Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day gift

*Happy Valentine's Day*

This is my 6th Valentine's day to celebrate this day with Joe.
The way Valentine's day is celebrated is quite different
from here in America and in Japan. Although in Japan it is the
day where a girl gives a gift to her boyfriend, I've been pretty
spoiled since Joe always has something for me this day.


This was the present from him this year: an assortment of
handmade chocolate from Fleur de Cocoa.
I love this loveliest box, and the chocolate is delicious!!!


I already ate half of it. I have to put it away from
me so that I won't finish it up by tonight - too yummy
of chocolate to be gone so quick!


(A picture from the Japan trip last year)

Did I have any surprise for him for today? Sure I did!!

valentine's day gift - 9 reasons i love joe

A mini quilt with 9 reasons I love Joe ;)
(if you click the picture, you can see the enlarged version.)

reasons I love him..

I was really inspired by this Valentine's day gift
that Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio made for her
husband. It is so sweet and personal.
I wanted to make a gift that would communicate
with Joe in the way it reminds him of what makes
him such a lovable one to be around for me.

reasons I love him..

My initial plan was to make it much smaller
so that he could hang up on the wall in his cubicle,
but it ended up pretty big: about 26" x 23".
Too small to be a lap quilt.. a little too big
to be a wall hanging.... hmmmm..... but

reasons I love him..

He likes it anyways ;) That's all that matters!

quilt back

One of the things I really like about the quilt
is the fabric I chose for backing.
This is not exactly fish. It is "Taiyaki," fish-shaped
pancake filled with red bean paste, custard cream, etc.
(Click here to see what it looks like if you care.)
I love Taiyaki and this fabric too!


I also gave him a few boxers - no, not handmade
unfortunately. I've been wanting to make them though!


Then I also baked a banana pound cake - yum!

Hope you're all having great Valentine's Day!

Thanks for coming & reading!


  1. That quilt is so beautiful. Did he know you were working on it?

  2. Ayumi, as usual, your work is so beautiful and creative. You guys are such a cute couple!

  3. Well, isn't he the lucky one? Your quilt for him is very nice, and I just love that backing.
    I am jealous of you receiving chocolate - and I thought the box was a cake! So pretty.

  4. He could use it for a floor mat/rug in the bathroom. Looks great!

  5. What a nice quilt! i can see how he would love it!

  6. Thanks everyone!!

    Thanks for asking that! That's something I forgot to mention in the post! He actually didn't know that I was making it. It's funny how we were even having conversations while I was sewing but he never ever asked what I was working on!! I was hand-sewing right next to him on the couch too, but he never asked!

    Thanks ;) I hope I can be as good at quilting as you are. You are the really creative one!!

    I'm the lucky one but it's great to hear he is also the lucky one;)
    I love the backing too. I've got pink one too. so cute!

    The Blue Plum Shop-
    That would be such a great idea only if I did not use the fabric that I printed on at home - it isn't washable..I really should have used printable fabric so that using it as a floor matt would have been perfect!!

  7. Susan in SC-
    Thanks ;) He seems to like it a lot!

  8. What a very sweet and thoughtful mini quilt. Have a wonderful day.

  9. The chocolates and their box look beautiful - and I love the sentiments you expressed in your gift for Joe. Happy days to you both.

  10. What lovely thoughtful gifts. The chocolates look stunning in their presentation and obviously their tasye also and the quilt was filled with such love and thought, beautiful.

  11. Ayumi, I just so loved reading this Post and looking at the great pics - oh, so romantic!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  12. I love reading your blog. I've added you to my favorites. There's always so much to see. Linda

  13. wow that quilt is fantastic and very thoughtful too. your chocolates look yummy, i love it when soo much thought goes into the packaging of items, it makes them more exciting.

  14. happy valentine' day to you!! that quilt you made is totally wonderful. my gosh. i am in love with it. and it sounds like you are one lucky gal!
    (i live in japan. and my japanese husband gave me flowers. and made me breakfast. so untraditional.)

