Monday, August 2, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair in SF


I am so glad that I made it to the Renegade
Craft Fair in San Francisco this past weekend.
It was a BLAST! It was unquestionably THE
best, THE largest craft fair I've ever been to.


Imagine physically going through those hundreds
of beautiful Etsy shops in just a few hours,
seeing their handcrafted items in person,
meeting the artists, and actually interacting
with them. It was just a whole new different
experience from just browsing/shopping at Etsy;
Just a hundred times better!


I couldn't take as many photos as I had planned,
because I was way too busy browsing every single
shop in this huge fort mason center. I was worried
that Joe might get bored here with me, but he
found a really good nonprofit used bookstore
near by where he really enjoyed himself while
I was at the craft fair. Perfect!


As I find cool shops, I snagged their business
business cards, and in the end I had way too
many of them that I couldn't remember which
one belonged to which store. These are just
a very few of business cards I snatched.


I met a quite few people that I've known online
and have admired their work of. Among them, I met
Lisa Congdon, Kata Golda, Isla Corbett,
and Christine Haynes to name a few!
I bought this book Chic & Simple Sewing
from its author Christine Haynes in person!


She was such a sweet, lovely person.
It meant a lot to me that she herself told me
that I can find patterns in the book that
will fit me (size 2) and that all the dresses
in it are doable even for a beginner.
I felt so confident that I will be able to
make these beautiful clothes with her advice.
Seeing her in her handmade clothing that was
so adorable made me even more encouraged to
get this book and start sewing one myself!


This is a dress I will give a try once I find
fabric that I want to make this with!
Has anyone made this? :D


At this craft fair, I got lots of cards
from several different artists. These
2 cards are made by paper parasol press.
Aren't these adorable? Look at the little
baby bird in the cracked egg. I couldn't
resist it after finding the baby.


These are so cute too, right?!
I was very sure I had seen their products
somewhere online, so it was really nice to
actually see them in person. Handmade items
are always better in person, always.
You can find these cards at Sycamore Street Press.


And these cards are from Invita paper Studio.
I love all her designs.


A few more cute cards I snatched.
From DEE & LALA shop, I also bought..


This cute wall clock! Embarrassed to tell
you this, but we didn't have a single
wall clock in this apartment. We depended
on cellphones to check the time but it was
getting old, so we knew we needed a wall clock
or two. This will be perfect for the living room.

Linen Coasters

I was so super inspired at the craft fair that
I had to make something right after I got home.
It was like crafty mind about to explode in the head.
And these are some coasters that I sewed up last night
that are listed in my shop now.
I like the combination of linen and scrappy fabrics.

Thank you for reading such a long post!
Have a great, crafty week :D


  1. oh you are so lucky! the craft fair really does seem like crafty idea explosion. its like all these wonderful websites all wrapped up in one location. cant wait to see all your new ideas from your visit. =)

  2. Wow - total sensory overload!!

    It sounds like you had waay too much fun ;-)

    Can't wait to see your dressmaking get going. Don't forget to make a muslin first (saves tears if something goes wrong with the fit before cutting the good fabric), so you can do that right away - old sheets are good or any really cheap fabric that you wouldn't like but is great for experiments.

    Very cute cards.


  3. it sounded amazing before you even got there! I love the Milk card and Sweet jars card and a load of others! I second Peppermint Penguin with the muslin- I always do this with old duvet covers, except the one time I didn't recently on a very simple dress it ended up way way too wide- still haven't sorted it

  4. This looks so fun!

    I hadn't seen the Chic and Simple Sewing book before, so I'm excited to go check it out on the web. I can't wait to see what garments you make!

    Lovely coasters too :) Now I need to go sew something!

  5. Sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see the dress you make! I'm not brave enough to sew clothing yet. Maybe someday! (P.S. - cute coasters!)

  6. sounds like you had a lovely day at the fair! i love those places too :)

    look forward to seeing the dress once you make it, and that clock is amazing!

  7. Lucky you! sounds like so much fun and the items you bought are fantastic! I have made the jacket from Chic and Simple Sewing and I love it - this book is wonderful with simple, modern easy to use patterns - next up is the trench coat. Good luck with the dress!

  8. That looks like fun!I'd so love to get to the SF Renegade, I've only been to the Chicago fair... You got a lot of really great things. As always, I love your coasters :)

  9. oh! you're so lucky!!! I love San Francisco, my favourite city... plus having this fair in there... it would be so great!
    Lovely coasters! you're an artist

  10. I love all of the cards that you picked up! I haven't been to renegade yet even though it is less than a 2 hour drive for me. I must go!!!

  11. great renegade wrap-up! i've been to the one in new york for a few years now and it's fun, but so HOT...i didn't quite do my biz card review the lovely justice that you did, thanks for the reporting from the west coast :-)

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