Sunday, May 25, 2008

Two Oven Mitts

Patchwork oven mitt

Up close to an oven mitt I finished today.

Patchwork oven mitt

I like random patchwork. No worrying about all the lines straight or perfectly 90 degrees! Yay! This oven mitt was made to match with this plastic bag dispenser I sewed a while ago.

Patchwork oven mitt & plastic bag dispenser

*smile* I like it! I like how the vintage flower print fabric stands out quite well in the busy crowded patchwork world.

I also made...

oven mitt

to match with...

oven mitt and plastic bag dispenser

All of these are for a girl in Japan for a custom-order.
I strongly hope she will like them;)


Do you remember the jelly mold I thrifted a couple days ago?
I made custard pudding using it! This glass dish used for the pudding is, of course, unquestionably, from a thrift store too! I love making almost everything around me "Thrifted"!

Joe (who has been a big couch potato this entire weekend because of the new video game he's got,) liked the pudding too!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. Hello...I just discovered your pretty, pretty blog and see you are going to make a birdie sling bag. I have one in progress now!


  2. karen-

    Thanks for your nice comment;)
    I am not sure if I am going to make a birdie sling bag or not yet but I might;)

  3. I'm with you, not much can beat a good thrift store find!

  4. penny-

    yep! thrift is the best of all!

  5. Oh, now you're gonna get me started making oven mitts!

  6. Caserole-

    I used a patten in Denyse Schmidt's book "Quilts". This works really good;)

  7. I love the oven mitts, cute fabric!

  8. Billie-

    Thabks for your nice comment;)

  9. Awesome oven mitts...once again love your color & fabric choices.

  10. Julia-

    Thanks for your always sweet comment;) I'm working on something new and I am going to update a tutorial on it;)

  11. I'm drawn towards these creative products, hand made goods are a great way to recycle too. Very talented!

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  13. Oh my gosh that black oven mitt is so cute- great pattern! I like simpler designs like that. I can't wait to (attempt) to make these. And Joe looks so happy. So glad you found a good guy. :) Those are really hard to find!



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