Thursday, June 4, 2009

iPhone Cozy

iphone cozy

I've been meaning to make a case for my iPhone ever
since I got it about a few months ago. I knew it would
be a quick project but for some reasons it took me
this long to finally get my fanny in gear to start on it.

iphone cozy

Making use of scrappy fabric was nice.
I should probably use fray stopper glue around
the edges though before the little penguin escapes.
I really like lazy, slightly off stitches.
Looking at the stitches like this reminds me
that "it's totally ok not to be perfect."

iphone cozy

I used pretty thin batting - I should've used thicker one to
make my iPhone cozier. This iPhone case turned out a little
too small to cover the entire iPhone - I should've planned better.

Well, but the fact is I simply adore how it turned out;)
That's all that matters to me since it's mine *smile*

Thanks for reading!


  1. great post, but i particularly like your rice crispie looking carpet! nice!

  2. i think that about the things i make for long as i like it, thats all that matters

  3. Todos os trabalhos são maravilhosos....a combinação dos tecidos, os próprios tecidos, o capricho como são feitos.
    abraços de Maria Filomena

  4. Looks like it was fun to make. Very cute and functional.

  5. good job! the case looks very nice :) in fact, all the things you make look lovely :)

  6. I love the little penguin - too cute! Thanks for sharing another great idea.

  7. This is so cute! I love the stitching on the patches.

  8. Oh my goodness - LOVE your sewing !
    Just going to look at some more!!

    Sam xxx

  9. Cute! I am sure it culdbe used for something if it is too small, some small sewing tools perhaps. There is an award for you onmy blog, a few posts down. I think I think I may have forgotten to let you know, sorry.

  10. Cute cozy - I love the look of the stitching on the little appliqued pieces! They remind me of little stitched stamps! x

  11. morning dear! wow what a great one ayumi.. it happened to be this pouch came out to my mind last few weeks! hehe and i'm very excited to see u have done it beautifully!! well done dear..=)

  12. hi. can you please tell me how to go about getting the ribbon label? I want to get some made too. thanks so much.

  13. Thanks everyone!!!

    I've never made ribbon labels but I know you can make it by yourself or get them custom-ordered. There are lots of etsy shops that do that for you. You can print on printable fabric to make the labels too ;)

  14. Hi there again. Thanks for responding to me. I shall go on a hunt on etsy. I live in the Middle East so the basic stuff needed to make my own is not available here! I also wanted to ask you how you put your title onto your photo??? If you have time and the inclination, check out my site:

    Take care, Alia

  15. Alia-

    Your blog is cool!!
    You can use photoshop software to include words on your photos ;)

  16. Thank you for such prompt comments! I really appreciate it. I do have Photoshop but have never used it. I will go there now that I have a bit of direction! Thanks! Any other suggestions would be so appreciated!

    Thanks for looking at my blog. I'm having fun with it!

  17. the fraying will sort of stop on it's own but if you cut on the bias or a circle it won't fray much...fray check makes the edges kind if stiff.

  18. Carolyn,

    Thanks so much for your helpful advice! I didn't know that it would help if I cur fabric on the bias! I must try....! Thanks!

  19. Excellent work. Thanks for this wonderful post.


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