Sunday, November 2, 2008

Penguin Quilt in progress

Penguin Quilt in progress
One more border added!
These four blocks are my favorite ones among 9 blocks.

Penguin Quilt in progress

Overall, it looks like this so far.
In retrospect, I should have chosen fabric with stronger impact
for the last borders of the orange and brown blocks to nicely
match with other blocks, but I guess I'll see how it goes with this.

I now know 90% of the result of this project. I'll add another border
for each block, which will be the same dark blue polka dots fabric I used
around the penguin fabric. Then, I'll attach sashing separating all the
blocks and surrounding them. I'm debating on sashing: either very light
pink fabric, white, or beige linen. Then, I'll do machine-quilting ;)
I bought a darning foot at Joann yesterday but it didn't fit my sewing
machine;( .. I have to find a walking foot and darning foot that
work for my Singer Quantum 9910. Lastly, I'll finish up this
mini quilt with a dark pink binding tape.

Penguin Quilt in progress

I can barely wait to see the finished quilt on the wall
next to my crafting table! But what I can't wait even more
is to start working on a new quilt! I am going to make one
that will be hung up above the couch in the living room.
But what I seriously can not wait is for this semester to
be over..Bottom line..! I dream about working with my sewing
machine with no worry whatsoever about school work during
the Winter vacation. Oh will be heaven! Time, Please fly!!

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  1. Oh, Ayumi, I totally know what you mean... I can't wait for this quarter to be done so I can get out my crochet hook :)

  2. Great progress. The penguins are looking really good!

  3. I love everything you've done so far. I can't wait to see the polka dot fabric bring it all together!! Great job!

  4. You are a natural quilter! I love your penguin fabric. Keep it up!!

  5. Love your blog, the bags and everyting you've done. The penguin quilt is looking really good an I love your choice of fabrics!

  6. Amazing progress. I think you are on the right track with your choice of colors. I will suggest to go online and find a place where service singer sewing machines usually is where you will find the right accesories. It happened to me with my brother sewing machine.
    Best to you on your quilting adventure. and hang there the trem will soon be done and you will be free to sew.

  7. It's turning out marvelous! love it. Can't wait to see the finished project. ooxx`jodi

  8. Hi Ayumi! I love your blog, such great ideas and you always are so nice about sharing!

    I have the exact same sewing machine- A Singer Quantum 9910, and believe it or not, I just ordered a walking foot and a darning foot (free motion foot) for it! I just looked at them both and I can't find any numbers to give you on the walking foot, but the darning foot has the numbers/letters "HP04195" on it. I don't know if this helps...
    I ordered them through my local sewing store where I originally bought my machine. They don't carry my machine any more, but they were able to order the feet for me. The walking foot was about $54.95, and the darning or free motion foot was $9.95. I wish I could give you more information! Good luck, and your quilt looks great!

  9. Love these Blocks...some of those fabrics are my fav at the moment...looking forward to seeing it finished.

  10. This quilt is going to be so awesome! It's addicting, isn't it? :) Hope the rest of the semester flies by for you - I totally remember those days!

  11. This looks awesome! Can't wait to see it finished.

  12. What a great job! Now you've been bitten by the quilting bug.

  13. Your quilt is coming along fantastic! Good job...I like it!

  14. Thanks so much everyone!

    Extra Thanks for angie!!!
    I'm thrilled to look for the foots!!!

  15. This quilt is so lovely! I think you have picked such gorgeous fabrics, so much thought and care has gone into putting it together.

    Cannot wait to see the finished quilt!

  16. Your quilt is gonna be fab! I, too, cannot wait for the semester to be over! All the projects I have slated for the 2 weeks off at Christmas... Realistically, I'll only get one or two done, but a girl can dream right??

  17. The quilt is looking great. I like the idea of the polka dots border that is coming back again.
    Good luck with finding your fitting foot for your machine. It's frustrating that something like that is not working when you wanna finish! I can image you wanna see the result and hang it next to your crafting table. You should be so proud!
    And about time, time is an illusion.. Good luck with finishing and keeping up with school!

  18. your penguin quilt is looking great! i know what you mean about getting excited about the next project - there never seems to be enough time to do it all tho!!


  19. So great to see your fabric basket tute on SewMamaSew. Good luck with your study. Your sewing is soooooo neat, and you will be able to get a walking foot. Just tell your local sewing machine retailer what sort of machine you have and if they don't have the foot they should be able to order it. Or there are places that you can pay to have the finished quilt 'quilted'.

  20. Ayumi, I love the look of your blog - so clean and inspiring! How do you get that neat little edge or border around the photos you post??

  21. Thanks sooooo much, everyone!!!


    I do photoshop with all my photos. I use scrapbooking materials like frames to add stitch line to my photos;)

  22. That is coming along quitr nicely! I DIG the center block with the floral fabric bordering the red and blue fabric. What is the name of the floral one?


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