Monday, June 9, 2008

Vintage Fabric from Kim

Thanks so much for many sweet comments on my previous post where I updated a tutorial on the pen case and thanks for those of you including Craftzine who has put the link to it on your blog! I spend a lot of time creating a tutorial (especially the last one) so it's such a great gift for me to know that it has helped or at least entertained some crafters;)

(This is a boring paragraph: Go ahead and skip if you'd like)
I was super stressed out for the last entire week, because I was absolutely swamped with too much school work. I always go crazy in the first week of every single semester. Being the worst planner, I always set up a class schedule that is totally way too much. Then in the first or second week, I have to face the reality that I can't handle all the classes I planned, so I start changing my class schedule. It literally takes me two weeks to finally settle. I go through very emotional phases during the time. Am I too weak if I can't even handle this? Am I a loser if I quit? Or is this a time to listen to my easy-going boyfriend who tells me that I shouldn't even take any class just so that I can enjoy this summer? (sigh) I seriously don't like how indecisive and emotional I can be at times. And yes, I realized that taking 3 classes for the short intense summer session was insane and I dropped one of them yesterday. I am seriously feeling much better now. Sorry for this boring paragraph! I try my best not to talk about boring personal stuff, but I had to say this today, just because I needed somewhere to get this emotion out and feel official about the change I've made and tell myself "hey! you now have some time to get crafty this summer!"


OK, let me move on to the topic I wanted to talk about today: Vintage Fabric from Kim! Take a look at these!

Vintage Fabric
Vintage Fabric
Vintage Fabric
Vintage Fabric
Vintage Fabric
Vintage Fabric
Vintage Fabric

Aren't these gorgeous??? I wrote here about where these fabrics came from.
I adore them!! My favorites are the chicken print ones and the house print ones.
Which one is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful fabric!

    Oh and about the school thing - i'm the same exact way. I always pile way too much on and then I get physically ill from too much work. And on top of that I also work a regular job + etsy. (i'm in med school)

  2. When i turn the wheel of my mouse to scroll down, it jumps the same amount as one of the hexagons on one of the fabrics, so it looks like its animated as I scroll. That one is my favorite.

    Also you should listen to your boyfriend about school, and drop all of your classes so you have a break. Trust me on this one.

  3. I love those fabrics, especially the 70s floral prints!

    I do the same thing every semester! Our semesters are 7 weeks, so we already cram a whole semester as it is (and I take them online so it is already twice as much work!)(and I work full-time!). I always try to take at least 9 credits...but I stress at the end when I haven't started my term papers and they are due in a week. It all gets done. Keep at it, and then you don't have to do it at all anymore, and you can just hang out and have fun playing with fabric! =)

  4. i don't even know how i found your blog, but I really enjoyed looking around it today. The tutorials are fabulous. This is just the thing to inspire me to sew some more (somehow between my 4 kids and busy life I rarely find time). I even mentioned your blog on my blog today as my girls loved the links to the printable stationary!

  5. Sounds like you have a very nice boyfriend!

    I like the two colorful big flower prints at the top.

  6. Oh you are so lucky to have Kim!!!Drooling over them and as well love most the one in pink/grey with chickens;)
    Great, ispiring blog too!!!


  7. Thanks for your nice comments!


    Oh my god! You must be crazily busy all the time!How can you handle all that? I'm sure med school is tough..
    Well good luck on your school as well as other things!


    Aren't you the boyfriend?Lol
    You've been a good boyfriend!


    Oh my goodness! 9 credits for 7 weeks semester?? How do you do that?! but you are right though. What's scary is before the things due and somehow we get it done most of the times. Somehow..
    Good luck on your studying and other things like gardening!


    Yeah, I saw your blog and what you said about my blog! Thanks a lot!! I'm glad your kids enjoyed the stationary things. There are a TON of interesting Japanese websites like that. I'll put up more links sometime, so check back!


    Yes, the paisley fabric is really nice, isn't it? I have the same fabric in a different color too!


    My boyfriend is super easy-going, opposite from me so that he really comforts me in a lot of ways. I took his advice and dropped from all the classes!


    Yeah! The pink/grey chicken one! That's definitely one of my tops and I haven't been able to use it for my sewing projects. It's just way too beautiful!


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