Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Birthday Gift for Eriko

Birthday gift for my sister Eriko

My middle sister Eriko turned 26 yesterday, October 26th
and this is the handmade gift I sent her. She is the girliest
girl who loves everything girly, sweet, and very pink, so I
should've made a pink one like this instead, but somehow
this is how it turned out. While making it, I was becoming
more and more sure that she would not like this busy potholder
but my heart was set that this was going to be hers, so
I had to gift it to her. Well let me explain why
I think it should be hers, will you?


First off, when she was a little kid, her dream was to
become a bakery chef and she used to bake lots of yummy
bread, so that explains why I started off with the bear
with a pancake! And if you look at it closer, you may
notice that there is a cake, a little message that says
"happy birthday", and 'love'. Oh and "Congratulations"
was not on purpose but it was great I included it,
because she passed a really hard exam last year to
become a clinical psychologist which I don't even know
what exactly it is but I know she can tell you a lot
about you and what's going on in your mind if you
show her a tree you drew. Interesting.


I'm definitely sure she likes this one though.
This was made by my friend Kerry in Florida
who just opened a little online custom jewelry
shop called Sweet Heart Silver. She was
so nice to make this custom necklace for
Eriko within just a few days, gift-wrapped it
beautifully, and sent it off to me right away.
I could choose from so many different sterling
silver jewelry, satins, and even fonts of
custom word/name!


When I told her that I must blog about this
necklace, she was sweet to offer a special
coupon code (10% off of your order): pinkpenguin
for you guys in case you want to shop there.
You won't regret taking a look at her shop I promise :)

Thank you Kerry for making such a lovely
necklace for my sister so quickly :)

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a fabulous day!


  1. very nice!i really like the little bear in the middle :)

  2. Your patchwork is always so delicious!

  3. this is so beautiful...and the necklace is so sweet! love the little fish at the top

  4. Love the potholder! I am always impressed with how you blend black and white prints with pops of bright colors.

  5. so adorable Ayumi, and very sweet of you to make something so special. :) love the necklace too, I'll have to check out her shop!

  6. I love love this potholder which has such joyful humour in it. I envy your sister! lol.

  7. Your sister is going to love those special gifts! That is very funny about the tree test. Does she live in Japan?

  8. I share the same birthday with your sister...another Scoripon!!! Happy birthday to Eriko..hugs Khris

  9. So thoughtful- it tells a story and that is always good in craft, it is from the ♥

  10. Happy Birthday to your clever sister.

    And congrats to clever you, for another lovely gift.

  11. These are so pretty gifts! She has a wonderful sister!
    Love how you can put so many memories and messages into a potholder. You are so creative! ; )

  12. This is great, I love the fabrics you use and the way you put them together, how could you sister not love it?

  13. Eriko will definitely love this, Ayumi san. Something handmade & with so many meanings behind it. How wonderful for Eriko to have a sister who really knows her.
    Today, it is 10 degrees & cold & raining here. Tomorrow we will go & stay in a ryokan by Yamanakako & enjoy Fuji san.

  14. Belated Happy Birthday to your sister :D
    Your present for her is adorable! Your personal touches are so sweet. The bear with the cake is just the cutest!!

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