. Wow - Ayumi. You just keep getting better and better! These are so creative and beautifully made. Congratulations to the winners. Keep the inspiration flowing. It's contagious, even across oceans.

  8. I love your blocks! So creative and I love the ice cream man detail :-) Perfect!

  9. Lol, you say that it's easy, but it looks so complicated to me!!! You did a great job.

  10. Wow , This is so beautiful ! what a great idea , great job ! Congratulations to the winners :)

  11. love your's sweet like ice cream...mmm..^^

  12. Those popsicles (icy poles to us 'downunder') are amazing ! I don't know how you do it??

  13. The popsicles are amazing! I love all the detail, the popsicle penguin, the chocolate coating and the ice cream man!!!! Great block! :-)

    Congratulations to the winners!!! :-)

  14. I can imagine you are thrilled with this- and a little credit to Joe for his creative input too! I like the lollies being right next to each other, and the sticks, and a whole lot of other things too!

  15. Those popsicles look good enough to eat. What a great idea.

  16. Ayumi, these are to die for!!! Fantastic!
    ; )

  17. This block is fabulous! Absolutely great! I love it!

  18. congrats to the winners-
    those blocks are really 'cool' :)

  19. I love the popsicle pattern--very creative and fun!

  20. Those popsicles are FANTASTIC!!!! Adorable fabrics and you did a remarkable job piecing them. Lucky bee partner!

  21. That is a very original block and such a great idea. I love the little blue penguin!

    The whole thing is just very you.

    Congrats to the Suzuko Koseki winners - I missed the giveaway altogether! Not to worry I have both her books, in Japanese, too! I love them too.

  22. I love it! I'm very impressed with the paper piecing. It's hard to design paper piece patterns.

  23. Ayumi-Your popsicles are fantastic! Great eye for color and design.

  24. I love it! They look like they taste very refreshing. Again, LOVE the fabric you used.

  25. Ayumi, this popsicle block is just amazing, I can't even fathom how you did it! So very clever, and such gorgeous, perfect fabric choices. I so love the penguin, the little chocolate/vanilla bite, the HR icecream man, the Dick and Jane fabric ... Lucky Anna! Can't wait to see what you do next! Catherine.

  26. Wow! Ayumi, your popsicles are super sweet :D
    Each one is very special. The details you so thoughtfully added are a delight!

  27. I still cannot get over the beauty and genius of this fantabulous block - I know you make a ton of special stuff so I can't claim that this is something really really special but it really is - total and utter knockout in thumbnail and in every little detail. I'm up early today and off to my first ever quilt show with my quilting friend Mandy. Can't wait! X

  28. This is beautiful an sweet :)) I LIKE!!!

  29. Lindos e deliciosos esses picolés! Você tem talento e criatividade incomparáveis! Parabéns, sucesso e felicidade sempre! Bjs. Marize/Maceió-AL/BRASIL

  30. Seriously this block is by far the most amazing block I have ever seen! There are so many details!! Really, I am just in awe! I wouldnt be able to quilt this! It would have to be framed and hung by my machine for inspiration!! Amazing work!

  31. I love the block.I am going to have to try to recreate it!! making mine an astro pop.thnaks for the inspiration,Amy


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