Friday, May 23, 2008

Vicarious Experience


I thrifted these items today. Thrift is seriously addictive! I've got so much stuff from many different second hand stores but never feel like I've done enough shopping. I just don't wanna miss any treasures that somebody might have recently dropped at any of the stores. And the fact is, I do find something awesome every single time I stop by a thrift store..That's how we get addicted, isn't it? But it's time for me to calm myself down. Too much money is gone because of this hobby..but I am very happy about today's finds...Aren't these nice?


When I first learned this adjective, I thought it was such a cool word. There is no way could it be translated in just one word in Japanese. It would take a whole sentence to describe what it means, but we all experience this particular emotion: putting yourself in somebody's situation and feeling like you're the one experiencing it!

Anyway, I've had some vicarious experiences at some people's postings where they wrote about the quilt market they went to that took place in Oregon this month. Have you read the report on the quilt market on yummygoods or maybe on Pink Chalk Studio? Have you seen pictures updated by Starlit Nest?
Oh my....Reading their posts and looking at their pictures really made me feel like "I was at the quilt market!! and I had so much fun!" A girl can dream, can't she?


Some cool Japanese links to share...

heart Downloadable Sewing Patterns : baby-related items
Just click on the green button under the picture to download!

heart Printable Letters/Envelops
Look for a tiny button for download.

heart Another Letters/Envelops
Left button for letters and right button for envelops.

heart And one more... Letters/Envelops
From the top, the first one is for an envelop and the second one is for a letter!

Thanks for reading!!


  1. I love, love, love thrifting!! Or, in our family tradition, yard sale-ing. When I tell people I like "yard sale-ing" they sometimes think I mean some sort of sport, like windsailing or something. And I guess really it is. The goal being to find the coolest, most unusual thing and the most unbelievable price. And it IS addictive, like playing the lottery or something. You never know what treasure just happens to be out there waiting for you - for this one morning only - and if you decide to kick around the house this morning, it will all be gone.

  2. Casserole-

    Yes, yes, yes, yes!!! Exactly!!!!!
    Thrifting is just so addictive just because the moment where you find an particular good item might occur only one time in your entire life especially at such a great price and we know we don't want to miss the moment!!!!!

  3. Thank you for all those wonderful links, I think I spent an hour or so on them! I love thrifting also, but had to stop, I have no room and now they are all stored away. My cousin is addicted, but she calls it "therapy".

  4. :) I am very new to your site (just found it a week or so ago through photojojo) but wanted to let you know how much I am loving it already! I am wanting to start sewing and creating that way (lol I am a late bloomer to sewing, I am 31 lol). Do you know of any way to translate the patterns that are in Japanese into English? Is there a way to do that? As for thrifting, we go Yard Sale-ing too (as casserole said) and people look at us funny when we say it also ;)
    I also do a lot of thrift store shopping (mostly for clothes for my kids to play in all summer since they wear them out so quickly!) There is something unbelievably invigorating about paying 1.00 for something that you know would cost 5.00 somewhere else (lol even if you don't need the item in the first place!) :) ty so much for your uplifting, happy, always inspirational blog! I have it saved on my toolbar so I won't miss any posts :)

  5. Billie-

    Thanks for your comment;) Thrifting is just so much fun that it's hard to stop, isn't it? But same here..I am running out of space! I'm building wall shelving soon but until then there are a bunch of thrifted items all over on the flour...!

  6. Fancy so sweet-n-stuff-

    You really did make day! I was so happy about what you said that I had to read it a couple times to make my day even better! Thanks so much for your warmth! Do you know that I have been to your blog many times?! I was surprised when I jumped to your blog , because I could totally recognize it! I think your scrapbooking skill is amazing and your blog looks so interesting. I love it!
    As of Japanese patterns, it might be helpful to look at Moving Hands' blog, because she's got some pages where common words related to sewing are translated from Japanese to English. (look for her blog in my inspiration links) But if you need extra help, you can always ask me for help! It sounds fun!

  7. you have been to MY blog?! now you have made MY day!!!! Like I said I found your blog through the post on photojojo and instantly fell in love with the blog :) i will definitely be keeping in touch on here and updating if i ever get brave enough to try a project! :) keep thrifting!!!

  8. Fancy so sweet-n-stuff-

    Thanks for reading my response;)
    Yes yes!! I've been to your blog over and over as much as I could remember your cute kids and I was alway inspired by your work on scrapbooking! I know someone very creative like you will be great at sewing too!

  9. I know what you mean about living vicariously through others' blogs. To get my thrift-store fix, I try to read about others' finds. This tides me over sometimes, however eventually (every few days), I have to get out there and shop for myself! It sure is addicting, that's for sure!
    You find some neat things by the way!

  10. Gyaaaa...sankyu ne for the link...choooo kawaaaiiii!

    I'm newbie about quilt, but I really do like to learn it. Thank you so much for sharing their page too..


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