Saturday, October 25, 2008

so far so good

quilt in progress
Thanks a million for many of you who welcomed me so warmly
to the quilting world! And thanks so much for great advice
on how the mini penguin quilt should be. Many of you suggested
that I use pink sashing for it and I think it's a fabulous idea!

I think what I'm going to do with this is to expand each block
until I come to the point where I am pretty satisfied. I still
have no idea how big it will be, but it should become a nice wall hanging.

I still need to figure out what I need in order to do machine-quilting.
It seems like I need a "walking foot"..? I have a standard
Singer sewing machine, but it didn't come with a walking foot,
so I am assuming I will need to buy the foot to attach to my sewing machine.
I saw AmandaJean's this nice free motion quilting video.
Oh my! It really fired me up. I WANT TO DO THAT!!!

Quilting is fun. I already have a couple of ideas for my
next quilts although I don't even know when I can finish
this penguin one, but I know I want to finish this first!

quilt in progress

I wish I could spend a lot more time sewing & blogging.
Those are seriously some of my favorite things to do.
I've been super busy with studying, but I am so glad
I got to sew a little yesterday and slightly spiffy up
this blog. ( the right side bar organized;) )


I have looots of cool links today again!!

Check out Patchwork bags by Beth, Katy, yellowpolar,
nikzah, and Hedgehog!

Fabric basket by Sandy, darlajune, Corina, Annette,
Julie, l'auteur, Debbie, Lisa, craftynana, angioletto.79,
Jules, mom23boys, Milah, Regina, Irma, and scribblearts!

Pen Case by Julia!

Great stuff, huh?

Join this flickr pool if you'd like;)

Have a great weekend!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your penguin quilt is sooo cute! I can't believe this is your first quilt ever. The colors and patterns are fantastic really works!

  2. the penguin quilt is looking the black/white polka dots to frame the blocks...all the fabrics work so well together....too cute!!

  3. looking good..can't wait to see the result. Is anybody helping you or are you doing it all by yourself?

  4. Thanks so much, Everyone!

    I'm doing this all by myself. But I might consider taking a quilting class or something just to learn more..;)

  5. The quilt blocks are looking great, and I love making things up as you go - it makes it more exciting!

  6. Your first quilt is looking very very cool! Good job :-)

  7. your quilt is looking great! i love it that you are now already planning quilts two and three - there's no going back now!!! trouble is i get so carried away i end up starting new things before i've finished the one i'm working on!!!


  8. Love the penguin blocks. Very nice work!! I like to do make-it-up as you go projects too. Can't wait to see your finished quilt!!

  9. I like your cute penguin quilt. The fabrics are great. Thank you for the basket tutorial. I made one yesterday. They are great fun to make and your directions are easy to follow.

  10. Oh wow, your blocks looks amazing! Great job, can't wait to see it finished!! :D

  11. The little penguin squares are so cute, I cannot wait to see the quilt begin to form!

  12. I love the quilt. Trust me quilting is addicting. I had a Singer before buying a new machine and I needed a walking foot for it. I went to Jo-Ann's and purchased one from the sewing center there. It was a generic one and it was like $30. Have fun!

  13. Looks great!!! YOu have a great sense of pattern and color! YOu will definitely need a walking foot to feed all three layers through evenly without bunching. You also need a darning foot (at some point :-)) and your feed dogs to go down when you try your hand at free motion quilting some day soon! good luck!

  14. your quilt is going to be fabulous!

  15. Penguins alsways make me smile, little guys all in their tuxs.


  16. Well this is a surprise. When I first saw the penguins and their navy spots I wasn't thinking the clolourful second border. Just goes to show that we all think differently when working with quilts.

    So far so good.

    Happy Stitching...:)Ann

  17. definitely better than good!!! a walking foot would be so helpful...there isn't a walking foot that will fit my old singer...i hope you can find's soooo helpful!

  18. That is coming together beautifully, you've chosen such pretty fabrics! Watching your progress with a smile on my face ..

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  20. Pink Penguin you are so AWESOME I like your work a lot! :) super cute! cool photos too~!

    I'm glad I got to meet you today at the train!!

  21. I'm so thrilled to have found your blog - I'm planning on having a full on basket and bag making weekend - really sorted out my christmas present dilemmas!!!
    More Tutorials like these please!!!

  22. Your blocks look great so I would say you have a good start on your first quilt. I am hooked on your baskets thanks for the tutorials. I have posted a photo of one of the baskets I made for Halloween and I think I'll try the camara case next.

  23. hello -
    i've never commented you before but i've been lurking for awhile. i think your creations are so beautiful and inspiring. i've given you an award on my blog. thank you for being such an inspiration.

  24. Fabulous quilt!

    Thanks for the link to the free motion quilting video. I am off to check it out now--I need some more direction!

  25. Those little borders just add to the design. This is coming along really well.

  26. Adorable! I especially like the polka dots.


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