Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pacific International Quilt Festival


Thank you to those of you who shared with me
what you know about the Australian fabric I
posted in the previous post. If you are curious
where it came from, go ahead and read some
comments under the post and learn about it :)
It's so much fun to be knowledgeable about unusual
mysterious fabric I have! Thank you, guys!!

Today, I have about 30 pictures I want to share
with you. I went to Pacific International Quilt
held at Santa Clara Convention Center
in California which is close to my place.
Ever since I moved here, I've always wanted to
go to this annual quilt festival, so I was really
happy that I finally made it this year. I was
way too excited the night before that I couldn't
sleep very well, haha. Ok, first of all, let me
start with some quilts I saw at some vendors
there that I totally fell in love with.


I am so glad I discovered this shop called
The Vintage Spool that sells original quilt
patterns as well as quilt kits. Seriously, every
single quilt hung at this shop was just unbelievably
detailed, intricate, and amazing. For example,
look at this Halloween quilt! To give you a close look..


Every applique has finished edges and quilting
is done using threads that match fabrics used.
Isn't the mean-looking owl so adorable?
I love the quilting on his tummy.


Sorry it's not the best quality picture, but
you get the idea. Isn't it so charming?


Oh how much I love this crow. My most favorite
part of it is that one of his foot is behind
the stem of the pumpkin. What I really enjoy
doing when I see handmade things is to look
for small details that I know whoever created
must have put a lot of thoughts and efforts
into them. I smile when I find the details.


Sorry I don't have a picture of a whole quilt
for this but I have a couple of shots of
appliques on the quilt I particularly enjoyed.
I LOVE this house made of lots of candies.


This was part of the same Christmas quilt too.
How cute is that? Look how intricate the appliquéd
stamp on the envelop is. So cute!!!


These are going to be a quilt called Mon Ami
which will be available for sale on the 17th
of November. You can see a couple more
blocks that will be included in the quilt in
their website here. I don't think I will be
able to resist it once it comes out because
I am really really loving everything about
it so far! I know my passion about French stuff
is a bit excessive but I can't help it.
If you are curious about any of these three
quilts or other original quilt patterns they
have, head over to their online shop here ;)


This is a quilt hung at another vendor at the
festival. I think vintage-styled girls' clothing
is adorable. Every clothing on the quilt looked
puffy and soft and made me want to touch it.
I'd love to make a quilt like that if I have
a girl in the future.

Now let me get to those quilts that were
exhibited at the festival.


Isn't it breathtaking? When I looked closely,
I found that those teeny tiny scoops of ice cream
were made of funny fabrics like one with a monkey
face, etc, which made me giggle ;)


I love birds so this caught my eye right away.


See the fun small details? The fish and the
bird's legs! Discovering these details makes
me like the quilt a lot more.


This was a really popular quilt with a big crowd
in front of. It has very interesting appliques
that are just so much fun. This mail man is my
favorite. Look how he has so many letters and
packages that are flying/falling from him.
This reminded me that as a kid, I used to want to
become a mail man in Japan. I've always loved
receiving letters and packages from an early age
and thought mail mans are really cool because
they make it possible.


I thought this is amazingly artistic.
I really like how the depth of field is
expressed with lots of black and white fabrics.
What possibilities.


This is such a beautifully pieced quilt.
It was made by someone in Germany and
was designed based on a picture she took
there. This made me think of San Francisco.
I should make a mini quilt of San Francisco
scenery one day. I love the city with
tons of steep hills and European style houses.


Isn't it amazing also? I feel that looking at
this quilt makes me feel positive and carefree.
How fun would it be if we could fly away
with a kitty cat on the bloom like that?


The first thing that came to my mind when I
saw this was "Happy Birthday!" It's so cheerful
and bright. The coolest thing about this quilt
was that it had literally million beads sewn on it.


Closeup to the border of the quilt. Just like that,
every dot on the border had a bead of a matching color!
Oh my goodness, I'm sure it took a lot of time to
do that, but you know what, those tons of beads make
the whole quilt very bright and fun to look at.


This is so nice. I think ocean-themed arts are
very nice to look at. I have never lived very
close to the ocean, so I get really excited
every time I have a chance to see the ocean.
It would be so nice to hang up a quilt like
this in my bedroom.


I really like this one too. It may be hard to
tell but almost all blocks have 'numbers' either
in printed cotton or in stitching. And there
are a lot of interesting materials used including
lace and mesh fabrics. Some folks have really
amazing ideas!


Probably this is the most unforgettable quilt
I saw there. Isn't it really strong and powerful?


