Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thrifted some goodies

I went to a second hand store and picked up some goodies. Isn't this tea cozy kinda retroish and cute? I didn't know if I would need this because I made a tea cozy just as big as this one with Kim last year when I was over to Yakima, Washington, where Joe's folks reside. Kim had a pattern for an very interesting tea cozy and we worked together on it. My take was this.


See? It's just like the one I bought from the thrift store. But I just adore this roundish shape and had to get the strawberry one although I knew I don't need two.


Kim made this tea cozy using the scraps of this beautiful vintage fabrics and now this guy is in my home in Japan! My mom loves it!



We were goofing off using tea cozies as hats! That was a fun time!

Ok, let me get back to the goodies I got!

I gasped when I found this from a jam-packed shelf in the glass section. "Isn't it b..b..b..b.. BODUM?!?!?!?!" I've wanted a Bodum teapot really bad but my stubborn cheapness prevented me from being encouraged enough to stomach the price. But I found this just for $3.99!! Woo Hoo! This is why thrifting is addictive!!

I'm proud of this find too. About 70 bundles of embroidery threads for $2.99!

I am not really into embroidery but I wanted to start it as my new crafty hobby, so yes, it's awesome I found these goodies!

Thanks for reading!


  1. you always find the best stuff<3

  2. Hey, you're not being cheap when you wait to find something you want at a thrifty price, you're just being smart! Love that teapot, and it's nice to know that other people besides us put tea cozies on their heads!

  3. what great finds! don't you just love getting a good bargain? I love that bundle of embroidery thread.

  4. Just put up pics of the baskets I made... my regular blog is private, but you can find them on "Lisa's work" ... currently working on the pencil case!

  5. Great Stuff!! I love your cozies and your funny hats:P Hey, I live in Olympia, Washingtons Capitol, so, you have not been that far from where I live! cool :)

  6. Thanks for your comments;)

    I got very lucky this time! The more you spend there more goodies you'll discover!

    The queen of fifty cents-
    Yeah, I think waiting until thrifty finds is a nice way to save up some money = being smart only if I could do that every time..! Tea cozies make the tea time much more fun!

    I looove a good bargain! Yeah, I like the embroidery threads too.

    Your baskets are so cute! Thanks for letting me know! I can't wait to see your pen case!

    Yeah, I used to live in Seattle for a while and Uwajimaya/Kinokuniya was my necessity there. The craft book section kept me entertained for quite a long time;)

  7. he he he ...looks like you had fun with the photo shoot with those tea cosies. I wish I had decent thrift shops around me, I get jealous when I see what everybody finds over there! And yes have chosen very well!

  8. Julia-

    Hello! Thanks for your comment! You don't have nice thrift shops around? I bet there is! I thought there was none is San Jose but found that there are cool ones!;)

  9. Great finds! Gee, for some reason my Bloglines only updated your blog today...I thought you had been quiet when really you have lots and lots for me to catch up on!!

  10. Michelle-

    Thanks for commenting;)
    I am subscribing your blog too!!
    Google reader keeps track of new updates pretty quickly;)


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