Thursday, October 9, 2008

My first quilt.....?

I've been really REALLY wanting to start quilting.
I've been inspired by so many beautiful quilts such as
Shelly's quilt by stitchindye and "birdcage in a chain" quilt
by Anna Maria Horner and much more!!

I've sewed up a gazillion of small things but have never made
a big quilt. In fact, the biggest project I've ever made by sewing
is a tote bag. I always thought quilts to be such big projects and
not something someone who's got little patience like me could work on.

But I know "mini quilt" is a possibility!
How about filling the walls with mini quilts like this and this?
I think I can do that!!

So, I started working on this penguin quilt.
No idea how it will look like by the end, because I don't
even know what I am doing after this (bad planning as usual!).
If you could give me suggestions, I would really appreciate it;)

square patch

Here is a set of square patches that is almost ready to turn
into a patchwork bag. Maybe I'll include linen to make it Japanese-ish.

square patch

These guys are waiting to be sewn up to be a Scottie just like this.
It will be a girlie pinkie Scottie.

These are only a few of the things I want to work on.
So many things I want to make...but I have to cram
for 4 midterm exams coming up. (sigh)

I never be able to thank you guys enough for
your nice&sweet comments and e-mails. And thank you
for those who have enjoyed my tutorials!

Check out ...

Fabric Baskets by Michelle, Celia, Jessie, Marilyn,Katy,
and Donna, and a Pen case by Jennifer!

And remember to join in this group if you'd like;)

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Welcome to the world of quilting! You're doing great so far! Now you just need some fabric for the sashing (pink, maybe?), and you're ready to quilt it! Quilting does take a lot of patience, but the trick is not to focus on the end result... take it one step at a time!

  2. I think all of your fabulous Japanese fabrics will lend themselves very well to mini quilts. I love that wall of quilts from hilary. This is just a new avenue of creativity for you. You'll be the expert before you know it. THAT scottie dog is the Cutest!!!!

  3. I think you are off to a great
    start! Gambatte!* I actually don't
    like that word... grr!*
    (My husband is Japanese)
    I love you little pingu's...
    way to cute!!!
    Really good luck!

  4. Your penguin blocks are're going to have a great quilt there when you're done! I love the polka dot borders around the blocks!

  5. love the penguin material divine...
    have made a few more bags from your pattern...
    i enlarged them to make bigger carry bags...
    the pattern is so easy and quick i can make one up in a day easily...

  6. It's going to look fabulous! I would suggest linen for the sashing because you use it a lot, so it's very 'you'. Most of all - enjoy it and have fun!

  7. Love your penguin fabric! I find quilting easier than a lot of the other projects you are doing! I love the polka dotted borders. Maybe some bright pink or red sashing around your blocks and just do some easy quilting... stitch in the ditch. Good luck and have fun!

  8. Yippee, a new quilter amongst us. How perfect you're using penguin fabric. Any possibility of a tutorial on the darling scottie dog???

  9. Aww the penguins are adorable!!

  10. i'm swooning with delight.....i love your fabrics!!!!

  11. Hi there, I've just finished my first quilt too, a flannel much fun. come check it out.

    I like the black and white what fun!

  12. Loving the quilt so far - you have such fun fabric. I want to make the "birdcage on a chain" quilt too! It's so pretty!

  13. Cute start to your quilt. Maybe some light blue or white sashing.

  14. i think your fabrics are just lovely and your quilt is gonna be great - just take it a bit at a time and don't look at the whole picture or it gets scary!


  15. I really like the Penguin squares. That is going to make a really cute quilt.

  16. these are darling, that penguin fabric couldn't be any cuter. i'm really digging some light pink with this. maybe even just for the binding.

