Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Patchwork Zipper Pouch

Zipper Pouch

I've sewed up lots of things recently but
90% of those items are gifts that are still
in transit, so I can't show them here yet!
But I do have a few things I'd like to
share with you today :D

Zipper Pouch

This is a simple patchwork zipper pouch
I just listed in my shop. I really like this
one because I specifically picked fabrics
that have been my favorite these days.

Zipper Pouch

I was so happy to discover that I had happened
to put strawberry prints next to each other.
It was totally unintentional, but it looks as if
I had planned! I love it when something like this happens ;)

Zipper Pouch

The lining is vintage fabric that I cut out from
an old pillow case. I definitely need one of
these pouches for myself! I'm gonna sew one up tonight!


Here is how the quilt project looks like for now.
I came up with 90 blocks total and yes indeed
it was such a fiddly, tedious work, but I really
enjoyed matching up fabrics and am really excited
about sewing them together to see what happens.

Zipper Pouch

This is a sneak peak of a cover for a musical
keyboard that I finished a few days ago.
I was asked to make the cover for a keyboard
that is 51" wide. I didn't realize how big of
a cover it was turning into until I actually started
making it. It made me feel like I was making a quilt
for a single bed and I felt good, haha ;)
I appliqued cutouts of animals from the Eric
Carle print onto the patchwork panel.
This is for a keyboard in Taihei's, a toddler's
room. Taihei is a big fan of animals, so
I could imagine him pulling this cover off the
keyboard, pointing out at each animal, and
making the sound of the animal. "Meow" So Cute.
I'll hopefully take a picture of the cover on the
keyboard and share it with you next time ;)


Oh and I wanted to show you some fabric stash
I purchased from this Japanese online fabric
shop called Cotton Crayon.


Aren't these fabrics just so cute?!


I couldn't resist these fabrics!


So adorable..! I can think of tons and tons
of things to make with these fabrics :D

Oh as usual let me know that you came from here
when you snatch anything from my shop for a little gift ;)

Thank you for stopping by and reading a
long post! Have a great day!!



  1. That pouch is too cute! I love the stitching you do between the squares. I can't wait to see that quilt finished. It is going to be so cute too!

  2. great to see your work Ayumi! Your quilt is coming along so nicely and I love all of your new Japanese fabrics - very YOU!

  3. i am totally in love with your new fabrics- you must have the most to die for stash!

    and the zipper pouches are divine- perfect my nieces upcoming 4th birthday! are you planning on doing a tutorial for these at all!?!!??! please please please!?!?!?!


  4. The zipper pouches are so cute! The mini quilt you are making looks sooo beautiful! Look forward to see the progress :o)
    Happy sewing,

  5. Love those projects you've been working on-such a cute zippered pouch!
    And the fabrics, too cute :)

  6. I love the keyboard cover...such a cute idea. I must point out though (it's the librarian in me) that those images come from the book "Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?"...not the Very Hungry Caterpillar. That way if someone else wants to use the same types of images, they know which book to reference.

  7. LOVE those fabrics - any chance you'll be selling those in your shop? I've tried navigating the Cotton Crayon website but get confused when I go to check out. I would definitely buy from you - love your taste in adorable prints!

  8. Thank you, everyone!

    Beth, Thank you for letting me know that it is from Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? instead of Very Hungry Caterpillar. I really love all of the children's books by Eric Carle! So colorful and cheerful!

  9. I love evrything you have been working on. You have great taste in fabric. I would love to buy some of what you got, but when I clicked on the site, I could not read one word!! LOL I will just have to live through you!
    PS Hope you are enjoying married life!!

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