Saturday, June 14, 2008

Swap Received

Swap received from five feet two

I just received a fabulous swap gift. I was invited to join in this swap group and gave the first try. I've done lots and lots of handmade soap swap with soapers in Japan and a few swaps of fabrics within America. The best part of swapping is, unquestionably, "receiving". I was really excited for this swap to arrive. I even started opening the package while walking back to my apartment from the garage where I picked it up. Joe was doing the same thing by opening up Netflix envelops and we had to laugh at each other. "Can't you just do it after you get back?"
Anyway, let me show off the fantastic things I received.
swap received

Absolutely lovely vintage fabrics..!!! To me nothing can beat vintage fabrics, seriously! Oh how I love these especially...

swap received

this one. I already have so many ideas popping up in my head for how this fabric can be used. What should I do with it? So fun to think about!
swap received

She was so nice to include vintage buttons too as well as the cute Pyrex and the lavender chocolate! I got so lucky for this swap. Thanks so much for such a sweet gift!

What did I send? Here is a sneak peak for some of the things I sent...
Swap sent
Swap sent

Pretty nice swapping, right? Fun, fun, fun!



This is how far it has come around noon today, but a little further by now.
Working on this makes me want to do a lot of patchwork/quilt!


Here comes another link to beautiful fabric baskets!

heartBaskets by Mamalife

Three of them! They are so cute with each other!! Thanks for using my tute;)

Thanks for reading!


  1. hi! how did you get those cool backgrounds on your photos and the fun words? is that on photoshop? or another fun photo application? :)

  2. S.-

    Thanks for your comment!
    I download digital scrapbooking items online and do a little edit on photoshop like changing sizes and coloring changes. Very simple!

  3. I love it! I am at the same group but so far I have never signed up for any swap. Planning one for August. I am completely addicted to swapping! =)

  4. Christine-

    Isn't swapping so much fun? I think I'll sign up for the swap again fot this September.


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