Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tea pot patchwork


Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your sweet comments/e-mails
while I was being quiet here. My intense winter session has
started and it has been making me quite busy.

Last night I came up with this tea pot pattern and
made these three tea pots. As usual, I have no clue
what the finished project will be. I used the Japanese
linen that I don't have a lot left, so I know I can't
make many tea pots but maybe I have enough to make
several more, so I'll see what will happen with them.

So far I really love these tea pots.
I sure love the combination of American vintage
fabric and Japanese fabric! It makes the design
that I genuinely love... ;)

Have a great weekend, guys!

Thanks for coming & reading!


  1. Very gorgeous design. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the rest of the project.
    Andi :-)

  2. those are wonderful!!! so bright and cherry!!!

  3. I agree that they would make a nice wall hanging or perhaps a pot holder.

  4. that design is fantastic...
    you could quite easily do a little boarder around one and frame it...
    and hang it in the kitchen...

  5. very cute tea pots. I think I will go make some tea. :o)

  6. They are soooo cute! They would be perfect for the "Tea Swap" I'm doing!

  7. They are lovely! and so bright and cheerful. You are so very clever!

  8. Holy Cow! Can we all say C-U-T-E!

  9. The teapots are lovely and I like the baby shoes soo much! Gorgeous!
    A bit late but still... Have a great newyear with all good luck, health and happiness!

  10. Wauw, I just love your teapots.
    Can't wait to see what you are going to make with these cuties.

  11. These are great!!!and fun!!! are you sure they are teapots??? they make me think of coffee pots, but who cares, they are fun, and the fabrics are delish, I like the way you work them as well as in your other creations.... keep it up!!!!

    Ps I love the fabric with the french writing on it!!!

    take care

  12. Oh my goodness they are the most darling things! I LOVE anything tea, especially teapots.

  13. LOVE them! You come up with the coolest things. I would use these for coasters...

  14. Those are way to cute. Wonder if they will be a tutorial in the future?

  15. Lovely teapots! Can't wait to see what you will do with them...

  16. Lovely! Great design!

  17. i looooooove the tea pots, i have a thing for tea pots

  18. Love those teapots and love your fabric choices!

  19. the design is great, but your fabric choices make them outstanding. this pot would look great with my cups.


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