This was really impressive because everything is done
by raw-edged appliques. I mean, literally everything!
When I look at solid fabric or batiks fabric,
I don't think that it can turn into something so
artistic like that. This makes me think we could do
anything with fabric.


This picture came out very blurry but I must share
this with you too, because this is really
beautiful and inspirational. The whole thing
about this made me miss Japan but my favorite
part of it is the two cats on the stairs.


I like this quilt because it has fun features,
zippers! I can imagine a little kid having fun
opening and closing the zippers.


I had to take a picture of this not just because
it is beautiful but also that I thought Joe might
like to see it. Joe's computer display looks like
this when he plays game on it.


This was a really interesting quilt that is made
of many different kinds of printed cotton.
I recognized a lot of fabric used and made me feel yay!


I was like "What?!" when I saw this.
I gave a closer look at it and found that
it was a single printed fabric that is
quilted. I am often surprised at how quilting
on a single fabric can make it look like it
was pieced. Anyway I really like this kitchen design.


I LOVE this quilt. This reminded me of the time
when I went to a playground with my friends at night
to sketch constellations. Jeez I was like in the 5th
grade and it was part of a group project. We walked
for miles to get to the playground and walked back
home. It was so nice that it was possible to do
anything like that back then. It was safe enough
for kids to go out at night and make parents not
worried about it too much. I never thought it was
anything dangerous back then but I really don't
think I can let my future kids do anything dangerous
like that. But I remember it was just so much
fun to lay down on the grass with my friends
and looked at lots of stars and chatted in the
darkness. I bet bears don't have to worry about
anything like that at all :D


This was a really beautiful quilt too.
Look how each and every single block has
a different design but there are only
two different fabrics used. I spent a few
minutes looking for the same blocks but
I gave up eventually. It must have been a lot of
fun to design this many different blocks,
don't you think?

Oh it looks like that's it!
I really hope you enjoyed looking at
these quilts :) Thank you for reading
such a long post! Have a great Sunday!

Edited to add - part1:
The last quilt is called a Dear Jane quilt :)
Thank you for letting me know that, girls!

Edited to add - part2:
Wow you must check out Anina's blog
where she has tutorials for ALL the
blocks for the Jane Quilt!! Thanks, Anina!


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    The results are stunning, but they must take forever.
    I love the women on the chariot with the dragon and then one of the washing up, both very different.
    The detail is amazing.
    Looks like a fab day out, thanks for sharing!

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    People are so talented..........

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    i also love the appliquéd owl. my favorite...

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    I agree with a previous poster; I think that pink one might be a Dear Jane. And the one with the beads! How do you even start out like that knowing how much work it will be?

    I'm starring this entry in my reader so I can come back and look some more. What a wonderful day you must have had.

  13. Thank you so much Ayumi for that lovely quilt show. I loved that you took the time to consider each quilt and how it made you feel, or evoked a special memory for you. It was very sweet to read through your comments with the photos. I think the zipper quilt is genius and I'd love to try and figure something like that out one day.
    Thanks for taking us there!

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    Btw the last one is a Dear Jane quilt

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    Como siempre, disfruto visitandote.

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  33. The pink and black quilt is a "Dear Jane" quilt.
    More details on the original version, made during the Civil War, can be found on the Dear Jane website:

  34. These are stunning quilts that you saw, I am completely in awe! Fiona

  35. Loved the report, thanks so much for making me feel like I was there!

  36. Oh my, looking/reading your blog made me look at quilting a little differently! A lady I use to live with made me a quilt after I was married. and I cherish it!! I look at it and "see" the dresses she made my daughter! the dresses she wore! the shorts and tops she made me! I lovingly gave it to her granddaughter recently so it would be kept in her family. and some of her granddaughter's outfits were "quilted" in it as well. Memories! Thank you for "showing" all the beautiful quilts!! I had no idea of how far a person could go with that art!! The woman on the chariot!! whew! Thanx for sharing with us!!!
    Pink Hugs,
    Dee Brownfield

  37. Uau !
    Eu estou impressionada com tantas coisas lindas.
    É preciso muita habilidade, paciência, dedicação e criatividade para se chegar a trabalhos tão lindos.
    Obrigada por compartilhar conosco essas verdadeiras obras de arte.

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  41. I am blown away by the creativity that is in this festival.

  42. I've always wanted to learn how to I really remember why! These are amazing, I think I need to get a sewing machine and start playing around!

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  44. I am just learning to Quilt, I hope one day I will be able to do something like this, they are fantastic : )


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