Monday, January 12, 2009

More teapots!

two new teapots

I've made three more teapots since the last post.
I took pictures before the yellow one was complete.
Green, yellow, and orange. I am trying to achieve
the 70's style of colors somehow.. ;)

five teapots so far..

I've made decision on what these will be!
It will be a wall-hanging for kitchen.
Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas with me
in the comments for the last post. I seriously
enjoy reading comments every single day -
it is certainly one of my sources for daily
creative energy and joy/happiness in my days.

Since I really like this teapot pattern, I will
probably make a quilt using the similar pattern.
There is something about this pattern that I think
should be modified. Also, I have to enlarge it big time
if I am using it as a quilting pattern. Some of you
have asked me for a tutorial on this pattern.
That sounds fun! But then I would need to learn
how to make PDFs. I want to create the pattern
using some kind of software, not just a scan of
my bad drawing. If you know any website and/or
photoshop books that I can learn the steps from,
please let me know! ;)


Vintage sheet that I recently thrifted @ $2.99.
Isn't it gorgeous?!

Today I want to thank all of you who have tagged me!!
I was very honored every time I found out I had been
tagged. I feel I am part of this community of creative
people in this sewing/quilting blogsphere...
and I love the feeling. I've bookmarked all the posts
I've found where I'd been tagged. Let me respond for
each per post starting today

I was chosen as a nominee for this award by Laura.
Thanks, Laura! Let me list 6 things that inspire me,
although I pretty much agree with all the inspirational
things Laura came up with already. 1) Blogs - unquestionably;)
I am constantly inspired by so many crafters' work.
I am subscribing to many of your blogs. So many of yours
that I constantly have over 200 new posts waiting for me
to be read via google reader. I keep myself busy during
the break from studying and sewing. 2) Books - I tend to
come up with best ideas at night, right before I go to sleep.
Looking at beautiful crafts on sewing books sure help
me get creative , but children's picture books are helpful too.
I like bright colors used in those kids' books. 3) Fabric
- sometimes I find fabric that I really like and I know
exactly I want to make with it. 4) Vintage items - I simply
love vintage items.. I wish there were a time-machine so
that I could go back to the 1970's and buy LOTS and LOTS
of things and come back to 2009. I know it sounds ridiculous,
but a girl can dream, can't she? 5) Building, fashion,,
pretty much anything beautiful that catches my eyes.
6) Althlopologie - who doesn't enjoy this store that is
always filled with creative ideas?!

I am supposed to nominate 6 Kreative bloggers, but
let me just say that I nominate all of you!!
I like too many bloggers. Too hard for me to pick a few.

Thanks for coming & reading!


  1. Your teapots are beautiful. I love the black and white polka dot one.

  2. that will be a lovely quilt - full of teapots - as a tea drinker i heartly approve!!!
    just absolutely love the vintage sheet - gorgeous!


  3. Love the new teapots! I shared your teapots on today's blog. Thanks again for allowing me to post the picture. GREAT sheet!!!

    You're always so generous in sharing your ideas and giving tutorials...I think it's ok to save some things for yourself. :o)

  4. I meant to comment on y our last post to tell you how much I loved your teapots. Reminds me so much of some old tea towels my grandmother used to have. They rock :D

    And that sheet is beautiful!

  5. Oh I love the new tea-pots you can sure tell our age difference vintage to you is the 70's, to me it was college and disco's. I also love your lucky find of the sheet.

  6. Love the teapots and your vintage quilt find!

    Here is the URL to Adobe - they have it set up so you can make a .pdf online.

    Thanks for all of your sharing.

  7. I'm in love with the teapots. I am so in love you have no idea. I LOVE them. You are a girl after my own heart. They are darling. The shape of a teapot is one of my favorite things.

  8. You can download a printer driver at (it's free). Once it's installed on your computer you print to it (just like to a printer) it makes a .pdf file which you can then save.

  9. I love your choice of fabrics, they work lovely together. Do you have access to Microsoft Word? ... you can easily convert MS Word documents to pdf's!

  10. Your teapots are darling! I am so impressed, really.

  11. I see a few others know how to make a I'm hoping...because a teapot wallhanging would look so good in my kitchen!

  12. Those teapots are looking fantastic. I love the idea of putting together lots of bold colours to brighten a wall. Enjoy the process.

  13. love the colour combo's...they are working so nicely will look great in the kitchen....

  14. Hi Ayumi, Love your little blog. I got the link from Stephine's loft creations blog. I'm so glad to have found it.
    Your creations are so sweet.
    The teapot quilt is just lovely!

  15. Gosh, that pattern looks complicated. I have just cut up loads of strips for my next quilt and I shall blog about it as it progresses. Your thrift find is lovely, how bid is it? Where are you going to use it?

  16. Just found your site and added it to my blogs to read. I love your teapots and fabric choices!

  17. Love the teapots and the vintage sheet is too cute.


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