Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fabric from Japan

japanese fabric

The sweet package has arrived in mail from Eriko in Japan.
I've 'met' her through my Japanese blog and I have
been having lots of fun communicating with her on
the Internet. She was super kind to share some of
her favorite Japanese fabric with me.

My creation - fabric from japan

Drooling. There is not even a single piece of fabric
that I wouldn't buy if I found it at a fabric store.
It included some of my favorite designer, Suzuko Koseki's
fabric that I've really wanted as well as some cute
fabric that is not available anymore at stores.

Eriko also included several pictures of the sewing
projects she's worked on - they are FABULOUS!!!
Eriko and I like exactly the same kind of fabric-
the same styles, colors, and textures.
It's so exciting when you can meet someone like that!

Thanks soooo much for your generosity, Eriko!
I truly love all the fabric you picked for me!!


Some sewing projects are lined up in my head.
To name a few...

- A "secret" project.
(hehe. you'll see.)

- A Plastic Bag Dispenser for a custom order
(Really excited about making it!!)

- Logcabin blocks for Project Improv
(I can't wait to start working on this.
Thanks so much for Jacquie and all others
who are contributing for this project.
It seriously sounds so much fun!)

-The Bento Box Quilt
(You know how slow I am when it comes to
big projects.. who knows how long it will take
but thanks for your nice comments on it on the last post!)

Good News - Bernie, the maker of the beautiful
kimono coaster on my last post, has created a
new blog here! I am really
excited to see more kimono coasters on her blog.

I hope you are all having great weekends!!

Thanks for coming & reading!


  1. Just drooling here,too - looking forward to all the wonderful projects coming up!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. oooh what lovely fabrics! am looking forward to seeing what you are going to make! no pressure!!


  3. Lovely fabrics all! I can't wait to see your improv cabins - I need to start mine as well!

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Japanese fabrics! What BEAUTIFUL fabrics you got. What a GREAT gift!

  5. very cool fabrics!!! Excited to see how you use them

  6. OMG! Does Eriko has an online shop? I love that black-wash-instruction-icon fabric. Look fwd to see ur amazing creativity with those amusing fabrics! & i hope i can start sewing ur fabric basket this week!

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone!

    Eriko doesn't own a online shop unfortunately. The black one is one of my favorites too. She told me that this one isn't available anymore. The designer is Kumiko Fujita. She has designed really cute fabrics! If I find any online shops, I'll introduce it on my blog ;)

  8. aahhh, all that wonderful fabric, lucky you!!!

  9. they are such beautiful fabrics!!!! i like the pale blue one with the writing on

  10. Ooh...I LOVE the polka dots. How cool to find a blog pal to send you fabric! My sewing machine has been on the fritz for 2 months now and I'm waiting for the cash to fix it. Meanwhile, I'm dying!!! Can't wait to sew and now I'm making a "to do" list just like you are. Funny.

  11. Great colors in those fabrics! I haven't had the chance to get my hands on any Japanese fabric yet, but it sure is cute!

  12. omg-i just love those fabrics-esp the wash instructions.

  13. I've used this tute several times to make plastic bag dispensers. It's a good one!


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