Friday, July 18, 2008

Great America

This amusement park is just 5 minutes drive from where
I live, but I never had a chance to go there for some
reasons, but I finally made it yesterday.

I hadn't ridden a roller coaster for the longest time ever..
probably it'd been several years since the last time.
Oh my how those roller coaster drove me crazy yesterday!
But it was simply a BLAST!

Justin getting soaked because of splashes from everywhere.

Me and Jennifer riding a log.
Such a fun time!!

While I don't have any new sewn stuff to show,
I have these crafts to introduce for you guys!

heartAnother camera case by Eve

heartFabric Basket by Pina

heartFabric Basket by Rhonda in OK

These are so pretty and looking at them makes me
want to spend a lot of time with my sewing machine!


Thanks for reading!


  1. I'm such a wuss with roller coasters! My stomach got knots just looking at your pics.

  2. HOME! Boy do I miss it. I haven't been to Great America in so many years. I am a Santa Cruz girl. (now in Texas, yuck) Say Hi to California for me.

  3. Casserole-
    Oh I know how you feel!
    I can't ride certain kinds just because I feel sick or dizzy!

    I just had a friend over from Texas. She told me how yucky and boring the state is too..Great America is fun!


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