Monday, July 14, 2008

Pouch Completed!

my 4th logcabin pouch!
my 4th logcabin pouch!

Here is the fourth logcabin pouch completed!
4th one? Oh my goodness! I never thought I would make
that many out of this challenging project!
When I worked on the very first one, which I think was
about a little over a year ago, it took me
a couple of months to complete. Seriously.
I was way overwhelmed with how difficult it was
to bring the logcabin into a pouch, so I procrastinated
finishing it up for the longest time, hoping that
that was the most difficult thing I've ever made.

But the fact is I can clearly tell that I'm just
getting better and better at working on it!
By repeating this project, I have learned what I
was not good at and what I could do to solve the problems.

I still can't say I'm fully confident with this project,
but I am feeling more and more comfortable,
partly because of your cheerful encouragements, guys!!
Thanks sooooooo much for sweet comments on my logcabin
pouches and custom orders of the pouch!
You sure help me gain confidence and make my life sweeter!

B-day gift from Kim ;)

Oh here is another happy thing!
Kim, Joe's mom, my American mom I would like to call,
sent me this surprise birthday gift for me!!!
The birdie which she made using this great pattern
by Spool Sewing and the pincushion beneath it are her handmade items;)

Aren't they so cute??!! I love what Kim makes and
love making her creation my own. *smile*

Kim was one of the people who motivated me to
start sewing. Among all the fascinating things
she's created, I was absolutely in love with...

Christmas stockings she's made.
When she showed me the stocking (the 3rd one from the right)
and said it was mine, I felt something really warm
inside of me and knew I want to be a mother who can
do that kind of things for my children in the future.

Thanks a lot, Kim, for your sweetness
to send me such a great gift...!
I love everything you got for me!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. It's so gorgeous! ^_^ So logcabin is just that particular type of patchwork, is it? Interesting name, too. :)

    I agree that we procrastinate when you fear something, that it's too hard. =X I took a whole week to complete a small wallet, when it could've been done in maybe a day. (It took a lot of handsewing/embroidery, which I hate doing, and am not very good at, heheh.)

    And yes! American moms are very crafty, no? My mum used to make everything when we lived in the US. (We're Malaysian, live in Malaysia now. :D) It was only last night we browsed through baby pictures and she pointed out a crochet sweater my brother was wearing, "I made that myself", she said. "*gasp* Really?!" I went, in disbelief. ^^; 'Cause she hardly makes anything anymore here, since she works. =(

    [Sorry long comment! ;P]

  2. Uauau!!! so cute. I love the logcabin... the colors, perfect!!!
    Thank your for the bird pattern!!!!
    best regards.

  3. What a lovely gift - the bird is darling. And the pouch - wow. You out did yourself. Its so so darling. Perfection!

  4. Wow, great job on the pouch! It's beautiful. Thank you for the bird link, how lucky to receive those lovely gifts.

  5. I love everything you make. You are such a talented person. Some day I want you to blog about how you choose your fabric when you put your log cabin, or any of your patch work projects together.

  6. Very awesome pouch! I love the fabric. Indeed, it seems a hard project. Good for you that you already made four!
    Very nice present you got! Wish I had such an American mom!

  7. Great pouch, you are a real expert! :)

    I made that bird by Spool Sewing pattern, too. I think it looks great when you use fabric with great pattern, mine doesn't look so lovely with the small patterned fabric.

  8. Hi - wonderful pouch !

    I just finished another camera case - have a look

    Thanks for the pattern!


  9. Clever pouches and cute too! Love the spool sewing bird. I've made several with their free pattern.

  10. I absolutely love what you have done with this traditional American pattern and how you have given it such a fresh new look. I am amazed by your creativity!

  11. I love your patchwork works! And the blog is so beautiful!

  12. Wow, those are so cute.

    I nominated you for an award. You don't have to participate, but I wanted to let you know.

    Keep up the wonderful work.

  13. I agree with aneesah. Often the "hardest" part of doing something difficult or new is to get past the procrastinating and just try it.

    Your log cabin pouches are beautiful!

  14. Thanks for your comments!!

    Thanks so much for the long comment! I love reading a long one!

    I know exactly what you mean about procrastinating! Something difficult or unfavorable during a process of making sure delay the completion! But doesn't it make you feel good when you are done with those projects though?;)

    I think it's true that American moms are crafty. There is something about this country that motivates me to get crafty. There are lots of people who enjoy sewing in Japan too, but usually it's for kids not that much for adults. I feel there is extended potential for sewing here.. I don't know why, but maybe your mom felt the same way!


    Thanks so much;)
    Your fabric basket is super cute!!

    Oh yes, the birdie is absolutely beautiful in person;)

    Thanks! I was thinking about how to describe the way I put different fabrics together, and then I realized that I totally have no rules! I just use fabric scraps to see what might go well with what. I like your fabric combination a lot;)

    Thanks! ;)

    Isn't the bird pattern awesome? I haven't tried myself, but I've seen lots of cute ones created! Yours must be cute too!

    Thanks for making another case! You sure make cute things!!

    Thanks! I love the birdie too!

    Thanks! I sure enjoy the traditional patterns of everything and making it in a new way is just fun!

    Maria Maderia-

    Kelly Medina-
    Thanks so much for choosing me as one of your nominees! I'll definitely participate! Thanks for nice words!!

    Oh I can't wait to shop for fabrics in Japan!!


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