Friday, July 4, 2008

Big Diggie


So yes! I did work on a big project! A soft doggie made of 92 square patches! yay!


26 different kinds of fabric were used, including Japanese linen, vintage fabric, and modern designers' fabrics. Fun fun fun...!

My kitties named Molly and Katrina seem to love the new doggie too.
This doggie will be in my etsy shop sometime today, 4th of July.

Sometime? Why not now?
Well, here is the reason.

Joe got me an early birthday present today: Laptop!! Woo Hoo!! And I am updating my blog using the new computer but oh my.. I don't know anything!! The layout of the keyboard, how vista works, the new firefox.. no bookmarks, no pictures, no remembering me in anything, no no no nothing in this new computer and Ugh!!! This drives me nut and I want to escape from it immediately, so let me!

I'll write comments back for you guys tomorrow and will be back with great links to a fabric basket and pen cases!

Have a great 4th of July!

Thanks for reading!


  1. If you still have your bookmarks on your old computer, you can very easily export them to a file and import them to your new Firefox. Go to the bookmarks tab and choose "Organize bookmarks" and select export, then save. you can email the file to yourself and import it to the new Firefox on your laptop.

    Of course, you could already know this and I'm "preaching to the choir", but what the heck :-D

  2. Oh, he's CUTE!!!! Love it!!

  3. You are such a busy girl! Your doggie is cute, so are Molly and Katrina. Congrats on the laptop.

  4. AH! This doggie is the cutest thing ever!!! If I had room for him I would definitely be snatching him out of your shop. You'll have to make more of those.

  5. Thank for your comments!!

    You're so helpful! I am definitely going to try that to transfer all the bookmarks! seriously I have way too many pages bookmarked and was feeling sick about re-bookmarking all that. Thanks!


    I know! I keep myself busy these days for sewing projects;)fun!

    Thanks! Yeah I think this doggie can be great for a child of your boy's age..;)

  6. Oh, that is so cute!!!! I better not let my 4-year old daughter see it or she will want it for sure!!!

  7. mamalife-

    thanks for your sweet comment;)

  8. This is adorable...I love this scrap doggy!

  9. Oh my gosh you are amazing. How have I missed your blog? Well know now I guess.

  10. Love that doggie!! Since I have the same book I need to try and make one too. Looks like he sold very quickly too!

  11. Nanette Merrill and daughters-
    Thanks so much for saying that!

    Ruby's Daughter-
    You have the same book too?! Isn't the book adorable?!


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