  15. Thanks everyone!

    Thanks;) I love all the quilts you make!

    Thanks;) I love the chocolate box too! So lovely!

    Thanks;)I like to make gifts with lots of love and thought - makes sewing more fun!

    Thanks for your sweet comments;) You made me smile! I had to share your comment with Joe and he smiled too;)


    Jane's Fabric and Quilts-
    Thanks;) - blush-

    I'd really want you to try Taiyaki if you have a chance! It is really great!! As for the saying, I printed it out onto cotton fabric by myself. I should've used printable fabric that is available at Joann. I used just plain konna cotton, so we need to make sure not to wash the quilt - ink might come out if we do. I recommend the printable fabric. that should make a quilt washable!

    Thanks;) I really like the crow project you worked on. Very pretty! I like crows too although I do get a little scared when they are too close..

    Thanks;) I like projects with thoughts too!!

    Thanks;) It sounds like you're a very lucky girl too! I really enjoy reading your blog and I like what you are selling too - makes me miss Japan a lot!

  16. it's so great! he's a lucky guy!! (in many ways)

  17. Lovely quilt, Ayumi! I also love the chocolate and the box! Both of you are lucky...

    I LOVE Taiyaki (finally I know the name of it! Have u tried it with cheese in it?) !! Yummy.....



    oh man that was amazing.
    this fella might chocolate just a little more though...

  19. what a sweet and thoughtful quilt!! you did a great job on it!

  20. What a wonderful quilt to give Joe!

    I am glad you explained the fish pancake on the back. I had to look it up and now I want one. *sigh* There is nothing like that here in Alabama. lol

  21. oh got the recipe for the bannana pound cake it looks yummy

  22. I love this Idea. I make a small framed picture for my husband every year but the quilt idea is great. Thanks for sharing.

  23. What a lovely gift! Happy 6th Valentines Day!

  24. that quilt is beautiful - he's a luck man ;-) x

  25. Hi Ayumi
    I just found your blog and i'm loving it! What a beautifull mini quilt you made!!! (i love dots....) I have a question: how did you manage to put the personal text on fabric? Did you print it or what?

  26. Thanks everyone!

    You really inspired me to make this quilt! I am excited to work on the logcabin block;)

    So glad to hear you like Taiyaki also! I've never tried one with cheese in cream cheese? that sounds too good right now...


    Your quilts are always awesome!

    I don't think I've ever had fresh Taiyaki in either Washington or California neither. I've only had frozen ones here. I wany\t you to try if you have a chance!

    Thanks ;)

    I used Trader Joe's mix. It's really good especially if you add some nuts and bananas!

    I am Arizona-
    Thanks ;)

    Framed pictures sound like sweet gifts too!

    Indigo Blue-
    Thanks ;)

    Thanks ;)

    I printed the messages onto kona cotton fabric at home. In retrospect I should've used printable fabric(which is available in Joann) so that the quilt could've been washable. I hope this helps;)

  27. Oh no, now I'm craving Taiyaki! Beware - once you make boxers you'll be commited for life. They will never want boxers from anywhere else.

  28. Mom Walds Place-
    Thanks;) Sounds like you've made boxers!! Is that because the handmade ones are more comfortable or they just like to feel that they are wearing handmade boxers..? I'm very interested in making anyway though!

  29. Woh you spoiled each other badly! The chocolats are so sweet! and your quilt is sooooo perfect! I wish I was your boyfriend ;-)

  30. Thanks for sharing such a lovely quilt! I will use the idea for making something similar for my husband, on our 20th anniversary ! Too bad I have to wait until May !

  31. The Valentine quilt is so adorable and such a thoughtful gift. I know he will always treasure it.

  32. This is really wonderful idea I am also planning for some unique anniversary gifts

  33. Your valentine gift is just "extraordinaire"!!!! :D


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