Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lobster Prints

lobster zipper pouch

Thank you for your lovely comments, everyone!
I know it's unusual for me to post in two
days in a row but I wanted to come here a little quick
to show you some projects I worked on last night.

This is the pouch I made for myself.
Oh my goodness I love it so much!!
I'd been wanting to make a pouch like this
to carry little things like a chap stick,
cards, dental floss, and some cosmetics.

zipper pouch

This is the other side.
I love looking at the patchwork not only because I
like each and every single of the print but
also because this reminds me of the fact that some of
these were given to me from my very nice friends.
The vintage sheep print is from Mary up in Washington
and the 'he' print is from erica from Craftyblossom.
Thank you girls! I just love these fabrics!

Lobster Coaster

This lobster coaster was made from a piece
of patchwork panel that was supposed to
become my pouch. I did some appliques on it
which didn't turn out great, so I cut that
part out and made the leftover turn into a
coaster instead. Improvising is fun!

Lobster Potholder
For some reasons I was really into lobster prints
last night. I sewed up this potholder using
little scrappy fabrics from my scraps-keeping
box that is over-flooding like crazy by the way.

Lobster Potholder

I really enjoyed making this because it was
super quick and it always makes me feel great
to use up fun scraps and turn them into something better.

I've listed this potholder in my shop ;)

Have a great, lovely day, everyone!


  1. The pouches look fantastic! I LOVE the lobster.. and even though I'm probably correct in assuming it's out of print, but who made that?

  2. Thanks Amber! The lobster prints I used for the pouch and the coaster is by Suzuko Koseki. And the one I used for the potholder is by Anna Griffin. They seem to be out of prints but the first two can be spotted here- sorry it's only in Japanese.

  3. I really liked the look of your pot holder...since I up to recently was addicted to scrapbooking (sewing tends to take most of my spare-time now) - this reminds me somehow! Thanks for sharing!..I love your detailed work!

  4. Oh I love your pouch and potholder. If I needed another one, I'd totally snag it up :) Instead, I snagged your 3 place-mats for my girls...oh they will love them! Thank you, you have a lovely blog! Can't wait to get them (now I just need a new farm table to go with them, tee hee ;)

    Jamie :)

  5. I love these projects! I was excited to see the pink medallion fabric (Leicien I think?) because I have that print too! :)

    The scrappy potholder is so do you work the stitching on these types of projects (I've admired it on some of your pincushions too)? I've tried it a few times, but I can never seem get the look that your projects have. :)

  6. they look great!i love using up my little pieces too :)

  7. yea! These are so pretty! I'm glad you're able to use the fabric I sent, I love it too :)

  8. They are beautiful, I am glad you made one for yourself, if you are like me you never get round to making stuff for you!
    The dainty fabrics you have are amazing!
    Kandi x

  9. Oh, I just love those projects! The poch is super-cute. Such a good idea!
    I like your other creations a lot, as well. I guess I'll be a frequent guest here :)
    Have a great day!

  10. Adorable little things with the lobster print :)
    I love the Potholder... so fun!
    The tiny quilt blocks are gorgeous! Can't wait to see them all stitched-up!

  11. Your work is really lovely...

  12. I love the potholder, so cute and fun !!

  13. Happy Birthday to us
    Happy Birthday to us
    Happy Birthday dear Pink Penguin
    Happy Birthday to US!!!

    (postman has delivered a box, I will open it later, looking forward to it!)

    Hope you are having a lovely day!


  14. oh i love the potholder!! too cute!

  15. Thank you so much everyone!!

    I'm sorry it took me a while to answer your question about stitching! Have you used quilting spray before you do stitching? What I usually do is to put batting and fabric together using quilting spray and start quilting. This way, it's much easier :D I love quilting spray! Oh and yes, it is the print from Lecien. I got this print a long time ago and never had a chance to use it, so I am really happy that I finally got to use it!

    A Peppermint Penguin-
    Happy birthday to you too!! ;)
    I'm so glad to hear you had a great birthday too!


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