Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shop Update

Patchwork zipper pouch

A little quick post to introduce a few things
that I listed today in my shop :)
I was feeling like making a zipper pouch
that is aqua + red + pink so I sewed this up.

Patchwork zipper pouch

This is the other side of the same pouch.
I really love how it turned out, so I
went ahead and made another one.

Patchwork zipper pouch

The pink poodle is staring at the yummy cherries ;)

Patchwork zipper pouch

This is the back side.
I adore this pouch too.

Sheep Zipper Pouch

The sheep shaped iron-on patch is another
nice thing that I got at the craft fair.
I thought it might look nice with simple
background, so I pieced black, white, and gray
solid fabrics together and quilted it
using matching threads. I like the silly-
looking embroidered word.

Zipper Pouch

This is the other side of the sheep pouch.
I know it's very different :D
I was feeling like making the pouch silly.

Sheep Zipper Pouch

I also like how the lining fabric
is very similar to the sheep shaped patch.


And here comes another set of 4 coasters.
I love them so much that I would really keep
them for myself if I could've controlled
my spending at the craft fair, haha :D

If you are snatching anything from my shop
(thank you!), don't forget to tell me you
came from here so that I will include
a little gift ;)

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I'm loving the umbrella fabrics on the front and back of the first two pouches - do you know what the fabric is called or who it's made by? I'd love to scoop some up for myself!

  2. all of them are lovely, but my 100% favourite is the B&W&G with the sheep! i love sheep and i love the black, white, grey colour combinations :)

  3. I stumbled upon your blog recently ! It's about time I leave you a comment :) I love your creations... not only they are nicely sewn but they are soo adorable! I love your choices of fabric and everything! It's like a therapy coming here to look at the things you make.. it makes me feel so happy! I've been looking back and your older posts too.. I really enjoy your blog! :)

    Jah(from Thailand but in Korea)

  4. Looks like you are having alot of fun with those pouches. I found myself a tutorial and you are right, they are SO EASY. At my last quilting group I gave instructions while one of the girls sewed one up. They couldn't believe how easy they were too

  5. I like everything you make!!
    You're really clever!!

  6. Such cute pouches! And that sheep one is great.

  7. Rats! Too late to pick up that first pouch. I lovelovelove the cherries on blue on the back of that one. Sigh.

  8. ah! love the pouches!! SO adorable.

  9. dag nabit! missed out on the little zippy pouches.

    hope you are having a wonderful week! gorgeous sewing :)


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