Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mini quilt in progress

Mini quilt in progress

Thank you to all the inspiration everywhere
on the internet that finally pushed me to
start making a mini quilt. As always, I don't
have a set of plans for this project. I am
just experimenting to see what makes me
happy as I go, and I am so far loving how it
is sort of coming together.

Mini quilt in progress

I started off with a bunch of 2.5" square pieces.
I cut them to make two triangles from each square
and then combined two kinds of fabric that are
contrasting to each other. I made a point to
use only 2.5" square from a single cotton print.
This way, I can use lots of different kinds of
fabric for one project and hopefully I will discover
new lovely combination that is made of fabric
that I have not used for a while or have never used
before. I am thinking that I will put this quilt up
on the wall next to my cutting table so that
it can remind me of the types of fabric I own.

Mini quilt in progress

I don't know how big of a quilt this is going
to be, but I am hoping that it will be about
25" x 25" or larger. It completely depends on
how far I can go with matching fabrics. Since
I do have a restriction (using one type of
fabric only once) I will come to the point
where I can't find good matches anymore
and that will be it. What a terrible plan,
I know! It very much reflects my life style.
I am pretty good at aiming short-term goals,
but setting up long-term goals (like saving
for retirement, etc.) has never been
so easy for me sadly.. Forgive me ;)

Mini quilt in progress

So far I have 25 blocks but many more to come.


These triangles are waiting for me to find fabric
that matches them. Wait for me guys! You'll soon
join the patchwork team!

This project is sooo much fun :D

Thank you so much for stopping by!
Have a wonderful day/afternoon!!



  1. Those are the cutest tee-tiny blocks! I'm trying to imagine a 2 1/2" square quartered. REALLY tiny! It's looking great.

  2. so pretty ayumi, i can see how much effort you are putting into it, it'll be great. :)

  3. Love it! And I love all the word fabrics you are using. Fun!


  4. It is so pretty. I LOVE it and I want to make one like that...., Oh! how I wish I could have more time to sew.

  5. Great job!! I notice the fabric with the words on it. I love how it is looking! Do you need more fabric?? I could share!

  6. love all the fabric combinations! the quilt will turn out great :)

  7. Way to go starting your first quilt!!!! It will be adorable, just like all of your other projects and I think your plan sounds really good.

  8. So many lovely combination of fabrics! And what a great idea to place the finished quilt on the wall next to your cutting table as a reminder of your fabric collection. キルトが完成するのが今からとても楽しみです♪

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  10. The waiting triangles look like tiny butterflies! I love looking at all the different combinations- restriction has been good!

  11. Wow - such teeny squares! Really lovely. I can't wait to see the resulting quilt.

  12. just wanted to say hello and that I like your (not so) little project. I have similar "problems" with aiming goals :)

    Im curios how it will turn out!
    greetings from zurich, switzerland

  13. They're really darling! I love all your fabrics. I could share some squares too.

  14. Looks like a fun project. I like having some "rules" to follow when I make things. And if worse gets to worse I can always "bend" the rules a little in the name of creativity.

  15. You have such a wonderful talent for selecting fabrics that go so well together! This little quilt will be so lovely!
    Oh, and I am using your tutorial to make the place mats in a Christmas print for my niece and her new husband a wedding gift! I can't wait to see how they turn out!
    ~Cindy (Craftynana)

  16. These are the sweetest little blocks... I'm swooning over all those bright beautiful colors.
    Happy quilting :)

  17. Looking great. Love your fabric!

  18. This is lovely! I'm excited to see how it comes together.

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    It is always with God.

  20. Hi Ayu
    Just stopping here for a visit from Denmark
    Always nice to visit your blog. So many inspirational things to look at and some VERY GOOD "tutes" you have done
    I often use them to make a little something for a gift.
    Have fun and keep up thoose triangels for the MINI quilt - You will soon get there.
    Happy Smiles
    From Lone - In Denmark

  21. just wanted to tell you how much i love your blog and how it's just a fun and place! your projects and fabrics are fabulous! i am a long time reader of your blog but have been out of the blog/online world for a while...but it's good to be back :) congrats on your wedding too!

  22. Oh thank you so much everyone! I ended up with 90 blocks and am going to put them together soon ;)

  23. Wow!! I would like to learn and try to make one of this Quilt!!
    Nice work!!
    Have a nice day!
    Laura from Italy

  24. The quilt is looking good! Usually my floor looks like that after the project is done, hah.

  25. I just discovered your blog and it seems you have a great following. Love your style. I hope to share your blog on mine. And congratulations on your marriage ( amonth ago ).

  26. These are so pretty, it's tempting to try them out!
    ; )

  27. I love your patches so far! I also enjoy making mini quilts. If you can bring yourself to just putting together pieces that don't exactly match, you might be able to make even more! That's really hard for me to do, even when I'm doing a scrappy quilt, but I do know quilters who just grab a piece from a bag and that's the next one they use! I think I'm too organized for that, but it must surely save time :-) (I will send you my email address.)

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