Saturday, February 21, 2009

Plastic Bag Dispenser again

Plastic Bag Dispenser No.10

Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post.
I always love to hear from you!!

Here comes my latest creation: my 10th plastic bag dispenser!

Plastic Bag Dispenser No.10

I got to use lots of my favorite fabrics for this project.
The Japanese linen and the bold color fabrics are such a great match!

Plastic Bag Dispenser No.10

I'm really in love with this result!
Thanks for Hiromi who custom-ordered it and was so nice to
be totally up to me about the design for the dispenser.

Plastic Bag Dispenser No.10

The fabric you see here for the sides of the dispenser
is from the unused vintage pillowcase that I found at a thrift store.

thrift found

I grabbed a few things from there. This is another lucky found.
Joe's grandma Jean had a kitchen towel just like this and
I always thought it was one of the cutest kitchen towels.
What a lovely chicken.. I love chickens but not before penguins!

Thanks for coming & reading!


  1. this is darling!!! love coming make the best things. a question if you have a minute...i'm ready finally jump in with japanese fabric...i can't restrain myself any longer. do you have a source that you would recommend?

  2. jacquie-
    I love coming to your blog too! You keep inspiring me! Have you looked at online fabric stores like..?

    You'll make really cute stuff with Japanese fabric!!

  3. Thank you for making this for me! I'm really looking forward to receiving it:)

    Hey, which thrift store you usually go to? I'm try to find cute fabric at thrift store like you, but I usually ending up not finding anything... :(

  4. Hiromi-

    I'm looking forward to meeting you!
    As for thrift stores, I like Savers in San Jose and in Milpitas. I know they aren't the best..I always loved thrift stores in Seattle that had much more interesting things all the time. We should try yardsaling!

  5. It's a rooster. :)))
    "Galo de Barcelos" - The Rooster from Barcelos (Barcelos it's a city in the nort of Portugal);


  6. I read your blog and to my surprise all the words on the pictures of your dispensers are Swedish! They say milk, and a special kind of bread, syrup and cinnamon.
    Lovely things you do.
    Regards from Jane S in Sweden

  7. It looks awesome! love it!!!!!! hehehe! you have used gorgeous fabrics... sigh! I would love to lay my hands on pretty stuff like that!

  8. I was so surprised to find something from my country (Portugal)on your work! And I love what you did with it! In fact, I love everything that you do! If you want, I can find some more for you and we can make a trade...

  9. I see you found our main folk character! :)

    Have a great week!

    Best wishes from Portugal,


  10. Ohh how great! And the fabrics are so great too! Fantastic!

  11. You always mix fabrics so beautifully! The dispenser is so pretty! What a lovely find at your thrift store.. Cute!!

  12. i found you through flickr and you make the most wonderful things!

  13. I love your stuff! It's neat...I can tell when it's a project made by you. You have a certain "look" and it's adorable. Patchwork - but modern and fun.

  14. Love the look! great mix of fabrics :)

    May i put a link to your blog on my new blog?
    Thanks for considering

  15. I love your blog and your craft works! I appreciate your tutorials too. Please continue the great work!

    Ally. (India)

  16. OMG! so sweet & lovely. well done!
    fyi i m done with my 1st fabric basket. the hardest part was to turn it to the right side, oucch! i almost ruin the lining :)

  17. Hi there!
    I just found your blog today, so I've spent a long time reading your old posts. I really like the things you make. I love patchwork and want to make my own projects, but when I visit friends or go to work and meetings it's much easier to bring a long some yarn and a crochet needle, so that's what I do.
    If you mant to take a look at my stuff, you can, here:

  18. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks for letting me know it is a rooster and for the links! I love those!

    Jane S-
    Thanks for translating the words that I was really wondering what that means. Cinnamon! That makes sense! I've been wanting to visit Switzerland for a long time!


    Oh you are so sweet, sandra! If it's not too much trouble, I'd love the "trade"!

    Thanks for your (always) sweet comments;)

    I must visit Portugal. The roosters are just too cute!!

    Thanks;) I like all the things you make too!


    thanks;) I love all the photos you take!!


    Vacuum Queen-
    Thanks for your (always) nice comments!! What you tell me always makes me smile.

    Of course I'd love that if you did!
    Thanks so much;)



    I'm glad you tried to make the basket!! Yes, that part could be a little difficult, but once you master it, it's easy;)

    Thanks;) you make really neat crochet items! I love the muffin!!

  19. You probably have more in common (age wise) with my daughter-in-law and nieces but as a quilter I loved your site. I think you would like my quilts too but also check out the links to my girls (Krista's photography and Abby's cakes, kid's art and parties).

  20. You are one of my top ten faves!
    See -

  21. Nice and creative blog I found here! I guess the fabric with "Knäckebröd" and "Mjölk" is a swedish one! It's fun, and the bag you made is pretty! Best wishes//Eva

  22. Oh, I love this, it's divine. As is your blog, I just came across it and will be back for more!

  23. This is a portuguese chicken!!!!
    It's a "galo de barcelos"

    I'm portuguese too :) I love your work, congratulation for your blog, it's amazing!!!


  24. I love the fabric you picked for it. It's so cheerful. I agree with you that both fabrics go really well together.

  25. You make the most wonderful things! I LOVE your blog! And to find one of them with swedish print on it is ... great! ;)

  26. Too late:-)
    I was about to tell you about the rooster, but someone arrived first. Shame on me, as I have just found your blog.
    Well, I guess that better late than never :-)


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