Monday, July 7, 2008

Passport Cozy

passport cozy

A very fast project! A passport cover. I made this upon a custom order. Her request for it was to be simple and made with linen and vintage fabric, and this is how my result turned out. I find "simple" to be one of the most difficult requests since I love making things absolutely opposite from being simple, as you probably have noticed by now! But I always like to challenge myself and try new things! ;)

passport cozy

But I know the great thing about simple things is that they won't get old so quick. Things too fancy makes you tired to look at after a short period of time, but simple and plain things have some sort of allure for you not to get tired of for a long time. So probably the girl will use this passport cover for a long time! That's very good! That's even the best!! Yes!!

Shhhhhhhhhh...! Here's a little secret for her. hehe. Her initial letter on the back of the front page! One time I received a handmade gift that had my name on it. "Ayumi" stamped on a ribbon sewn onto the little pouch. It just made me smile and still makes me happy every time I see it and think about her being so careful to stamp each letter of my name. I think a name given is special to everyone.

Wow! it's 1:30am! What am I doing?

I am not tired at all! I guess I shall do some sewing and reading..
Yes! I am reading a novel now! Woo hoo! This is a nice announcement!


.........What's so special about it?

Well, I used to be a big reader when I was in Japan but not anymore. In fact, I've only read the books that were assigned by school since I moved to this country. I brought several Japanese books to read with me when I moved here but soon I found that reading books in Japanese was interfering with my English-learning process. Because I got frustrated I entirely stopped reading Japanese novels at some point.
It would have been great if I could've moved toward English books, but I was too lazy to finish readng books in a different language. Millions of new vocabulary, expressions, and the cultures behind it to understand the meaning seriously killed me and I found reading to be so tough!

The reason I started reading spontaneously is that I thought maybe I have enough English skills to enjoy a book now, if it isn't a complicated one like ones written by Mark Twain, which I had to read for an English class and killed me really bad. And I also thought I want to expand my vocabulary and ways to express emotion and actions to be a better blogger!! Some crafty bloggers are not only good at creating things but also expressing in words on their blogs! I got jealous. so that's why.

I am actually really enjoying this book, the Bright Forever. I like myself reading in the bus, on the couch, in the bed, feeling like I am gaining knowledge day by day. I like this feeling a lot! So if you have any books that you want to recommend for me, please leave a comment to let me know! I feel like reading a love-story book or a story about someone with psychological problems or something. And of course most importantly, I enjoy easy-reading!


Thanks for reading!


  1. I love your blog! Realy like the things you make. The passport cozy is great. I like the initial on it and the fabrics you used are awesome.

  2. It's a very good idea!
    I love that you do, patchwork and big dog, and...

  3. A fun easy read, and it's a series, so it'll keep you busy all summer, the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer.

    Sorry, I don't know how to do the linky thing : ) They're fun, fast reads and a great romance and some vampire action in there too! Highly addictive : )

  4. Lisette-
    I really like what you create too! I think we have very similar taste in sewing!

    Red de rouge-
    Thanks for saying that!! ;)

    Oh thanks you soooooo much for your recommendation!! It's getting a really high rating too on Amazon. It must be a really good one. I think I've seen it at a bookstore too but have never turned a page! It will be my next one to read! Thanks!!!

  5. Hello! Ayumi-san!
    I like your this blog more than Rakuten's.
    Because I found out you really enjoy updating blog when I see and read it.You enjoy updating it more than Rakuten's, right?

    and I know how you feel!
    I've been a book worm.
    So I like reading Japanese books.
    Per say, Haruki Murakami....
    He write very interesting novels.
    But how about English books?
    Mmmm.. I read only two books in English.the book that I read is Dorothy Gilman's. She is American.
    it's very easy to read for me.
    But Harry Potter was hard to read for me. So I gave up reading it.
    Recently I haven't read books in English, but my English must improve day by day. So I wanna read Harry Potter again!

  6. Cute cute passport cozy! I'm sure the recipient loved it!!!

  7. Your projects are well made with eye-catching creative touches.

    I am amazed to learn that English isn't your native language. You express yourself very well!

  8. aya-san-
    I've read a short story by Haruki Murakami in both English and Japanese, but then I really felt reading in Japanese was a lot more interesting. Was so natural to feel the background behind what the main character experiences and stuff!

    Thanks! Luckily she did like it!

    Thanks! It really makes me smile when I get complemented on my English! Thanks!

  9. A small book that you might like is called "The Little Prince" by Antoine de St Exupery. It looks like a children's book but it is for everyone really.

  10. A late comment, but your fabric choices inspired me for months... Here's the result! Thanks and keep up the great blogging!


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