Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Zipper Pouches

Custom Zipper Pouch

I'm totally into making these pouches now.
I have this tendency to make the same thing
repeatedly when I come up with a pattern
that I truly love. And for now this zipper
pouch pattern has been my favorite and to
make tons more, I've snagged 30 zippers from zipit.
(Thanks to Anna for introducing the awesome shop!)

Custom Zipper Pouch

This one was custom-made for my friend Susan.
I really enjoy making things for her because
I think I have a pretty good idea of what she
would like and I know I have a quite bit of
fabric inventory that she will probably like :D
I think this pouch turned out eclectic and fun.
I like how on both sides of the pouch, a bird
is facing toward food. It's like she is
determining whether it's a good yummy piece
of food before going to grab it.

Custom Zipper Pouch

I didn't realize this until I finished making
the pouch but all the fabrics I used for this
pouch, including the lining, came from Japan!
These cute, little prints from Japan are
just perfect for this zipper pouch.

Zipper Pouch

This one might look just like other pouches
I've made but trust me, it's a little different :D

Zipper Pouch

I really like both pouches and can't
wait to sew up more of them!

I'll be back in a few days to share with
you some of amazing handmade gifts I
was lucky to receive in the past week ;)

Thank you for letting me share my
creations again. Have a great day ;)


  1. Love these pouches! So cool! Would you be doing a tutorial on how to make them? :)

  2. love these! they are so darn cute. and of course the zippers are fabulous aren't they? :)

  3. うわーーー!あゆみさん、ほんんんとうにキュートなpouchesができましたね!! カワイイ~♥ よかったら後で作り方を教えてくださいね~

  4. Can you do a tute on how to put the zipper in? It's nice to have the edges hidden.

  5. Thank you for the tute idea! I may be able to make one ;)

  6. Haha! You're right about the bird. So cute! The pouches are great:)

  7. Nicely done...another super project from you!!
    A few days ago I made your patchwork basket for the first time, and just posted it on my blog, see what you think.
    Thanks for all the inspiration ;)

  8. Oh no, now I want lovely zippers too!

    I already have a box full of zippers - and it's a BIG box. I need to sew more and then I can get some of those fabby colours!


  9. these are adorable!! Are they time- consuming? They seem so intricate and detailed!

  10. so cute! I have a TON of zipper pouch ideas I want to try. just need to get some zippers!

  11. These are so lovely! Thanks for the link to the etsy shop...I love using zippers so I may have to buy quite a few! :D

  12. Thank you so much, everyone!

    Wesley's Girl-
    The only time-consuming part is selecting fabrics but everything else is quite easy and quick ;)

  13. Love your pouches! Gorgeous fabrics!

  14. I think I speak for everyone when I ask...."any chance of you posting a tutorial?" These are absolutely wonderful and I would love to try making one. Thanks for the tip about the Zip shop. Regards, Alison (Australia).

  15. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks for speaking up for everyone ;)
    I'll see if I can put it together sometime..!
    Thanks for the idea!

  16. Loving these totally as usual. Somehow you've managed to remind me that I have a large stash of zips of the pouch size that I need a purpose for... not that mine would be anything like as neatly made, but it's a purpose all the same!!

  17. Adorable pouches! Love the little birds and yummy fruits :)


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