Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th logcabin pouch / thrift

My fourth logcabin pouch in progress

Here is a shot of my fourth logcabin pouch in progress. ;)

Patchwark Pouch

The very first logcabin pouch that flew to my sister's in Japan.

Logcabin Pouch
Second one as a custom order that also flew to Japan.

Another logcabin pouch
And this third one that has recently left for Australia.

Logcabins are so much fun. There is something about a logcabin that is so interesting,
happy, and entertaining. I love working on it. I smile seeing my logabin
getting larger and fancier as I work through. Fun!

My favorite kinds of fabric changes often.
I was once really into traditional Japanese fabric and
collected a bunch but soon lost much interest in it,
(which I now really don't know what to do with besides keeping
in the stash in a drawer..) Once I was in love with some modern
designers' fabrics and again collected a lot. My point here is
that my current passion has been toward vintage fabrics!!!!
When I start liking something, I go as far as I can. Nonstop!

This beautiful vintage fabric is what I purchased from
Magpie Mary in her etsy shop. This awesome seller carries very
pretty vintage items for affordable prices. If you like this fabric
I just bought, go ahead and grab some for yourself , otherwise
I might go back and buy all up!

Here is one of my recent thrifted fabrics. I've been thrifting as usual
and making my thrifted goodies go out of control a little.
Isn't this pink fabric pretty though?! Not sure if it's vintage or what,
but this can make a nice bag, I bet.

When I caught a glimpse of this purse, I almost gasped. "Are you for real?
New Amy Butler's purse at this thrift store?!" As soon as I grabbed it,
someone walked by and told me that I was so lucky to find it.

No kidding! Even though I am usually not interested in purses at
secondhand stores (because I can make them), I could tell it was
such a great find and there was no question whatsoever I was getting it.
It will be for my middle sister. She loves girlie things like this;)

The last showoff here for today is this super duper cute paper!
The direction says it is to place in drawers because it's repellent
against bugs like ants, roaches, and silver fish.
I'd never heard any paper that could do that! Oh my!
I just thought this vintage design is so cute.

Time to introduce nice creations!!

heartFabric Basket by …Pensieri…

heartFabric Basket by Jodi

heartCamera Case by Elizabeth

Cute Cute Cute!! Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful works!

Thanks for reading!


  1. All gorgeous! I love your log cabin pouches. I'm a huge fan of vintage fabrics too. I've gone through short love affairs with other fabrics too, but just keep going back to vintage.

  2. I really think you make the most beautiful things. You've inspired me to try a log cabin. If it makes you that happy perhaps it will do the same for me!! :)

  3. Wow what a great find with the Amy purse! I love the way you put fabrics together in your log cabin projects. Such fun. And oh how I LOVE the vintage bird/cage paper. My fabric taste evolves too...otherwise I think we'd get bored working with the same stuff.

  4. I love that Amy Butler purse! So cute!

    And your logcabins are always so fun!

  5. I would never think to put all those very different fabrics together, but they WORK! And I LOVE these pouches... if one ends up in your Etsy shop I may not be able to resist...

  6. Thank you so much for the basket tutorial, it was very helpful, and the basket was so easy to make. You can check what I created with your help on my blog. :)

  7. You are soo inspirational. I love log cabin. Your fabrics are fabulous. I have to tell everyone about your blog.

  8. Joanie-
    Thanks!! I think I'm the same way. I used to be in love with vintage styles and now I'm feeling like I'm back from the affairs!

    Missie Krissie-
    Thanks!! Logcabins are really fun! Trust me!!

    Thanks!! I know the purse is a great find! Yeah, I guess changing fabric taste might be required to keep us constantly enjoy sewing!

    Thanks!! Great to hear from you! How have you been, Alicia?! I love the purse too! Lucky find!

    Thanks!! I'm often surprised at the attraction that interesting fabric combination contributes too! And the finding it is so much fun!

    Thanks!! I went over to have a sneak peek at your beautiful! simple and stylish!

    Nanette Merrill and daughters-
    Thanks!! I think you are very inspirational to me!!


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