Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Working on Logcabin..

Started working on this log cabin. Some of you may be thinking like.."Hey, this looks familiar.." If you do, you are correct! I made a pouch using a logcabin that looks just like this for a custom order in my etsy shop. Remember this?

Work in Progress

Logcabin Pouch

And I got my VERY FIRST Alchemy Request in my etsy shop and was asked to make the same pouch! Yeah!! I make it a point to make every item for sale one of a kind, so I am making a little difference in the logcabin (do you notice it?) but by the end it should look pretty similar, almost the same. Thanks for the fun request!

It has been really nice here in south bay. And... I dropped from all the classes!! Lots of things happened but at this moment I have no class scheduled this summer. The lesson I learned in Japan tells me that "harder life is better" but is that right? When it's so nice out with great sunshine and you don't even know when your life ends, isn't it just simply better to do what my American boyfriend said? "Have fun instead!" I sure appreciate what I've learned from this different culture, although my spirit deeply and immensely has its roots in the Japanese way of thinking.

So this is him. Joe. I took him to my favorite Indian restaurant today and took this picture when he was watching an Indian TV show. I love the background color.

As far as I know, there are three kinds of main curry: Indian, Thai, and Japanese. Well, Japanese curry is sort of a sweet version of Indian curry with much less spices. My favorite one is absolutely Indian!!! I especially love this Chicken Tikka Masala and never got tired of this. I've tried to make it but it never turned even closer to this extremely delicious curry from the restaurant. One day I want to be able to make curry just like this.


Hooray! I have three fabric baskets to show you guys today!

heartPatchwork Basket by Ohsweetie

heartFabric Baskets by maddieandme1

heartFabric Basket by Marie

So Cool!!! Thanks for using my tute!

Thanks for reading!


  1. congratulations on your free-summer, ayumi!!! now you can go thrifting whenever you want, and enjoy a care-free season<3

  2. I say congratulations too! I'm glad you don't have to spend a whole month stressing on classes. You get to do that enough during the regular school schedule. Your boyfriend is one special guy-so smart, nice and good-looking. If only he would email his mother more, he'd be perfect!Have fun and keep up the good work on your blog, I really enjoy it. Love, Kim

  3. Joe has the right idea. I'd say he's a keeper. Enjoy a summer of sunshine, creativity and good food. You can always work hard next Fall when the weather turns chilly and you can better focus.

  4. I am a fourth-generation Japanese American (what does that make me yonsei?) and I still know what you mean about "harder life is better." It must indeed be deep rooted.

    Anyway, I love your patchwork.

  5. Thanks guys for your nice comments!

    Thanks Alisa! Yeah I am feeling a lot better now. I went thrifting yesterday and I am going to watch a movie! So nice to stuff life this with no worry!

    Thanks Kim! I think it was a good decision to listen to your son. He sure gives a lot of positive ideas that I would never come up with by myself. I know he is a little lazy on e-mailing and phone calling and stuff like that. He should keep in touch with you more! I'll tell him!!

    Ruby's Daughter-
    You have an excellent point! I focus a lot better when it's chilly ! I guess I'll have some fun instead of worrying about too much stuff. Yes, I think Joe is a good one to keep too;)

    Oh my goodness! Is the Japanese thinking rooted so deep that even yonsei people like you would be aware of it?! Well, I think it has a great point in the perspective which I think came from Samurai spirit, but doesn't it sometimes prevent us from enjoying life in general? Let's enjoy the sunshine!

  6. Yep, thats definitely for me!! I can't wait to receive it!


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