Monday, June 8, 2009

No.1 Apple Pie


After a brief look at at the preview of this new book by Suzuko Koseki,
one of my favorite Japanese fabric designers, I was so inspired
that I immediately had a surge to make a potholder!
I had this great feedsack fabric that I've wanted to put
into use. Because the pattern on the fabric is so big and
is kitchen-themed, a potholder was definitely a great choice!


Such a beautiful print, isn't it? My plan was to attach
a bunch of appliques on it, but as I realized soon that
it might be better if I didn't add too many things so that
the center of attention is unquestionably the Apple Pie ;)
I added "1" on the right top corner to add a little fanciness,
so I named this potholder "No.1 Apple Pie." Hmmm..
I haven't had it for a while... yum yum...
This is the back side. I'm glad I chose this waffle fabric.
It seems to be working fine with the crazy binding.


I also made three fabric baskets over the weekend.
This one is my fave. I picked fabrics that I love.


This one is so Japanese. I can imagine being invited to
a little tea party by someone in Japan and seeing this basket
on a coffee table filled with candies and tea bags.


This is such a happy one. Looking at it makes me want to
sing a happy song or something.

All the fabric basket as well as the No.1 Apple Pie
Potholder have been listed in my shop;) When you make
a purchase, let me know you came from this blog so that
I'll add a little gift for you ;)


On a side note, I went to a farmer's market in Campbell, CA
yesterday and picked up Sun Golden Cherry Tomato seedling.


We've never been good at taking care of plants, but
I'm so excited for it to grow and to see cherry
tomatoes one day. If you have any suggestions as to
what we can do to help tomatoes grow better,
I'd really really appreciate it if you shared the
info with me ;)

Hope you all have a great week!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


  1. I must not have been reading your blog long enough, I didn't know you were in the Bay Area (Campbell is still "Bay Area" right...near SJ? I'm closer to Oakland. The Farmers' Markets are so wonderful.

    More beautiful baskets!!! I need to make one of these soon (I actually just found a bunch of already cut squares from a quilt I started almost 10 years ago with my grandma). I must get to work on that!

  2. Hi there, I just started reading your blog and really love the things you make and the lovely fabric you use. I followed your pencil case tutorial and managed to make one despite my sewing machine protesting at the thickness of the wool felt!!
    I am growing lots of tomatoes here in the UK, and know that once the flowers arrive on the plant you need to buy tomato feed and feed it once a week...Enjoy!!
    Laura x

  3. Your pot holder turned out great!

    For the tomato plant, definitely keep an eye on it for watering. When it's hot out, mine usually needs to be watered every day. They grow pretty fast too so be prepared to move it into a larger pot. Good luck!

  4. I have been making the baskets this weekend too. I made three yesterday, well, I have to sew the lining in the third one still. I love making them and I think I will give them out as my Pay It Forward gifts that are due in a few weeks. Thank you for the pattern. I love it.

  5. I love all the craftiness here today. Those baskets are just perfect--love the fabric choices!

  6. So glad to see all your posts! I love the pot holder and baskets. You have such a way with fabric.

    I LOVE sun gold tomatoes. I've had them in my garden for the past 2 years. They are great producers, you'll get a lot of fruit! They can get absolutely huge and do better in the ground. It will need some serious staking. Start staking before the plant gets huge, it will be impossible once the plant gets going. A tomato cage is also a good idea. Sun golds are of the indeterminate tomato variety. That means that they don't get one dominate stalk - they get lots and are almost vine like.

    Here is a post I did on my blog last summer. I had the most incredible sun gold. It really was a monster.

    Good luck, keep us posted!

  7. wow, did your baskets sell out fast, i went to buy the third one pictured gone, good for you!! bad for me!!! maybe next time!

  8. Hi - another great piece of work, you use such lovely fabrics that are so suited to their outcome. I've got tomatoes, peppers and strawberries growing in the garden and they are just starting to flower. The key to having lovely juicy tomatoes is water, water, water! I'm amazed what a water a day makes to the plant! Plus stakes to hold them up and I cut back extra leaves extra at the bottom! I pretend I know what I'm doing :o)

  9. I've given you an award, to receive it visit


  10. Hi
    I enjoy your blog! Thanks for sharing. I love you choice in fabrics and the way you pair them!!

    I was wondering if you could share what type of machine you use and why you like it/dislike it. I am looking for a new machine and thought I would gather info from my fav bloggers.
    Do you mind sharing?

