Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Quilt Top Completed :D

Pink Quilt

After being that inspired at the quilt festival,
I knew that I would need to push myself
to get back to work on this quilt.

I was thinking about adding a white border,
but I started feeling that it might be more
interesting if pink or gray fabric is used
instead to match the teeny tiny blocks.

I thought the pink/brown polka dots fabric
would work well for this border, but I didn't
have enough of it left to make the entire
border made of the fabric, so I picked pink
solid fabric for the top and bottom edges of
the border and added applique on it.

I'm really happy with the result so far :)


I'm debating whether I should keep it
or list it in my shop. Although it would
look really cute in my sewing space for sure,
it might serve a better purpose by
wrapping a little baby girl somewhere
in the world... but can I part with it..?
Hmm.. I'm so indecisive.

Pincushion for my friend who grows the best tomatoes

Here is a pincushion I made for my friend Izumi
who grows the BEST tomatoes ever in her garden.
Once you get used to eating her sweet tomatoes,
you really can't enjoy other tomatoes anymore.
Now that Joe is used to Izumi's tomatoes,
he doesn't eat tomatoes in his bento box unless
they are Izumi's, but I can't blame him,
because her tomatoes are just sooo much better.


I am really excited to tell her why I picked
these fabrics. First of all, I love her tomatoes,
so I had to include a tomato there with a heart
pin right next to. And I had to use
the cat fabric because she loves cats.
And then lastly, the toast fabric was necessary
because she made me sandwiches which
tasted soooo good after walking for hours
at the quilt festival. And the reason for
the cheese is that she made me yummy
pasta with some Parmesan cheese on
when I was starving a while ago.
The bottom of the pincushion is pink,
which is her favorite color. Hehe,
I think she'll enjoy hearing these or maybe
I will be the one enjoying the most telling this, haha :D

If you want to make a pincushion like that,
here is a pattern for you :)

Hope you are having a great day!


  1. Those are some lovelies for sure!

  2. Yum - the pink and chocolate has finished your gorgeous quilt off perfectly. Glad it's not me having to make the choice - keep it or let it go!!!!! Ciao

  3. You could make a Dear Jane with NO trouble at all! Your perfection with such tiny projects makes me so envious.

  4. Your quilt and pincushion are both so sweet. How big is the quilt? It would be hard to part with for sure but I completely see your reasoning!

  5. Wow, your quilt looks great! That is a very hard choice whether to keep it or sell it!

    Love the pincushion too!

  6. wow, your quilt top turned out amazing! i can see why it would be hard to part with it. and the pincushion is so cool as well! love the fabrics and the colours you chose. i'm sure your friend will love it!!! :)

  7. wow, i love the quilt topper! i think i want to start doing that now (but maybe i'll try my hand at making the pincushion first... :D)


  8. ur quilts are beautiful !! and I am loving that piincushion too.. so cute!~

  9. Ahhhh... you did it again, Ayumi!!! I love, love, love how it turned out!! The pretty bow ties, the pink borders, and the applique are perfectly matched and it looks so much "you"!! 売るべきか、売らないべきか、そんな難しい判断は私にはできませ~ん☆

  10. Gosh that is one gorgeous quilt Ayumi....keep it or part with it.......thats a tough one! You sure are very deft with these little delicate and minute patterns.The pin cushion looks so fresh and yummy :)

  11. Love the top and the pin cusion!!

  12. Ayumi, your quilt is so sweet!! I love the colours and the appliqué on both sides! And of course if would be loved by any baby girl..
    You're someone really inspired!
    Have a good day

  13. the quilt and the pin cushion are both gorgeous.
    How can you give them away!

  14. Cuteness all round! The lettering is perfect and the little pinnie has such a good choice of images!

  15. Oh, no wonder it's difficult for you to part with the quilt. It's great :) I sometimes feel the same about my crochet toys;)
    The pincushion is lovely!

  16. aaawww!
    How sweet a friend are you, well both of you!
    Love the quilt too.
    It's going to had to send that one off into the world!

  17. oh so cute!thanks for the pincushion pattern-i love your fabric choices :)

  18. The quilt is absolutely beautiful - you are so very talented !

    Many thanks for the pin cushion pattern ! Much appreciated

  19. The applique looks perfect on your quilt! Amazing to think if you would have had enough of the polka dot fabric it would have never come to be :)

  20. I think you should keep your first quilt:)

  21. I hope you keep this precious quilt top. It's your first! And, it is so wonderfully pieced and teeny and beautiful...I hope it hangs in your sewing space because it says Ayumi all over it!

  22. Ayumi, your little pink quilt is fantastic! I love it! The appliqué is beautiful! The soft pink and brown frames the cheerful blocks perfectly!
    The story behind the pincushion is very yummy! What a sweet present for your friend :D

  23. beautiful quilt! the colors are wonderful and thanks so much for the pattern! love it!

  24. Your quilt is so beautiful! You shoould keep it yourself - Think about all the work you have put into it! The pincushion is very cute too, and again so delicate and detailed.

  25. Keep it, Ayumi san! Then make another one with blue or yellow or green. Then have a couple of kids :) so that they can use these!

  26. Such a fun quilt!! Don't know how you can think about parting with it though....cute cute cute!!!

  27. El quilt te ha quedado fantastico!!! Mi enhorabuena por tan hermoso resultado con taaanto trabajo.
    Gracias por el patrón.

  28. Oh, it's so lovely! I would never have the hart to part with this very pretty quilt. (Keep it....)
    ; )

  29. I love this little quilt, I couldn't part with it if it was mine. (But maybe I'm selfish:) ).

  30. I popped over to your blog after reading about your connection with Elizabeth of Oh Fransson. You have a lovely site. I've found lots and lots of inspiration. I'll be back...if you don't mind. :-)

  31. Really lovely!! I love your work so much!!!!! I enjoy the bento pouch you made - it makes me happy everytime I look at it and use it.

  32. oh your quilt turned out lovely! i'm so happy that you're making quilts now---that's all i do, and now i can be inspired by you! thanks also for the PIQF pictures. i couldn't go this year so it was fun to see your photos.

  33. love your fabrics combination, very lively

  34. Aww, my roommate Loves the color pink! She would love that quilt.


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