  17. I just started quilting around May, like you I thought only people with a lot of talent, time, and patience could make them. You will surprise yourself how easy it will come to you becuase you already do so many things that are so much harder than quilting. I've learned how to quilt by visiting other quilters blogs and reading their tutorials. It's as easy as making the top, making the quilt sandwich (top, batting, backing which someone mentioned using painters tape and taping it to your floor, then safety pin it every 4-6inches so it stays put during quilting) then bind it, wash and dry and you are done.

    You've got oodles of talent, you can do this :)

  18. Love the penguin quilt. Can't wait to see it finished.

  19. Your penguin blocks are gorgeous - your whole blog is gorgeous!

  20. wow I love your tutorial. You use lovely fabrics - where is the penguin one from? Also what programme do you use for your photos ie the zigzags round the edge are nice and how do you do the arrows?

  21. One of my first quilting projects was a full size quilt for my husband, and I hand quilted it. BIG mistake - it just about killed my enthusiasm for quilting in general! I think it was years before I wanted to even LOOK at blue fabric again.

    Make a bunch of mini quilts instead. They're so fun. You get to try out tons of different designs and you'll never get sick of the fabrics :)

  22. Thanks everyone! ;)

    Jolly good yarn girl-
    The penguin fabric is from Japan. I found it last time I went back to Japan. I used scrapbooking materials to do photoshopping my pictures. The zigzag frame and arrows..I think I got them from nice scrapbooking online shops. (sorry I can't recall which store exactaly but there are lots of cool stores..try searching "digital scrapbooking" );)

  23. That quilt will be beautiful! Thank you for your tutorial on the fabric bags, I have just made one up for my mum to hold her knitting and it was fantastic. Will definitely be making more. Thanks again.

  24. With those fabrics, how could your quilt be anything less than fantastic?!

  25. Thanks so much for linking to me, i was wondering why there was a big jump in hits that day for my blog, i only just saw it! Also thanks for the email regarding permission too, i am making a few christmassy bags to put up on my blog soon!

    Your penguin fabric is awesome!

  26. I too like making mini quilts. You get to try the design with less fabric and less time and they are just so sweet. I made your little basket and I love it. I posted it on my blog. Thanks so much for the sharing the tutorial.

  27. I just found your blog and LOVE it! You are so talented! Thank you so much for your great tutorials...I can't wait to try them. I'm so glad you are starting to quilt - it's so much fun! It looks like you're off to a great start!

  28. What a lovely lovely blog - such a breath of fresh air!!!

  29. I just love the penguins and polka dots. I would add a touch of bright color to the quilt in some way or another. You are unique and so shall your quilt be.
    I love all the things you've made and are an inspiration to me to try and keep up to you. How you get so much done, and studies on top of it all, is a great mystery to me.

    Keep up the excellent work.


  30. I'm sure you can do it. You have made all those lovely little "do" things you can't fail. Thank you so much for your tuts. I'm still hooked on baskets.

  31. i know that it will be so cool just like all the goodies you make. i love the squares, can't wait to see it finished.

  32. I LOVE the penguin fabric! I like the suggestion a few other ladies have suggested about a pink sashing. Welcome to the world of quilting!

  33. Hi!
    Your blog really inspires me!
    I have a blog award for you!

  34. Hi,
    I suggest that once you have cut everything out to lay it out on the floor (somewhere you can leave it out like a spare room). Play around moving things until you like what you see. Do not forget to include divding borders between the squares if you are having them. Think about if for a day or two then using small stickers number them so that you can pick it all up a row/section at a time for sewing and not get it all muddled up. Failing that then just go for it!!

  35. Thanks SO much for the great tutorials. I just posted about the fabric basket over on my blog:

    I had a great time making this project and I'm delighted by the results.

  36. I just stumbled upon your blog today...I just wanted to say hi and great blog! I have posted a couple of your tutorials on my blog...I have put them on my to-do-list! Great ideas and very clearly written! Thanks for sharing:)

  37. For me - a quilt is meant for beds, cribs, picnics, meaning big size. If you need more inspiration have a visit to and


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