Friday, July 30, 2010

Beautiful hand-made gifts


What can I say about this cute mini quilt
made by Kerry of verykerryberry other than
the fact it's nothing but everything I adore?
Gray + happy colors, vintage fabrics,
alphabets, small patchwork, mini quilt,
and penguins!! I'm totally in LOVE!
This is even so much prettier in person.
Kerry told me that this quilt was "inspired by
her daughter singing 'True Colors' in the car."
Just like the song, this quilt makes me
feel relaxed and positive.


Even the backing is pretty and has
lots of fun details! Now that Kerry wrote up
a tutorial for this quilt,
I've been really wanted to make one myself!
Thank you so much, Kerry!!


This is a very sweet pair of mittens my friend
AJ knitted for me for my birthday gift. These
are absolutely gorgeous and fit my hands
perfectly! See? :D


I tend to wear black/gray/white, so I love
to have accessories that are in the color range.
I can't wait for the winter to come so that
I can start wearing them. They are so comfortable
and definitely add a quite bit of fashion for me :D
Thank you so much, AJ!


This weekend, I might get in some trouble
now that Joe has agreed to go to San Francisco
with me to stop by Renegade Craft Fair that
I've wanted to go for years! I love, love, and
love browsing things handmade no matter
what they are: Everything handmade inspires me
basically, and I am just thrilled that
this place will be full of inspiration.
Wish me luck that I won't be in a
spending-spree mode too much, haha.

Thank you for stopping by here.
Have a great weekend, everyone ;)



  1. oh how fun! Love the quilt and those gloves are gorgeous! Have fun at Renegade!!

  2. Que bonitos regalos has recibido! Que lo pasen fenomenal en Renegado! besos. NĂºria.

  3. Best of luck to you to at the fair! I'd love to know where the fingerless glove pattern came from - any clues?


  4. What lovely gifts! You lucky girl. Any tips on good crafty places in San Francisco?

  5. Your wee quilt is lovely.

    No fair, your pictures of the mittens are better than mine!! And you have such a nice manicure too ;-)

    I'm so glad they fit, my hands are quite small and they fit me, so I was sure they would, but it's lovely to see them on.

    CuteStuffInside... the pattern is a modified version of Fetching by Cheryl Niamath - it's a free pattern from I make mine top down and add a bit extra to go further up the arm - warm wrists, warm hands!


  6. what amazing gifts ayumi! I need to have my friend make me some warm wrist thingys for this fall/winter. :) The quilt is amazing. OOO, and I so wish I could go to the craft fair with you, that would be amazing!

  7. I love that mini quilt! What a thoughtful and generous gift :)

  8. You have photographed the quilt so beautifully! I love your mittens too- great for winter- cold hands are a nightmare! Have a great time at the craft fair- it looks like a great place to go!

  9. I received a beautiful Zipper Pouch today! Thank you so much, Ayumi! Now you know that a piece of your work is in Norway!I really enjoyed the fabrics as well - and can't wait to make something out of them.

    Gorgeous gifts!

  10. how exciting! i saw the quilt tutorial and the entry by kerry so i feel like i was a part of the whole trasaction. haha. i will have to attempt to make a true colors quilt soon.

  11. Thank you Peppermint Penguin for the info on the glove pattern - I'm definitely trying this!


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