Thursday, May 8, 2008

Retro Inspiration

My creation

Here is my recent faves on flickr. As you can see, things that catch my eyes these days are somewhat vintage/retro. I find these things very pretty and am really inspired by them.

I was super excited about going on a trip to a thrift store today. I had been daydreaming about what I might find at the thrift store for the last entire week.
Vintage fabric? Retro dishes? Rare kitchen towels?...just imagining what I might get was so much fun, and I anxiously waited for today when I can finally make it to the store.

Sneak peak in my shoulder bag that I brought today. The bag, the wallet, and the camera case are all my handmade items. I like carrying handmade stuff with me. Do you ever wonder how far you can expand handmade things around yourself? On the way to the thrift store I was thinking about my dependence on handcrafted items... I use my handmade soap and facial lotion and cream everyday. I carry some sort of bags or pouches I sewed myself everyday....Hey! How about making that and that and that so that I can have more handmade things around me!...daydreaming...

So, let me show off the items I actually found at the store today.
Three hoops, old rickrack, and binding tapes. Not bad, Not bad!

Retro dish (bowl?). I've wanted one of these, so I'm glad I found this. I don't think this can be very practical at a dinner table, but it's sure nice to look at. I'll think of ways to use this dish.

This is nice too. Maybe we can use it for salad dressing or something.

Some kitchen towels. These are great finds, I thought, especially the last one.
I found pretty good stuff today, but I am not satisfied yet..I am still craving for vintage/retro items.. Can't wait for the next trip to a thrift store!

Thanks for reading!


  1. nice finds today at the thrift store. I am jealous of you because you seem to be in love with your hobby, but your hobby is inexpensive so you can do it all you want.

  2. Joe-

    Thanks for your comment!
    Thrifting is actually not very inexpensive hobby..I tend to buy things that are absolutely unnecessary often, so overall, probably I'm not saving money. lol

  3. Oh, how I love thrifting!

    Please show us your handmade wallet!

    And I am going to give that camera case a try, my case is just black and boring. The binding scares me a little.

  4. Alicia-

    Thanks for your warm comment;)
    Sure I'll show my wallet!
    I'm glad that you are making the camera case. The binding is actually not bad once you get it. Are you going to show us on Flickr? I look forward to it;)

  5. Hello ayu!
    I see you have ventured into gardening, it is very easy to take care of parsley. I wish you success. I went to the movies with your "american mom" and she was raving about your site so I had to see for myself. You have created a very nice place to visit. I wish I could sew as you do. My poor machine just sits and waits for me to spend time with it!
    take care

  6. Qweek-

    Hello! Are you Kelly by any chance?(That's our guess;)) If so, how have you been? Anyway, thanks for your nice comment! I have three finals coming up, but I can't resist playing with my blog..I miss Yakima! Thanks for leaving me a comment;)


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