Monday, May 26, 2008

Fabric Basket for me!

I made a tutorial for a fabric basket and have created three baskets in the past,,, but I never made one for myself! So here I am with my new fabric basket that I just finished today;) Hooray! It's mine!

I used this knit top that I thrifted from goodwill. I love this retro-ish pattern and 70's inspired colors. I knew I had to make something out of this beautiful knit and the fabric basket was my first try...and I'm liking it quite a lot!

If I have to say one thing about this knit though, it's a little smelly. It was sitting there in the messy dusty thrift store for like a half a year. I know some of you know what I mean by "Thrift smell" but this knit seriously has a strong thrift smell! The fact is that I personally don't care that much. Secondhand stores are like heaven for me because much pleasure of life comes from the thrift experiences and I am absolutely used to the particular smell...But not Joe. When he smelled this knit he was like.."Oh My Goodness! Wash it Wash it!!!" Washing knit? Hmmm.. no thanks.
So, the fabric basket will carry the scent. Sorry Joe!


By the way, I found an AWESOME bird pattern/tutorial on SpoolSewing's blog! Look for a link to the pdf in the sidebar. I found the pretty birdies when browsing on flickr, stunned by them, curious how it was made, jumped over to the blog, and "WOW! There is a free pattern for it!!" Do you know how this feels? I love it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. If the smell of the knit is truly too strong for your household, you could try spraying some febreeze on it. It probably won't completely get rid of the smell, but it may lessen it up a bit.

  2. meredith-

    Thanks for your awesome idea! I have 2 kinds of fabreeze but never thought about using it for this particular purpose! Thanks!

  3. OMG you mean this is the first basket that will live at your house??? I love, love, love the bright knit fabric on this one!! I've been saving an old sweater for a project - I think this may be it. Thanks for your inspiration!!

  4. Casserole-

    Thanks for your comment! Yes, this is the only basket that I personally will be using! Using sweater is such a great idea for this project! Looking forward to seeing your another basket;)

  5. That is tooo cute! These would be great especially now because people love re-usable bags so much.



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