Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bento Box Bag

Custom Bento Box Bag

I'm really happy with this lunch bag
I made for Joe's co-worker. His wife,
(who is incredibly sweet), was telling me
that she had been looking for a lunch bag
for her husband for a long time with no luck.
When I told her that I was planning on
making a lunch bag for Joe, she kindly
asked me to make the same one for her husband.


So I sewed up this one. I had this idea
somewhere in the head ever since my mom
got Joe the big bento box. I have to say
that I love how it fits perfectly in the bag!
And my favorite part of it is that the lining
is vinyl coated-fabric with some polyester
batting attached on the other side.
So there should be minimum problems relating
to something spilling from the bento box.
Also, with some batting, there might be a tiny
bit of thermal protection to keep the food
fresh and nicely warm, maybe. :D

I really like this pattern and I'd be
happy to write up a tutorial on it if
many of you want to make a bento box bag
like that! Just let me know ;)

Looking at this bag makes me feel calm and
sort of nostalgic. I grew up with lots
of things that are made with indigo fabrics,
especially at my grandma's house - full of
traditional things like that!
It has been two years since I went back to
Japan. I miss being there.

Custom Wristlet

Here is another one of patchwork zipper pouches that
I've been throwing out here like crazy recently.
But look, this time it's a bit fancier because it
comes with a strap, making it a wristlet now!


This was a custom order and I really appreciate
this idea of adding a simple strap. I might have
to do it with more pouches!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I really love the bag, particularly the drawstring insert, very cool! I would love to make one too so will have my fingers crossed for a tutorial :)

  2. I love the lunch bag!! I am bento crazy!! I would also love to make one and you have the most awesome tutorials!!

  3. I would love a tutorial! I want a bento! I love bentos so much!

  4. I'm voting a big YES for a tutorial. A wonderful gift, and with summer ahead of us in Australia I can see this getting lots of use at our picnics. Your sewing and tutorials are a deligt. Thank you for your generosity in sharing.

  5. Very nice, and love tutorials!

  6. I would love the pattern for this are so talented!

  7. oh! a tutorial would be awesome. i bought a small narrow bento box that has 2 layers from this japanese homegoods store called f.i.t. i wanted to buy a carrier but i figure i could make a better one...with some help ;)

    love love all your patchwork pouches. i hope i can get as good as you.

  8. absolutely adorable!! I love bento boxes, I just don't have any money to spend on anything right now but it is on my wish list!

  9. Lovely bag! Now I really want a delicious bento!

  10. Hi Ayumi!
    I love this bento bag and I need one for my bento boxes!! Where did you get the vinyl coated fabric? I would love a tutorial on this!
    Domo Arrigato!
    Faith O'Hara

  11. A tutorial would be lovely! I just bought bento boxes for my children, but I haven't made lunch bags yet.

    I love your patchwork too! All of your work is very inspiring, thank you for sharing!!

  12. Wow thank you everyone for being interested in making the lunch bag! I think how it is now is not so interedting, so I will make the top part patchwork and make a tutorial on it ;) Thank you!

    How's it going?! Great to hear from you! I found this vinyl coated fabric at a small fabric store on Haight st in SF. Sorry I don't remember the name of the store but it was in the main area where there are a lot of used clothing stores. There were actually a few stores that carried vinyl fabrics there. Hope you'll find them there ;)

  13. Love the lunch bag! I'll be looking forward to another one of your wonderful tutorials - they are always so clear and easy to follow. Thank you for so generously sharing your creations!

  14. The bag looks looks great and very practical. I would love a tutorial on this project.

  15. I love the Bento bag! :) I love Japanese food.. makes me hungry just to think of the word "Bento" haha. :) Your creations are lovely! I think I will be repeating that a lot on your comments.. I made a drawstring bag from your tutorial, i will share it on flicker!

  16. I might be going on a holiday to Japan with my sister in the next few years.. depends on finding the money etc :S

    I really hope I get to go!!

    Those little purses are super cute :)

  17. Great bag - a tutorial for this would be awesome!!
    PS What is a bento box???? I'm from the UK and I've never heard of them!

  18. Yes, love your tutorials, thanks for sharing so much.

  19. Your tutorials are always the best! I love your sense of style.

  20. I love the way it fits so snuggly- pretty and practical, the best thing! Also liking the wristlet addition- gives it a whole new function x For those new to Bento boxes- take a look on Flickr, so much to see Bento related!

  21. I've been needing a good bento box, and to have a bag to go with it would be simply perfect! It would make me ever so excited to see a tutorial on that from you!! :D

  22. A big PLEASE on the tutorial! The bag is just perfect - I adore indigo. I will have to find fabric similar to yours.

  23. Claro que queremos un tutorial!!!! son barbaros,estamos esperando este tutorial! gracias por tu dedicacion,besos

  24. Another yes please for the tutorial - what a cute bag !

  25. Awesome bag, allthough I doubt I'd be able to make Mr. Kilt use it, he has really picky taste in stuff :P

  26. I love dropping by every now&then, think you're so creative, and yes, please, a tutorial for this bag. Not that I'll use it for lunches, more like a quiltingbag to take along for the bee.

  27. I'm voting a big YES for a tutorial on this awesome bag! You really have a talent for this stuff :)

  28. あゆみさん、また美しいものができましたね~♥ うちも弁当箱のバッグがなくて作らないとですね~ 笑 ^_^ チュトまってます~♥♥♥

  29. Hello,

    A tutorial for the bento drawstring bag would be great! I love your fabric basket tutorial so I know you can't go wrong. Thank you for sharing, Beatrice.

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Pleeeeeeeeese write a tutorial! That would be SO awesome!

  31. It's beautiful!!!

    And yes please, We would (I know I would) LOVE a tutorial!!!

  32. WoW,amazing bento box bag. Love the fabrics you picked, Ayumi :) the zipper pouches are very very cute!

  33. Super cute lunch bag. I'm going to have to see what a bento box is.

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  35. Do you have a tutorial for the bag yet? I love this and would like to make a few for Xmas gifts. thanks, s caulder

    1. There is a tutorial for it on the right side bar ;)

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