  11. Hi there. Just found your blog via thelongthread and wanted to say that I love your tutorials and projects. As for the tomato plants, I'm still new to growing tomatoes, but what I've found is that they dry out quickly (which makes sense when you think how juicy a tomato is) and here in Houston I have to water my plants 3times a day. Also, one thing I've learned just very recently is to watch out for birds!! The birds are starting to peck at my tomato plants (and all my berry plants for that matter) so I'm in the process of sewing up some nets out of cheap-o tulle to protect them. The tulle lets sunlight get in and you can water right over them. Hope that helps some. :)

  12. Hi - found you through Sew To Bed's blog. I love your things. Lovely blog.

  13. Hi. My name is Hayley. I just want to tell you how much I love your blog and all your cute projects! Whenever I have sewers-block I come to your blog and look at all your lovely fabric and beautiful projects. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved your fabric basket tutorial. It was written quite well (one of the best I've seen, actually). I made one this afternoon and posted it on my blog. Here's the link:

    Keep up the beautiful work - I love reading your blog!

  15. Ayumi, I love your potholder! Apple pie is my husbands favorite! I also make your baskets all the time - they're so fun and easy!
    Katy is correct that you really need to stake your tomato plant! Sometimes all you need is just 3 bamboo sticks set up like a tee-pee over the plant. That will give them something to climb up and attach themselves. You can use some twist ties to secure the brances - just don't twist too tightly. Good water, fertilizer and sunlight and soon you will be reaping the harvest!

  16. AYUMI! hows ur wekends? great? how's taihei? hugs kisses to taihei! =) well we.. u came out wth a great coaster!! so yummy to see those printed apple pie sketch on the fabric!! and of coz never missed ur fabric box! owh aayumi i wish one day i could have your book "ayumi" or "pink pengiuin" or "lil taihei" soon ayumi..=)i will be the 1st to buy!!!!

  17. hi ayumi,
    can i ask about the fabric that you use to sew the fabric basket? i love to sew in along the weekend...

  18. Thanks so much everyone!

    Yes I do live in Bay area! yeah, we are close! I live in San Jose but go to Campbell pretty often. I've never been to Oakland. I know it's pretty close though ;)

    Thanks for making a pencil case! I sure love the one I made for myself and I bring it to school with me everyday! Thanks for your advice! I got tomato feed and have already seen the difference!!

    Nutsy Coco-
    Thanks for your advice! I didn't think about getting a larger pot, but it seems I need one now that it's twice bigger!

    Connie W-
    Glad you enjoy making the baskets!

    thanks so much for saying that!

    oh thanks so much for your super helpful info and a link to your post! I really enjoyed looking at your sun golden tomatoes. Because I live in an apartment, I have to grow mine in a pot, but I am so excited to see tomatoes like you've got!! Thanks!!!

    thanks for going to look for it anyway! I want to make more baskets for mu shop soon ;)

    Pink Stitches,
    You sure know well about tomato plants!! I started watering a lot and am amazed how my plant seems to like it!

    thanks so much for that! I'm honored!!

    I'm sorry it took me so long to answer your question! My sewing machine is Singer Quantum 9910. I love everything about it. I haven't really compared to many other kinds of sewing machines, but I always like mine the most. It's really easy to use!

    thanks for your info!! Now I know why my strawberries were always gone when they turned mature! Birds! I never knew that! I thought squirrels were stealing my strawberries but didn't think about birds!

    thank you for your kind words!

    oh so nice of you to tell me that! Thanks so much!

    Your basket is amazing! thanks for liking the tute!!

    Thanks for your advice! using Bamboo is a good idea! I have to get stakes quite soon!! Glad you like the tute!

    You're always so sweet! Thanks so much for your lovely, warm comments!! I love Taihei too. I enjoy babysitting him every Friday. Now I am working on his photo frames. He is getting so big though! so cute!!

    sure! if you have any questions, feel free to ask me! ;)

  19. So cute!!! very talented - love the unique fabrics.

  20. great work. i can't choose what i like best, it is all so wonderfully done.


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